IPS files (International Patching System) are used to patch a copy of the Streets of Rage 3 / Bare Knuckle III ROM in order to create a custom ROM hack.

In order to create a ROM hack you will need:

Instructions on applying the patch with SegaTool are included in the zip file. With LunarIPS, simply click "Apply IPS Patch", select the patch file and the target ROM. The modified ROM will work with all emulators.


Note: More IPS Patches can be found on Page [ 2 ]



This ROM patch, created by RedComet, will translate all text in the Bare Knuckle III ROM into English, allowing Western audiences to enjoy the original (and superior) storyline.

This ROM patch, developed by Jonny Hughson, restores the characters in Streets of Rage 3 to their superior Bare Knuckle III colours. The current version (3.13) restores the changed characters' (ie. Axel, Blaze and Skate) sprites, status bar icons and cut scene pictures amongst other things.





 This ROM patch places Ash on the character select screen. Credit to Jonny Hughson.






This ROM patch, created by gsaurus, features:

- Extreme AI
- Instant activation of enemies (up to 5 enemies on screen)
- Modified super players (super Axel, super Blaze, super Skate, super Zan)
- Deactivated knock downs

Enemies do "easy" damage, but they are very aggressive.





This patch from gsaurus allows you to configure the difficulty of SOR3 at will. Choose:

- Amount of enemies (scarce, few, average, many)
- Damage caused by them
- Aggressiveness of enemies (pick one of 12 different AI levels)
- Amount of boss energy
- up to 99 lives





This patch for Streets of Rage 3 allows you to select Ash and Shiva from the beginning (they replace Blaze and Zan). Also includes 2 prerelease betas.

Credit to Tetesilverfang.


















  • Download IPS Patch (2 KB) (Also contains patch for SOR3 with the same fixes as those applied to BKIII, except for the difficulty modifications of course. To play SOR3 mania (or adjust the difficulty in any way) apply both the fix and the custom difficulty hack.)



Another hack by the legendary gsaurus. This hack provides a new way of playing, with enhanced and stronger moves (but not as massive as the extreme hack).


Thanks to Lorenzo The Comic, this patch makes the Garnet, Electra and Storm punks playable characters!

Currently an Alpha 3 release, with a final release still to follow.






The T-X is back! Thanks to klares, we can now play SOR3 as the Terminatrix-inspired 'Android Ruby', complete with new special moves, including the "Draco Summon".

ZIP archive also includes 3 new versions of the SOR2 T-X hack:

- Normal, the default character
- SOR style, speed parameters, movement and attack like SOR2

- Powerful version, with higher attacks and higher speed






This ROM patch, created by klares, is a SOR3 version of the Lightning XIII patch.



This simple hack changes the palette for CPU controlled bosses Shiva (City Hall), Roo, and Ash to their original palettes.

Author unknown.



Sonic the Hedgehog is back in Streets of Rage 3, with new special attacks, and the ability to change into Super Sonic during the 3-star blitz attack!

Thanks to Herick Fernandes for creating this hack.



This ROM hack makes many changes in order to enhance the original game. Most notably this includes having the lost Round 6 hidden areas and the deleted motorbike stages restored into the game! Finally, we can play Bare Knuckle III uncut, as it was originally intended! At the time of release this was still a work-in-progress, so naturally there are still some bugs. Unfortunately the team has discontinued work on this groundbreaking hack for now.


The hack is created by prolific SOR hacker RedCrimson, with help from Glisp and Badjab.


Latest Version:


Version History


Bare Knuckle III DX: The Director's Cut v1.4 IPS Patch (1.7MB; ENGLISH language)

Bare Knuckle III DX: The Director's Cut v1.3 IPS Patch (1.8MB; CHINESE language only)

Bare Knuckle III DX: The Director's Cut v1.0 IPS Patch (12KB; contains both JAPANESE and ENGLISH language versions of the game)



This patch, created by gsaurus, will add/unlock various cheats ingame:

- Advanced stage select
- Roo/Victy selectable on character select
- Two players can select same character
- Select up to 9 lives
- Selectable Roo/Victy, Shiva and Ash when picking continue

Also includes a Bare Knuckle III version.


This hack from gsaurus replaces Zan and Roo on the character select screen with Shiva and Ash (complete with portraits and stats). Both players can select either character, and all 6 characters are available at continue.

Also includes a Bare Knuckle III version.


This patch will place previously hidden and unused sound effects from the ROM within the ingame sound test.

- Play unused BGMs on BGM options 00, 01
- Play unused SEs on SE options 00, 01, 02, 03
- Play unused VOICEs on VOICE options 00, 01, 02, 03, 04

Credit to gsaurus.


This patch from klares replaces Blaze with an android/Terminatrix version of the Lightning character from FFXIII, with new attacks. Also has a death counter.


This is a Spanish translation of Bare Knuckle III created by pepodmc. In addition to the translation, the patch adds new features such as:

• Roo selectable from the beginning
• Stage select and nine lives
• Other customisations


This hack replaces Zan with villain Electra (or 'Elle', as she became known in SORR)

Credit to eggbandicoot6


This hack, created by Ivex, makes numerous modifications to the mechanics of the game:

Changes / what you can do:


- Move horizontally during some moves.

