There are lots of prototypes of Streets of Rage 3 available, all released by Dr. X. Here we will take a closer look at some of these prototypes; at what makes these versions different from the final release.

Please note: Prototypes dated before April 1994 are US prototypes, while the April 1994 one (and later protos) are all European.

8TH MARCH 1994
28TH MARCH 1994
APRIL 1994
(There are not as many differences between this proto and the previous one, so this column doesn't always appear on this page.)
A different title screen from the final version.
This has the same title screen as in the previous prototype.
Changed for this proto, and it is now the same as in the final version.

The SEGA logo is missing the trademark in this proto.
It was added for this one.

Axel still has his white shirt and blue jeans in this proto, plus the stats system is still stars.
Axel now has his yellow shirt and black jeans, but the stars system remains.
The stars system has been changed to the bars, like in the final game.

The profiles of Axel and Blaze are completely glitched in this proto.
But they were fixed in the next one.

Skate and Zan's profiles were also glitchy.
Again, fixed for this proto.

Axel has a completely different alt colour in the battle mode.
But in the next proto, it was changed to what it is in the final game.

No stars animation at the battle results screen, plus there is a typo at the top.
The stars animation has now been implemented, the win and lose text has been moved down, but the typo is still there.
This proto fixed the typo.

After beating an opponent in battle mode, this proto lets you move around.
But in the this proto, you cannot move after defeating your enemy.

The high score screen still refers to stages as rounds, "RD".
This proto fixed this error whilst also moving most of the rank numbers slightly to the left.

The level select refers to stage as "round" in this proto.
This proto fixed this, but it now features a completely different and much more in-depth level select -you can choose exactly where you want to go in a stage. You can even access the unfinished motorbike levels, but they are of course glitched up and unplayable.
This proto returns to the basic level select the first proto and final game feature.

Note Axel's left leg in this screen.
Now look at it - there is a glitch with Axel's sprite for his dragon wing move. This glitch was never picked up on, and is in all of the other protos and even the final game. Thanks to JoyJoyfulRabbit for noticing this.
Similarly, notice the way Blaze is holding the knife in this screen.
Another graphical screw-up by Sega of America.

This proto has a larger game window than the previous two, meaning you can see more of each stage (check the top and bottom).

This proto has several spacing errors, especially after commas.
But they were all fixed up for this proto.

Another example of this.

Another example.

A spelling error in this proto...
...that was fixed for this one.

Sword is called "SWODD" in this proto.
But it was spelt correctly in this one.

In this proto, there are three enemies and a table at the start of stage 2-2.
Same in this proto.
But from this proto and beyond, the table is gone.


I also examined the May 1994 prototype - the only differences I noticed with this are: 

1) The game window is smaller (like in the first two protos), but by the time the game came out the window was made larger again, like in the April proto.
2) Shiva's shocked sprite was added. In the previous protos, you do not see his bones. 
3) The SEGA logo is missing the TM again. It was put back in the final version.


Both of the March prototypes feature the huge health decrease penalty the Japanese version of the game has when using special attacks without a full meter.

The first March prototype has you travel a much shorter distance when using the roll move - like in the Japanese version. From the second prototype and beyond, however, you roll much further. Thanks for Mr.Din for this.

The first March prototype still has the crashing waves sound effect in the opening cutscene - this sound was removed from all other prototypes and the final game. 

The second March prototype seems to be much more difficult than any of the others, with enemies doing a lot more damage than they should be able to.


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