DOWNLOAD v5 SAVEGAME - Everything Unlocked. Unzip to your 'savegame' directory.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME EDITOR 0.1 - A simple application to edit your SORRv5 save file. Don't forget to backup first. Credit to DigitalDuck.

'Topless' Blaze Easter Egg

* Go into options and set number of lives to zero.

* Play as BKIII version of Blaze.
* At the route selection screen, select the "bloody knife" route.
* During the first level/scene, whenever Blaze is knocked down, the sprite will be briefly changed to a topless version.



Infinite Health


Here is an explanation of how to modify the game to enable infinite health, using the application 'ArtMoney SE v7.32' which can be downloaded here.


 - First of all, make sure you are running SoRR v5.
- Run Artmoney.exe - Search for Exact Value (24)
- Take damage from enemies, once you took damage, pause your game
- Search for Unknown Value which "was increased" (do it until you reach 100 addresses)
- Pick the first value and replace it with "24" (you can freeze it if you want by by pressing CTRL+F)
- Profit



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