H.U.N.T.E.R. Gaiden: Operation Nightsweeper is a SORMaker Mod designed by SOR Online's very own Community Administrator, Mister X Neo (aka Laucorn) in 2012.


Designed as an expansion/sequel to the popular H.U.N.T.E.R. mod, Operation Nightsweeper has 4 story paths and 4 different endings, scaled for all 5 difficulties and even 2-player enemies. The story is comes after both Adam's Story and the whole of H.U.N.T.E.R., and it tackles the hideous issue of human trafficking, slavery, and people being bought and sold for Vice (not the goon Vice, though he's in this...)







Story: A faction of the Syndicate had rebuilt and merged with a Slavery and kidnapping ring. A man posing as Mr. X appears to be the leader, and he is working with Big Momma, the former leader of the Blood Feather Triads. These kidnappings have been happening across the globe, and H.U.N.T.E.R has been called in to put a stop to this and get to the bottom of the supposed "Resurrection" of the Syndicate this time. This leads them back to Mr. X's island base and fortress from SOR2. While somewhat familiar at first to the past, what they stumble into are the dark nightmares of an evil man and his victims.

The story admittedly gets "weird" (though nothing is graphic, it is more to illustrate how evil the villains are similar to Adam's Story.) A fair warning this mod is not for you if you disliked the Lan Dao mission and/or the SOR Syndicate Highrise Brothel from Adam's Story.

Download H.U.N.T.E.R. Gaiden: Operation Nightsweeper (ZIP archive, 70MB)

Installation instructions:

1. Extract the 'Nightsweeper' folder from the zip file into your SORR 'mods/games' directory.

2. Go to your SORR 'palettes' directory, and rename the 'enemies' folder to something else, like 'enemiesbackup', unless you're happy to overwrite the original game data.

3. Move the 'Nightsweeper enemy palettes' folder from the Nightsweeper directory into the main SORR 'palettes' directory and rename it to 'enemies'.

4. You can start the game by selecting 'SORMAKER' on the main menu of Streets of Rage Remake, then choosing the appropriate mod from the list.



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