Mod Megapack 1 is a collection of 15 SORMaker Mods designed by Javier Temprano Sánchez in 2013.

These mods are all based on various arcade/console games from the 80s and 90s (and some TV shows), converted into the SOR style. They are in Spanish language for the most part, with varying degrees of quality. They have all been packaged together here for your convenience, in the first of our 'Megapacks'.



Included Mods:

Altered Beast

3 En Caza

Knights of the Round

The Simpsons

The Terminator

Yume Nikki

Urban Reign

Un Nuevo Jefe

The King of Dragons

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon

Policias S.A.

Mamporros Agogo

La Victoria del Sindicato

El Dia de Todo Al Reves



Download Mod Megapack 1 (ZIP archive, 1.06 GB)


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