Apple: Pretty common item, restores about 1/3 of your energy bar.
Restores about 1/3 of your Life Gauge.
Roast Chicken: More common than in previous games due the increased difficulty. As usual it restores your health.
Fills your Life Gauge.
1UP: Also more common they were in the original games, extra lives appear often. Notice that they are a little picture of Adam.
Gives you an extra life.
Cash Bag: The usual points bonus item.
Worth 1000 points.
Gold Bar: Found fairly often, these are helpful in getting extra lives through high scoring.
Gives you a 5000 point bonus!

Knife: Same as in Streets of Rage 2, except Blaze and Skate can perform special moves with it.
Lead Pipe: The trusty pipe returns for a third game. Axel and Skate can use it to perform special moves.
Baseball Bat: Not seen since the first game, the baseball bat puts in an appearance for Streets of Rage 3. It handles the same as the pipe, so Axel and Skate can use it to pull off moves.
Plank: An all-new weapon, the plank of wood handles just like the pipe/bat, so Axel and Skate can do special moves with it.
Katana: My favourite weapon, the samurai sword appears quite a few times. Axel and Blaze can perform some impressive and damaging moves with this.
Kunai: The ninja knife handles the same as a normal knife. Blaze and Skate are able to use this in special attacks.
Bomb: Grenades are always fun, but are fairly rare and hard to use.


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