Installation Instructions (unless otherwise stated)

1. Download the file/s
2. (Using WinRAR) extract files into the data folder of your SORR installation. Select YES TO ALL when it comes to overwriting. Make sure you back up your original files first.
3. Play and enjoy!


BKIII Axel (Replaces Axel), Author Unknown:
SOR1 Blaze (Replaces Blaze) by Order66 :
Abadede (Replaces Max) by DeathAdder:
Barbon (Replaces Axel) by DeathAdder:
Mona (Replaces Blaze) by DeathAdder:
R. Bear (Replaces Zan) by DeathAdder:
Robot X (Replaces Mr. X) by DeathAdder:
Wayne (Replaces Axel) by DeathAdder:
Zamza (Replaces Skate) by DeathAdder:
SOR2 Shiva (Replaces Super Shiva) by Final Crash and DeathAdder:
SOR3 Shiva (Replaces Super Shiva) by Final Crash and DeathAdder:
Mona/Lisa (Replaces Blaze) by Luis Arguello:
Maz beta 1 by Lu-Kwik (original character) :
Blaze beta kick and beta Max by Criss :
Ninjo by Lu-Kwik :
Mona by Lu-Kwik:


SOR1 survival stage :

(Rename the file to stage-duel)
SOR3 Stage 7 Wasteland Road survival by Criss :
SOR3 Stage 1 Sunset Alley survival by Criss :
Stage 3 arcade room :

OTHER (v4)

Custom villains :
Credit to Alexcano1982 and Shiz Teddy

* Barney as R.Bear
* Battletoads as Y. Signal
* Bubsy as Galsia (or GalsiaX)
* Dragon Ball Z as Hakuyo
* Gambit as Cody
* Mario as SOR1 Galsia
* Metal Sonic as Super Shiva
* Mona/Lisa in SOR1 costumes (Blaze Clones)
* Robocop as Bronze
* Ronald McDonald as Galsia (or GalsiaX)
* Ryu as Falcon
Ice Axel Palette by Slayerr:
Palettes edits by italianstal1ion :
Blaze Palettes by Iceweb38 :
V4 16-BIT Soundtrack:


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