Goldie / Slum / Stud / Casino / Dick / Harlem

Goldie is a new enemy. He's pretty weak, but has the ability to block your attacks. Watch out for a knock-down kick that he sometimes uses.

Garnet / Soozie / Grace / Ruby / Diamond

Member of Neo-Chaos. She may be a woman, but she can jump as high and kick as hard as any man.

Garnet is another new punk. Like Goldie she is also fairly common and weak. She has a flying kick and a slap attack.

Vice / Zack /  Sway / Mac / Jack / Nasty

Member of Neo-Chaos. His forte is grabbing people.

Vice is yet another new punk. He often grabs you from behind so that his friends can beat you up - simply throw him in the old Streets of Rage 1 method to stop this.

Donovan / Z / Muscles / Fernand / Bono

Donovan's back for another beating at the hands of the team. He's learnt a few new moves since Streets of Rage 2, including the ability to pick up pipes and health pickups from the floor to use himself.

Galsia / Garcia / Julio / Carlos

 Galsia from Streets of Rage 2 is also back, except he's called Garcia in the Western version. Now has a jumping attack, as well as the ability to retrieve knives from the floor to use.

Assassin Agents (Bronz / McBride / Silver / McLean / Gold / McLeod)

Killers who would do anything for money. Their methods are ruthless.


These gunmen are all new enemies. In Streets of Rage 3 they have Scottish-sounding names such as McCleod, but in Bare Knuckle III they are named after metals, eg. Gold, Silver. There are alternate versions of this enemy with different heads, but all the versions fight the same; at a distance they will try and shoot you, close in they throw you. Beware the fact that they can often break through your holds and attacks.

Big Ben / Heart / Ike / Bongo / Dwight

Returning for a third Rage game, Big Ben is more powerful than he was in Streets of Rage 2. He can no longer be thrown - like in Streets of Rage 1 - and he has two new moves; a rolling attack and the ability to pick up another punk to hit you with!

Hell Bikers (Typhoon / Wheels / Cyclone / Wings / Storm)

The Bikers are back, but they no longer get off their bikes to fight. Bizarrely their bikes no longer explode when destroyed.

In the secret motorbike levels removed from the final game these guys throw petrol bombs at you as you ride along.

Signal / Scarab / Ice / Jools / Angle

 These guys are also back again - they are called Signal in Bare Knuckle III (as in Streets of Rage 2) but in Streets of Rage 3 they are called names like Scarab and Ice. They still have their sliding attack, but it is now impossible to stop with your own attacks.


Higher-ranking member of Neo-Chaos. Ash has a complex personality, but if someone makes him angry, he'll go at his opponent until they're dead.

Ash only appears in Bare Knuckle III and takes Shiva's place on the motorboat in Round 1 before attacking you. He can also be played as a secret character... see Cheats & Tips

Electra / Thundra / Lorena

Electra is back, and this time she sits on the floor when knocked down until you move away (like in Streets of Rage 1).


Mr. X's aide. Cool-headed and heartless, he never fails at his objective. Master of Koppou.


Shiva, everyone's favourite evil ninja guy, is back. His first appearance is as the Round 1 Boss, and he is pretty weak. If you fail to save the Chief of Police in Round 6 you will meet him as the final boss, where he wears a different costume and is a bitch to take down. Shiva is of course playable as a secret character... see Cheats & Tips

Bruce / Danch

Bruce, a clown armed with a whip, has Roo fight for him in Round 2. Concentrate on him, as if you defeat him without killing Roo you will notice a certain kangaroo on the character select screen...

Roo / Victy

 Roo initially appears as a enemy in Round 2, fighting for Bruce. Sparing him enables you to select him as a character - see Cheats & Tips.

Mona & Lisa / Onihime & Yasha

These twins, Mona & Lisa, are the Round 2 Bosses. In BKIII they are known as Onihime and Yasha (the Blaze clones in Streets of Rage 1), but are much easier to defeat this time around.

Donovan (2)

Donovan gets hold of a bulldozer in Round 3 and attempts to crush you with it. To stop him, hit the bulldozer to make it back off, then attack the walls.

Tiger / Dragon / Leopard / Fabio / Phenix

These karate guys are new. Watch out for lots of kicks that can knock you down, as well as the ability to block.

Break / Axel

The Round 3 Boss is... Axel?? Actually it's a robot duplicate, but it has access to all of Axel's moves, including his upgraded blitz attacks! He can also break out of your holds and special attacks. As he gets hit he turns red until he finally explodes - somewhat similar to a boss in Revenge of Shinobi, which many of the Streets of Rage 3 team also worked on...

Mifune / Kosugi / Chiba

The ninjas are back with their usual assortment of ninja weapons and unpronounceable names. As usual beware their shurikens and their dodging move.


The Round 4 Boss is Yamato. He splits into three when fighting, and each versions fight differently. Watch out for a slashing attack, as well as shurikens.

Robot X / Robot / Mr. A-Z

 The Round 5 Boss is a robot duplicate of Mr X, who loses his top half before he fights. Watch out for guns in his arms, as well as rockets! A weaker version of this boss without his special attacks is found in the robot factory in Round 7 (A).

P-series Defence Drone (P-1 / P-2 / P-3 / XP-1 / MARK2)

 Round 6 also sees the first appearance of these guys, who look like little ED-209s from Robocop. They jump around a lot and have a charging attack, as well as a long-range laser. Watch out for a self-destruct explosion if they get close to you with almost no health.

Jet Mk II (Jet)

 Jet is an improved version of the Streets of Rage 2 boss. Not only does he have diving and charging moves, but he can also use the flames from his jets at close range to hit you with. He is the boss for Round 6.


These guys are called Rocket and use a reworked version of the old Streets of Rage 2 Jet sprite. They are found with Jet in Round 6 and also in Round 7 (A). Essentially the same as Jet but with less energy and fewer attacks.

          Dr. Dahm / Dr. Zero



Dr Dahm attempts to kill you in Round 7 (A) with this bit of lab equipment. The arm initially tries to hit you and knock you into the force-fields at the back of the screen, but when it loses 3/4 of it's health it breaks open to expose wiring that electrocutes you.

Robot Y / Neo X

Robot Y, Mr. X's robot suit, is the final boss of Streets of Rage 3. It moves around fast and has various attacks, such as a throw and rocket launchers. Robot Y isn't particularly hard to defeat; the difficulty comes from the fact that you have only 3 minutes in which to destroy it. Use running flying kicks and special attacks to take it down.


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