A bomb is counting down. The timer stops at 3 seconds.
Phew! That was close. Another few seconds and... BOOM!
Yes, we're lucky we found the bomb. What's our next move, Axel?
Well, Zan was right about the bomb. Maybe's he's right about the robots too. But I'll have to see it to believe it. Let's try to get a lead from the punks.
I'm sorry you don't believe me, Axel, but there's no time to waste. Let's go!

This is an interesting level that is quite different in Bare Knuckle III. You begin inside a warehouse and then move out onto the docks. Shiva (or Ash in Bare Knuckle III) drops off punks via speedboat occasionally. You then move to some inner city street where you face Shiva, who has been significantly toned down in difficulty since Streets of Rage 2.

Boss: Shiva

I can't believe it. No one told me a thing.
We're wasting time fighting these punks.
I think I have an idea of where to go now.
I hope you're right.

Fairly cool level. You start on a street outside the club, avoiding bikers and then face a clown with his trained kangaroo (which is Roo, a secret character). Inside the club you beat up some dancers with some weird lighting effects happening onscreen. After that you move into a back room where you face the twin bosses, who are reminiscent of the Blaze clones from Streets of Rage 1.

After defeating Mona & Lisa a note falls from the roof. It is a message from Mr X to tell the heroes to go the construction site of his new mall. The TV news then comes on, revealing that the Chief of Police has been kidnapped, and that Axel is the prime suspect!

Boss: Mona & Lisa

Motorbikes can be heard speeding away. A note falls from the ceiling.
Come and inspect the building of our new mall.
I knew this place was linked with the Syndicate.
We interrupt this programme for an important announcement. The Chief of Police has been kidnapped. The last person to be seen with him was ex-cop Axel Stone.
What! I haven't seen him in over six months.
Coming at this time, the loss of such a senior city figure can only mean further mayhem if more bombs explode.
I think this means trouble. Let's get to the construction site.

Very cool stage that highlights the new additions to the Streets of Rage game engine. The first stage reminds me of the Bridge level from Streets of Rage 1, as there are holes in the floor that you can use to dispose of enemies. Thankfully this time around you don't lose a life if you fall in - you jump back out but lose a lot of health. An added danger in this stage is the wind, which changes direction and either speeds you up or slows you down depending on whether you are moving against it or with it. In the second section you are chased by a bulldozer driven by one of the punks - a frustrating stage unless you know what you are doing. The third stage is a moving elevator (like the one in Round 7 of Streets of Rage 2), that you can throw punks off to their deaths. The lift finally arrives at the rooftop, where you face a robot duplicate of Axel!

After destroying the robot they notice a concealed door and decide to enter it.

Boss: Axel

The team look at the destroyed robotic replica of Axel.
A robot that looked just like me!
So, it seems you're right, Dr. Zan. Now tell us why you're helping us. That robot nearly killed us. How do we know this isn't a trap?
It might be a trap, but I didn't set it!
Skate, how can you accuse Dr. Zan! Without his help we would know nothing. I trust Dr. Zan. Please apologize to him.
Axel: Stop arguing and look over here! (picture of a door appears) This concealed door has been used recently.

Another cool level. The first stage has two tracks going across the screen, and every so often a subway car will roll past that seriously damages anyone it hits. The next stage is similar, with one track across the bottom and a section at the top of the screen where you can avoid both the subway and the ninjas who populate the area. Unfortunately for you the ninjas rarely get hit as they can hang from the ceiling when a car comes past. After this is the final section, where you come across an underground Japanese-style house thing (don't ask) which is guarded by Yamato, a boss who can split himself into three.

Boss: Yamato

This must be the syndicate's hideout. Do you recognize this place, Zan?
No, I've never been here before.
Let's press on and see what we find.

Yet another inventive stage. You progress through various basement rooms (see Cheats for secret routes) until you move upstairs (check out the gold busts of Mr X...). You then take an elevator upwards, where you find Mr. X waiting.
Mr. X!
Welcome to my humble abode. I've been expecting you for some time. Tell me, Axel, what kept you?
Enough of your games! What's going on?
I am replacing the current city administration with some more dependable subjects, starting with the Chief of Police.
What have you done with him?
Relax. He is in a safe place awaiting your rescue attempt. Why don't you come and join me?
Mr. X sits back in the usual way while he sends in punks to try and defeat you. What happens next is anything but usual, as the top half of Mr X disintegrates to reveal a metal endoskeleton! Robot X then fights you.

After being destroyed, Robot X informs the heroes that since Axel will not join the Syndicate the real Chief of Police will be killed.

Boss: Robot X

I see you continue to destroy what I create. It is obvious you will not join the Syndicate so I have no further use for the Chief of Police. You will not defeat my other robots so easily, Dr. Zan knows this model was an early prototype.
He's right, Axel. We must rescue the Chief of Police before the robot version appears in public.

