These people will decide the fate of the city
Mr X: This mysterious crime boss may be out of sight, but he's not out of the city. He's lying low using a legitimate research company, RoboCy Coporation, as both a front for the Syndicate's business activities and the basis of his latest plan. He has brought in one of the world's most brilliant and eccentric roboticists - Dr Dahm - to create lifelike robots to replace key city officials. When the replacements are completed, Mr X can run the city by remote control. The Syndicate is using strategically placed bombs to divert the attention of the city police while Mr X deals with the city leaders, one by one.
Blaze Fielding: An ex-cop who had helped overthrow Mr X twice before, Blaze now works as a private detective. When informed by Dr Zan that the next victim of the Syndicate's evil scheme will be her old friend, the Chief of Police, she immediately sets up a task force to go to his rescue.
Dr Zan: A former RoboCy researcher converted into a cyborg during Dr Dahm's early experiments. Dr Zan probes a little too deeply into the corporate files and discovers what the secret research is really for. He knows the Syndicate must be stopped once and for all, but because of his criminal record he cannot approach the police. So he pays a visit to Blaze's agency and enlists her help.
Axel Stone: After the Syndicate was defeated the second time, Blaze's old partner from the police moved far fom the city and set up a school of martial arts. The letter he receives from Blaze brings him back to the city at top speed.
Adam Hunter: Not long ago, Mr X took out his anger on one of the three ex-cops responsible for his first defeat. Adam was kidnapped and held as bait for his friends, Axel and Blaze. Adam was rescued, and later rejoined the police force as a senior police operative. He can't answer Blaze's call for assistance himself, but sends Skate instead.
Eddie "Skate" Hunter: Since his last encounter with Mr X and his thugs, Adam's kid brother has grown smarter, stronger and faster. And he's ready to hit the Syndicate where it hurts.

Blaze, Axel, Skate and Zan... can they prevent the city from falling back into the hands of Mr. X and his criminal organisation? Only you can help...


I have learned from a new friend, Dr. Zan, that the syndicate is back with a clever new plan to take control of the city by replacing top-ranking officials with identical robots under the control of Mr. X.

Our old boss, the chief of police, has disappeared and everybody in the city is preoccupied with the recent spate of bomb explosions.

I fear that the syndicate's evil plan is already underway. Adam is too busy to help, but his brother Skate is joining Dr. Zan and me to try and get behind the bombing campaign and expose the real danger in the city.

We need your help, Axel. Please come.

Your Partner,


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