Streets of Rage Remake v5 comes bundled with the powerful 'SORMaker' tool, which basically allows you to edit and create your very own SOR games based on the SORRv5 engine! SORMaker is considered a level editor with the ability to create separate stories. Not only levels, but music can also be altered, cutscenes, and various other options. Ever wanted to create your own SOR game? Well, now's your chance!

To use SORMaker, simply run 'SoRMaker.exe' from your Streets of Rage Remake directory. Note: you must unlock it first, or simply use a savegame (See Cheats & Tips)!

Download SORMaker Prototype Mod (12 Mb)

This prototype mod should help to get you started with SORMaker. It is basically a sample that you can edit yourself to learn the program. (Unzip to SoRR directory > mods > games), then select it in SORMaker.

Here are a few basic and (advanced) tutorials to help you get started with editing:

Written Tutorials


Tutorial #1: Getting Started (Credit to Badjab)

Tutorial #2: How to build a stage using FPG Edit (Credit to Bomberlink)

Tutorial #3: Map collision (Credit to Bomberlink)

Tutorial #4: Diagonal Stages (Credit to Don Vecta)

Tutorial #5: Elevators (Credit to Don Vecta)

Tutorial #6: General Guidelines (Credit to Don Vecta)

Tutorial #7: Layer Placement (Credit to EliteWarGuy)

Tutorial #8: Layer Properties (Credit to DeusX87)

Tutorial #9: Tilemap, GFX and Palette Rips (MAME) (Credit to DarkValentine)



 Visual Beginner's Tutorial:



Utilities Pack



With this little utilities pack you have a series of essential tools:



1) FPG Edit - Program used for building stages/editing graphics for use ingame

2) Cutscene Maker - Program for creating cutscenes easily and in a few seconds.

3) Palette Manager - Program to manage the various palettes made for the mods of this game. You won't have to do the tedious work of renaming folders anymore.

4) SorR Launcher - A covenient front-end so you don't have a lot of shortcuts on your desktop for the same game: one for the game, another one for sormaker, fpgedit, etc.



Download SORR Utilities Pack (4.51MB) (Credit to Xenovant)


Download Cutscene Maker v5.1 Update Pack (1.1MB)




Unzip the archive to your main SORR directory. This is how the .exes should be placed and named:

folder of the game\
SorR Launcher.exe <----the name of this one doesn't matter
Cutscene Maker.exe
Palette Manager.exe



Original Games Resource Kit


Thanks to Cajnatalie, here is everything you need to port stuff from the original SOR games, with all the bells & whistles (eg: scaling to 240 height; collision maps; etcetera) so they're ready to use in SoRMaker.


Download Resource Kit (11MB)

Download SORMaker Mods from our archive If you want to share your own SORMaker Mods, please do so on our forum! The archive will be updated periodically.


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