Double Dragon Remake is an SORMaker Mod designed by celestinx in 2011.


Essentially a tribute to the original Double Dragon game, in this mod you can choose either the Megadrive/Genesis or Master System version of Double Dragon (note that some levels have been changed a little to work within SORMaker).




- 4 levels for the Megadrive/Genesis mode
- 4 levels for the Master System mode
- (8 levels in total)
- Multiple routes so you can change from Megadrive/Genesis to Master System after each level if you want
- Original Double Dragon music





Download Double Dragon Remake (ZIP archive, 10MB)

Installation instructions:

1. Extract the 'Double Dragon Remake by CelestinX v3' folder from the zip file into your SORR 'mods/games' directory. You are now ready to play!

2. You can start the game by selecting 'SORMAKER' on the main menu of Streets of Rage Remake, then choosing the appropriate mod from the list.



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