Thanks to sorrowdemonica, here is an explanation of how to modify the game to enable features such as infinite health, infinite police, Weapons, Timers, etc., using the application 'ArtMoney SE v7.32' which can be downloaded here.


- Any other generic game trainer should also work that allows you to freeze values, however the steps below describe the process using ArtMoney.

To Use ArtMoney for Streets of Rage Remake v4.01b:

1. Load Streets of Rage Remake, start the game, pause it, and then minimize it (windows key or alt tab to another program if your in full screen).
2. Load ArtMoney and with the “select process” drop down, choose "Streets of Rage Remake - v4.01b"
3. Lastly, Click “Search” and Set the fields to:

Search = Exact Value
Type = Custom
Address Range = All

4. For the Value Field Type In The Following Listed Below For The Desired Effect:

Please note: it takes a ton of explanation, a ton of steps, a few minutes of your time to first succeed in getting the cheat you’re looking for.

Infinite Health Value = 24:

Type “24” into the Value Field, Next Click Search. Upon Searching, it will find an extremely high amount of results, next click “OK” in the search result box then return to the game. Unpause the game and get hit or use the special move to drain a bit of health, repause the game and return to ArtMoney. 

To narrow down the results listed to the left for the one that we are looking for:

This time click “Filter” and Set the Fields To:
Search = Unknown Value
Value = Was Increased
Type = Custom

Click Ok and it will reduce the amount of search results listed on the left.

Return to the game and lose a bit more health and repeat the Filter and losing health process over and over until you are down to just less than 100 results or so (the less the easier).

Next click the “Green Arrow” and this will add all results to the workable area to the right, if you see any Values that are randomly changing numbers, are greater than 128 or less than 24, these are definitely results we are not looking for and you can get rid of these by clicking them and pressing delete on your keyboard.

Next if you notice the blank fields below the letter “F” if you click in the blank boxes it will put a little “x”; this will freeze the number listed under "value" (I suggest freezing ten or so at a time), return to the game and try losing health again, if you lose health, go back to ArtMoney delete the ones that you have froze and now try freezing the next 10 or so. 

Keep doing this until eventually you notice that your health remains the same.
Delete the other remaining unfrozen values. Next one by one, set the "value" to 24, by clicking on whatever number is listed under value and type in “24”, return to the game and when you unpause the game, you will notice that your health will return to full. 

Once you have found the result you want, return to ArtMoney, and you may notice that a few other results have also changed to 24 automatically; this is because some of the other values control the visual or other aspects of your health bar and remain sync together, but you can just delete these as they are not needed. I suggest renaming the Description Field if you plan on using other cheats to not mix them up.

Lastly, I highly suggest for you to click “Table” on the menu bar and "Save"! However, remove "4.01b" from the save filename or else ArtMoney will not save it properly.

Now when you play Streets of Rage Remake again, you can load ArtMoney and load your saved table and freeze the value to 24 for infinite health next time.

The remaining cheats I won’t describe in much detail as it is pretty much the same as I fully described above.

Unlimited Police Value = 1:

Much like the process described for unlimited health above, Load the first stage or any level that allows the use of the police special, minimize the game, and In ArtMoney this time, Search for Value “1” Return to the game, and use your police special, and back in ArtMoney, with Filter set the Search Field to “Exact Value” and Set the Value Field to “0” and click OK. Return to the game and either restart the level or die to regain your police special, before using it again, return to ArtMoney and filter for value “1” this time, return to the game, use the police, return to art money and filter for “0” again, repeat this process as many times needed to narrow down your results (sometimes you may only get it down as low as 150 or so results).

When you have narrowed down the results, add the results to the workable area using the green arrow, and freeze ten or so values at a time and set type in value “1” and return to the game, and try using your police special and you will eventually notice that you are able to use your Police Special as many times as your heart desires! Once you have found the single result that you want, delete the rest, rename the description to not mix up with any other hacks used, and save your work. 