An amazing level that pushes the Streets of Rage engine even further, as the heroes must search the Syndicate building and rescue the Chief before Mr X starts pumping in poison gas. You have 60 seconds (in computer time) to save the Chief. You start on the top floor, and after disposing of some robots you find the elevator, which you can control by hitting an up/down button. There are two floors below each with three rooms. On each floor is a switch which you need to destroy to free the Chief. The other 4 rooms contain traps. Thankfully the countdown is not in effect while you are in a room.

If the countdown ends poison gas begins to fill the building. The enemies die, and your health, along with the Chief's, begins to quickly drain. If he lives the "(A)" cut scenes take place, and you progress to Round 7(A), if he dies you go down the (B) route to Round 7 (B).

(A) The team manage to rescue the Chief in time.
Thank goodness you're alive.
I feel weak but I am unharmed.
Chief, it's really good to see you again.
Blaze, I'm glad you're still in shape. I have no idea why I was kidnapped. Does it have anything to do with the bombings?
There's no time to explain, Sir. You must get back to City Hall, immediately.
You're right. I have a press conference in an hour.
(B) The team reach the Chief too late; it looks like he's dead.
Oh no. We're too late. He's dead.
No. He's still breathing, faintly.
Not going to make it.
We can get you to a hospital.
No. Must listen. Great danger. Press conference. City Hall. Speech.
I can barely hear you. What about your speech?
Robot. Impostor.
We've got to get to City Hall and expose the impostor.
Either way, once you have found the Chief you head onto the roof, where you face Jet and his jet-pack buddies. Once Jet is defeated Adam arrives with a police helicopter and mercilessly guns down the rest of Jet's friends.

Boss: Jet

(A) The team help the Chief onto the helicopter.
Well, well, well. If it isn't the old gang in trouble again.
I got your message Blaze. Somehow I thought I'd find you here.
Adam, you must get the Chief to City Hall.
Why? What's all the hurry? He's safe now, and should get some rest first.
Mr. X has created a robot effigy of the Chief that will speak to the public at the press conference.
I see. We must get the real Chief there before the robot so he can explain the danger and clear your name.

This stage is accessed if you manage to save the Chief of Police in Round 6. Adam takes the Chief to City Hall to expose the fake Chief, while you head to the secret robot factory where you must find the real Mr. X and stop his evil plan.

You begin in a forest, which the Syndicate has kindly filled with rope traps. After fighting your way to the factory you go inside. First half-completed robots attack, and then you move to the usual fighting on conveyor belts.

After the factory you move into a sealed room, where Dr Dahm attempts to dispose of you using some lab equipment. This boss is quite hard as there is a conveyor belt moving into the screen towards some electrical stuff. After beating the Doctor you move on to a large room, with a control centre of TV screens and computers linked to a brain in a jar(!).

Dr. Dahm was the key to my plan. Now that you've destroyed my robot factory, the city will pay for your meddling, big time.
Mr. X! Don't you ever give up? You're helpless. Surrender.
That's where you're wrong, handsome one. My loyal followers in the Syndicate have planted bombs throughout the city primed to denonate within the hour. Even you will not be able to stop mass destruction.
Face it, Mr. X. Dr. Dahm is no longer with you. Do you expect to run the city from a glass phial?
Yes, traitor. Let me show you how.
Mr. X shows him by unveiling Robot Y (Neo X in Bare Knuckle III), a huge robot suit. A three minute countdown starts and you begin your last fight of the game. If the countdown finishes before you destroy Mr. X's robot body the bombs detonate, if you do you manage to beat the countdown you abort the explosions.

Whatever happens, the dying Mr X starts the self-destruct sequence... Check out the Ending to see what happens in both endings here.

Boss: Robot Y

(B) The team are sad that they failed to save the Chief.
Well, well, well. If it isn't the old gang in trouble again.
I got your message Blaze. Somehow I thought I'd find you here.
Adam, you must take us to City Hall.
Why? Where's the Chief of Police?
He was kidnapped by Mr. X. Now he's dead. A robot duplicate of the Chief is due to speak at City Hall.
Oh no. He could say anything. The city would be at the mercy of Mr. X.

This stage is accessed if the Chief of Police dies in Round 6.

You start outside City Hall, and slowly make your way to the gates. You then fight your way though some back rooms before bursting into the press conference.

...and to sum up, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to detail my plans for the enforcement of law and order in the city.
Stop! The speaker is not the Chief of Police. He is an impostor. A clever imitation.
What is this intrusion! What are you trying to say?
I have a tape showing the real Chief of Police. Dead!
The Chief throws away his disguise and is revealed to be Shiva.
Okay. So you've exposed me. Now prepare for law enforcement, Syndicate-style!
Shiva then fights you as the final boss. Here Shiva is much harder than he is in Round 1 - he fights almost like he did in Streets of Rage 2. Once he's taken down it's time for an Ending.

Boss: Shiva


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