Sonic is a fun SORMaker Mod designed by Crystalix in 2011.

Mr. X and the Syndicate have taken over Planet Mobius and Sonic the Hedgehog needs help to stop them! Only Axel, Blaze, Adam and the rest of the gang have what it takes! It's up to our heroes to grab their Power Rings and walk the Green Hills of Rage!

If you are both a Sonic and SOR fan you should be absolutely excited over this. The plot is very simple but enjoyable as it entwines together two worlds that most of us Genesis/Mega Drive owners should be very well familiar with. And it's the little things that really stand out - the mushrooms bouncing around, the beetle from Green Hill, the original Sonic music - which make this mod so special.



Download Sonic (ZIP archive, 90MB)

Installation instructions:

1. Extract the 'Sonic' folder from the zip file into your SORR 'mods/games' directory. You are now ready to play!

4. You can start the game by selecting 'SORMAKER' on the main menu of Streets of Rage Remake, then choosing the appropriate mod from the list.



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