Unlimited Normal Timer and/or End Countdown Value = (Whatever The Time Is):

This one is pretty easy, no matter if it’s the normal level timer or the countdown in the last level, when the timer starts or whatever number it happens to be when you pause the game, search for value which the timer is currently at (i.e. 99 or 98), return to the game, and let the timer go down a second or two, repause the game and filter for exact value of what the timer is now at (i.e. 97 or whatever), pretty much you will have narrowed the results down to 2-3 with one try, and just add these results, and freeze the first result and this will most likely be the one you are looking for, and return to the game and you will notice the timer has stopped. Return to ArtMoney, and set the value to 99, delete the remaining results as they are not required, rename the description and save your work.

Weapon Selection Value = (Depends On What Weapon You Want):

Depending on the weapon you want, the search value differs:

0 – No Weapon 
1 - Pipe
3 - Katana 
5 - Wood Bat 
7 - Metal Bat 
9 - Plank 
13 - Knife 
15 - Kunai 
17 - Grenade (Doesn’t Work) 
19 - Pepper Shaker (Doesn’t Work) 
30 - Gun 
32 - Machine Gun 
34 - Bazooka

I suggest doing this in battle mode, set it for max items and set to weapons.
Once in battle mode, holding no weapons, in ArtMoney, search for value “0” return to the game and pick up a weapon, for this example the machine gun, filter for the value of the weapon you picked up, in this example, “32”, return to the game, drop the weapon by grabbing player 2 or throwing it away, and return to ArtMoney, filter for value “0”, return to the game and pick up the weapon again, return to ArtMoney filter for “32” again and repeat this process until you have narrowed the results to a few. Add then freeze the some results type the values to “32” and this time pick up another weapon and eventually you will notice that when you attack you will shoot or throw a machine gun, regardless of what you were holding or picked up. It may appear invisible or as the weapon you picked up until you press attack. Once you have found the one result you want, delete the rest, rename the description, and save your work.

Unlimited Ammo Value = (Depends On How Much Ammo You Have):

For the guns (depending on their ammo amount) for this example we will use the machine gun again, I suggest go into battle mode and pick up a machine gun, return to ArtMoney search for “15” which is the amount of bullets the machine gun has, return to the game and shoot it once, the machine gun shoots 3 rounds at a time, so return to ArtMoney and filter for value “12” and repeat this process over and over minus 3 each time in filter value, eventually you will narrow the results to a few in no time, add the results and freeze each one until you find the one that causes you to have same amount of bullets, change the value to the full amount depending on the weapon you want to use (15 for machine gun, 1 for bazooka, 6 for pistol), and rename the description, and save your work.

Please Note: If you use the Weapon Selection and Unlimited Ammo Hacks together, you will notice that you will have/start with the weapon you desire always, regardless if you have picked up a weapon or not, and regardless if you pick up any other weapon, also note that it will most likely appear invisible until you press attack, and you will not be able to punch as you will always be carrying the weapon. 

The process for Player Two/CPU Unlimited Health, weapon selection, unlimited ammo, and infinite police is the same process you have done for yourself, just load up player two, and follow the same steps as listed above.

Lastly, in case you have saved your progress separate in files while looking for each hack, you can simply merge them by loading one and using "merge" listed under the "table" on the menubar and selecting your other saved file(s).

Just in case anyone wants it or anyone who’s too lazy to follow the directions above, here is a savestate and a saved ArtMoney Table:

Download it here (737 Bytes)

To Use the Save State: save savegame.sor in the savegame folder where you have Streets of Rage Remake installed.

Please Note: Using the Save State will unlock everything, will Change Rankings, set all game settings and profiles my settings, etc.. However, you can just reset the settings to your preferences.

To Use My ArtMoney Table: Simply just Run the game, minimize it, load/open “Streets of Rage Remake.amt” with ArtMoney, select the process "Streets of Rage Remake - v4.01b" freeze all values, set to their respectable values as listed above (if needed), and enjoy!

Please Note: The Address Fields Listed for each Hack in ArtMoney May Be Specific To Each Computer and May or May Not Work For You... If Not, Then Follow The Steps Listed Above To Find And Enable Each Hack.



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