- Move to any directions during some moves.

- Run diagonally.

- Walking and running faster.

- Cancel any blitz with special, cancel offensive special with defensive special (press B).

- Perform offensive special or series attack while grabbing.

- Canceled series attack freeze time.

- Ash can have stars (and fun blitzes).

- Blaze's series attack has two hits now.

- Shiva has his stage clear avatar.

- Replace all characters star moves command with Axel's style (L1:→→ / L2:↓→ / L3:←↓→)

- Can stand closer to the edge of screen.

- Can change character pressing Start+A in normal situation (include Ash and Shiva), can fill health pressing Start+X.

- Replace Roo activation cheat with free special (no health cost).

- Replace all super Axel, activate Ash and activate Shiva cheats with 'super character mode', which include hidden super Axel (edited), super series attack Sammy, super series attack Zan.

- Some minor changes include reduce some frames of Shiva's first jab, Shiva can perform special while getting up, Ash and Shiva has backward throw now (looks bad though).


This hack by Shen Jiawe replaces Sammy with final boss Neo X (known as Robot Y in SOR3).

Please note this is an Alpha version and NOT a final release.


This hack, also by Shen Jiawe replaces Zan with Robot X.

This is an Alpha version and NOT a final release.


Join forces with Pikachu and Aipom to clean the Streets of Rage with this Pokemon Edition IPS patch from LorenzoTheComic! Credit to SemiJuggalo and Yoshi Clone for the Pikachu Sprites, and JoshR691 for the Aipom ones.


This hack from Chan1522 replaces Axel with his robotic double Break, and also includes playable Shiva and Ash.


Created by gsaurus, the Streets of Rage 3 Project is a pair of patches for Bare Knuckle III and Streets of Rage 3, aiming to give a more complete feel to the original game. Gameplay is enhanced with lots of bugfixes and improvements, stage 6 hidden areas and bike stages improvements, and a lot more. Skate's 'corkscrew kick' move from SOR2 is restored here, also. Consider it a cousin of the discontinued 'Director's Cut DX' hack, and a more 'definitive' version of the game...

NEW: SOR3 Project v0.3 (Now with Skate front slam, an unused move in the original. Thanks to Red Crimson who found that the animation data still exists in the game, with 4 frames, so it plays exactly as it was supposed to be in the original game. To execute this new move, grab, then press Attack)


This hack by E.Shiva is the first in a series of Street Fighter-related hacks. It replaces Axel with Akuma.


This second Street Fighter hack from E.Shiva adds Evil Ryu and Ken, replacing Axel and Sammy respectively. Contains added sound effects courtesy of Lorenzo The Comic.


E.Honda and Zangief make an appearance here in our third Street Fighter hack (replacing Sammy and Zan). Credit to E.Shiva.


Created by eggbandicoot, this hack replaces Blaze with Chun Li.


The fifth of our Street Fighter hacks replaces Axel with Ryu, thanks again to E.Shiva.


This series of patches from E.Shiva allows Axel, Zan and Donovan to use additional tools during fight scenes such as fire extinguishers and pneumatic drills. Also includes a playable Donovan "Bull Dozer" conducting a 'proper safety course on how to use a fire extinguisher in a proper way'. Bonkers, right?


Thanks to eggbandicoot6 we can now play Bare Knuckle III as everyone's favourite fatso, Big Ben.

Note: this hack is still in Alpha form and will contain bugs.


Another hack from eggbandicoot6, this time replacing Blaze with her SOR1 self (original sprites by Order66).

Note that this hack is still a prototype and will contain bugs.


This awesome hack from E.Shiva introduces McBride and Maclean, the infamous Syndicate assassin agents, as playable characters ingame with all-new custom moves and sprites. Not just reliant on guns, these assassins are also experts at hand-to-hand combat!

Note that this hack is still a beta and is not yet considered final.

More IPS Patches can be found on Page [ 2 ]






Palettes of Rage (v1.3) - This hacking utility created by gsaurus lets you edit palettes directly on a Mega Drive/Genesis ROM. No hacking knowledge or hex editor is required, it modifies the ROM directly. More info can be found in this forum thread.




MDV - Megadrive Voice Editor (v0.8) - This hacking utility, created by gsaurus, lets you play, manage and replace voices in Sega Megadrive/Genesis games. Ideal for adding your own voices and sound effects into your SOR ROM hacks. More info can be found in this forum thread.



Yet another Streets of Rage Online exclusive, these font table files made for Hexposure (Jonny had trouble using them in other hexeditors) allow you to view & edit the 4 text formats within the SOR3/BKIII ROM.

To use the files you will need:

Brief instructions on using the files are included in the zip file. You need to be familiar with a hex editor program in order to make use of these files; do NOT email us asking me how to use one. Also, please don't release pointless hacked versions of the game using these files.


This ROM hacking utility, created by gsaurus, is a character editor for both SOR3 and BKIII. Adding your own custom characters into the game is now a piece of (pan)cake! The possibilities for new ROM hacks are unlimited! (Requires Java).

Download Pancake 3 v1.1


More info and help with SoR Pancake can be found in this official forum thread. Also thanks to gsaurus here is the complete spritesets for SOR2 and SOR3, for your convenience.




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