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Streets of Rage Remake is a homage to the famous Sega Mega Drive/Genesis saga, aiming to keep the same gameplay and spirit from the 2nd and 3rd instalments with some touches from the 1st one. It includes new music, locations, enemies, moves, graphical effects, a parallel plot and a lot more features. Mr. X and the Syndicate are back, more powerful than ever! It's time to once again walk the Streets of Rage!

Streets of Rage Remake has been produced to such a high quality that it has even attracted the attention of the world's gaming press!

Original Release Dates:

v4 - January 2006

Production Credits:

Beat ‘em up engine, game design & programming

Sprite work
Final Crash
Laucorn / Mister X Neo

Stage work





Gecko Yamori

There are two versions of Streets of Rage Remake. The first version, v4, was released in 2006 exclusively for the Windows platform. Essentially, it is still only a Beta version of the final game, since it lacks many of the great features seen in the final release and is a lot less polished. However, it was the first official release of the game in a fully functional state.

v4 Features:

* 8 playable characters
* 43 locations having multi-path splits
* 52 enemy types keeping all of their moves
* 37 different remixes
* Options and modes not present in the original Mega Drive saga

Download Streets of Rage Remake v4.01b (70.35 Mb)
Windows Vista / Windows 7 Patch (447 Kb)

NOTE: If you downloaded the Vista/7 patch, you mustn't set the compatibility to XP or it won't work. Also, you may find a required DLL driver file is missing. Simply go here to download it. Throw it in your Windows/system folder, and you should be fine. Windows 7 seems to be missing that file for some reason.

System Requirements: 800MHz, 128MB RAM
OS: Windows 98 or above

DOWNLOAD v4 SAVEGAME - Everything Unlocked





One year had passed since the events of 'Streets of Rage 3'. The city had returned to normality, and the team had gone back to living normal lives. However, a wave of dangerous gun smugglers soon begins operating within the city, plaguing it once again with crime and violence like never before.

Dr. Zan, former researcher for RoboCy turned private investigator, discovers information that "The New Syndicate" is operating from somewhere in the city, and is responsible for the latest crimewave. Realising the gravity of the situation, Zan sends a letter to his old friend Blaze Fielding at her detective agency.

"Blaze, I have been investigating. Your suspicions were right. Something is going wrong in the city, but who is in control?
All the trails lead to Barbon's Bar. This facade seems to dissimulate illegal arms dealing, arms that could have been used
to commit the latest crimes. The site is well watched over and located in the center of the city. I am waiting for your reply. Your friend, Zan."


Blaze responds by gathering her team - Axel, Adam, Max, and Skate, and together they join Zan to stop The New Syndicate and bring back peace and tranquillity to the city!




v4 Route Map: (Click to Enlarge)  

Round 1: Downtown / Barbon's Bar                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


This stage is basically a remake of SOR2 stage 1, with an interesting alternate route through the upstairs bar area.

Boss: Barbon (downstairs) Jet (upstairs)



Round 2: City Streets / Rooftops                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


Round 2 differs depending on which route you took through stage 1. If you chose the quick route, you'll start here in the city streets and fight through a nightclub area. If you took the route through the burning upstairs in stage 1, you'll find yourself in a rooftop area fighting a bunch of Rocket enemies, then an elevator.

Boss: Jet or Barbon (depending on who you missed first time around).



Round 3: Amusement Park / Underground Wrestling Arena                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


This stage is basically a remake of SOR2 stage 3, with alternate routes through various theme park areas.

Boss: Abadede



Round 4: Deep Forest / Dockyards                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


This stage starts in an original jungle area and leads through the dockyards of SOR3 stage 1, culminating in the ship from either SOR1 or SOR2 (depending on the route you have taken through the game thus far).

Boss: Jet Mk II



Round 5: The Ship                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


Either the SOR1 or SOR2 ship level remade.

Boss: Onihime & Yasha (SOR1 ship) R. Bear (SOR2 Ship)



Round 6: Subway/City Streets + Helicopter / Frozen Wasteland                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

This stage starts with a choice of route, either you can take the subway train or fight through the city streets on foot. Either choice will end up with you boarding a helicopter where you have a brief confrontation with Rudra.

Boss: Multiple Enemy survival



Round 7: Construction Site / Robot Factory                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Starting with the construction site from SOR3, this level takes you through the SOR2 factory level, ending with a robotic boss fight that will differ depending on the route you took in stage 6.

Boss: Molecule and Particle (upstairs) Robot Y (downstairs)



Round 8: Syndicate Lab / Stronghold                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

The final level, again this is different depending on the route you took through the game. You'll start either in an original laboratory area, or in the monster gallery 'lost' area from SOR3. Either route will end up in the classic Syndicate stronghold area before a Mr. X fight.

Boss: Mr. X (Ending 3) Super Shiva (Endings 2 and 4)




Ending 2





A huge explosion rips through the Syndicate Stronghold...












A cop salutes the dead heroes... Rest In Peace.













Ending 4





Dr. Zan disables the self-destruct mechanism just in time...















The team stands on the bridge and stares at the sun setting over the city.

Peace is restored.


List of Cheat Codes (v4 only):

Type one in when the Bomber Games Logo appears on the screen when loading Streets of Rage Remake v4.

sorrgame4 - Everything Unlocked
sorrspeed - Make Game Run At High Speed
sorrghost - Make All Characters Appear Transparent
sorrlong - Make All Characters Appear Stretched
bomberg - Same As sorrlong
sorrtiny - Make All Characters Appear Small
sorr123 - Make Background Appear Transparent
sorrfat - Make All Characters Appear Big
sorrz - Make All Characters Appear At Angles
sorr0 – No Timer (Pointless Since Available In Options)



(Original Soundtrack) [2006] [Various Artists]





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