Here you can download the Beta versions of SORR, so you can see the game at various stages in its development. (Source:


ALPHA V0.30 (25 April 2003)


The very beginning of the project. It was just a one-level demo, a private beta, everything was in very early stages.

Download (3.5 MB) : Alpha








BETA 1 v0.70 (23 June 2003)

I remember playing this back in 2003 and thinking it was awesome! The first public beta, more material was added and was playable, not promising at all but thanks to this Nightwolf and PsychoRFG joined the Bombergames team that same year.

Download (6.45 MB) : Beta 1









" Nightwolf Special edition " v0.85 (August 2003)

A very unique Nightwolf Hack. The version he worked on was a little more advanced than Beta 1 and it comes with a lot of levels, the pirate boat being one of them.

Download (26 MB) : Hack









BETA 2 v1.66 (5 January 2004)

This is the version which made the project well known, much better than Beta 1.

Download (14.5 MB) : Beta 2










BETA 3 v2.51 (11 January 2005)

The game evolved a lot by this point; all of the previous material went directly to the trashcan, Nightwolf was the one in charge of ripping all of the sprites and PsychoRFG brought over a lot of new material and ripped the sound. Adrimus, B-A-C and Arth joined the team, but none of their material was shown until the final version. Bomberlink reprogrammed 90% of the game and put it to work at a 320×240 resolution this time. A menu with plenty of options was added thanks to old forum suggestions.

Download (8.35 MB) : Beta 3








BETA 4 v360 (25 October 2005)

The final pre-release beta. Lots more stuff was added, the game engine nearing completion.

Download (12.9 MB) : Beta 4


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