H.U.N.T.E.R: A Law Enforcement Agency is an SORMaker Mod created by Don Vecta and Xenovant in 2011.

"H.U.N.T.E.R is an independent agency dedicated to solving problems that are too big or limited for the local police or too small for the federal intelligence agencies. It consists of a team of specialized anti-crime experts from ex-cops, scientists, private investigators and even former mob members now working as bounty hunters. They are hired from local police forces to international agencies and governments. H.U.N.T.E.R. reserves the right to accept or reject any job if it clashes with the
agency's interest of justice and law-enforcement."

This impressive mod uses a completely new system of "missions", which are selectable within a hub that connects all of them in different difficulties. Each mission is around 2 or 3 stages long and doesn't take too much time to finish (except the Vegas mission, which is the hardest in terms of difficulty). All of them include two or three epilogues and endings to see, so there is tons of replay value in order to find everything inside every mission. It is scaled for all difficulties, though the "easy" one still offers a big challenge.




The main missions are:

Santa Luna (Easy): Solve the rampant crime infesting this tourist paradise!
Lan Dao Island (Normal): Unveil the mysteries of the disappearance of several girls in a far east metropolis!
Las Vegas (Hard): Sin City's new "entertainment" is wreaking havoc and you must stop it!

WARNING! Some areas are a bit rude (not visually), but the theme in some missions (specifically Lan Dao's alternate route) is a bit more adult-based so parental discretion is advised!

Also, fair warning. The difficulty by missions escalates, so in the last areas of Lan Dao and Vegas you'd be facing the swarm type of enemy attacks, but you'll have mostly free roam camera space to move freely and dispose of them. Don't worry, it is not impossible and doesn't reach the ridiculous levels of insane life bars of SOR3 or the Expander elevator of SOR2 in Mania. Just keep practicing and you'll be fine.

The music is based heavily in games like Yakuza 4, Tekken, KOF, Outrun and more, also some movies and TV series. It does have tons of Easter eggs and references to other games and films, so see how many you can identify!

This download includes custom palettes and sounds needed to experience the mod fully and get the whole references and mood of the game.

Now includes DLC Episode #1: "Subway Mayhem"!

Download H.U.N.T.E.Rv1.1 with DLC #1 (ZIP archive, 170MB)

Installation instructions:

1. Extract the 'H.U.N.T.E.Rv1.1 with Subway Mayhem' folder from the zip file into your SORR 'mods/games' directory.

2. Go to your SORR 'palettes' directory, and rename the 'enemies' folder to something else, e.g. 'enemiesbackup', unless you're happy to overwrite the original game data.

3. Move the 'Custom palettes' folder from the 'H.U.N.T.E.Rv1.1 with Subway Mayhem' folder into your SORR 'palettes' directory and rename it 'enemies'.

4. Put the 'Custom Sound Effects' folder in the root of SORRv5 (where the v5 .exe is), and rename it 'data'. If you already have a Data folder with custom sounds and you want to keep that for later, back up a copy, first.

5. Now You are now ready to play!

6. You can start the game by selecting 'SORMAKER' on the main menu of Streets of Rage Remake, then choosing the appropriate mod from the list.

Watch the trailer:












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