Metal Slug SE is an SORMaker Mod designed by XRainmakerRSX in 2013.

This beautiful mod is based on the popular 'Metal Slug' games seen on SNES/Arcade platforms, bringing it into the SOR style perfectly. The palettes and backgrounds are crisp and clean and look like they were designed for a SOR game, and it also features the original Metal Slug music. Enemy placement is also very good, making for a superb SOR experience and one of the best SORMaker Mods available.

Some players may find the enemies here very tough, but that's just part of the game, like the original Metal Slug.


Please note, if you do not use the original colours of this mod some effects of camouflage and thematic art of enemies will be distorted, scenarios such as Vehelits inside the wall in the alien stage for example.



Download Metal Slug SE (ZIP archive, 180MB)

Installation instructions:

1. Extract the 'SOR Metal Slug SE' folder from the zip file into your SORR 'mods/games' directory.

2. Go to your SORR 'palettes' directory, and rename the 'enemies' and 'chars' folders to something else, like 'enemiesbackup' and 'charsbackup' (unless you're happy to overwrite the original game data.

3. Move the contents of the 'palettes' folder from the Metal Slug SE directory into the main SORR 'palettes' directory.

4. You can start the game by selecting 'SORMAKER' on the main menu of Streets of Rage Remake, then choosing the appropriate mod from the list.


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