Bare Knuckle II (the Japanese version of the game) is slightly different than Streets of Rage 2. The title screen is obviously different, and the intro text is in Japanese. There are also some other small differences between the games. A more detailed look at these differences can be found in our dedicated Bare Knuckle II section)

Master System & Game Gear

Streets of Rage 2 was ported to the 8-bit Sega consoles in 1993. The two versions are quite similar, except that the SMS version had enough space onscreen for punk names (unlike the GG), while the GG's superior colour palette makes the graphics more closely resemble the Megadrive originals (often the SMS colours are nothing like the originals). Thanks go to Felipe Moniz for just about all the screenshots from these versions.

The conversion is very good; although Max was dropped from the lineup almost all the characters' new moves are present, and most of the Megadrive version's stages putting in an appearance (some are changed/replaced though). The gameplay is far superior to the 8-bit versions of the original, although you can still find yourself being repeatably knocked down with no way to counter. The graphics are good for the machine, and the sound superb, with Yuzo's tunes losing little in the translation. Well worth getting if you own a GG or SMS.

Felipe Moniz has played both the SMS & GG versions through and has found lots of differences - take a look at the selection of screenshots below to see for yourself. In the Game Gear version there's a different elevator, a different bomb robot that explodes when you attack him and a different stage where you fight with a Predator-like alien or cyborg. The game ending pictures are also different, with a cool picture of Adam & Blaze replacing the one with Blaze & Max in the Megadrive version.

In the Master System version there are blue punks and Zamza as the boss on the arena stage and a stage where you fight on top of a moving train. In addition there are another two different stages, where you fight with some ninjas and motorbike punks, plus a different elevator stage, with strange purple robots.


Sega ported the game to its 'Mega-Tech' arcade hardware in 1993. This version is identical to Streets of Rage 2, slight technical differences aside.



Dreamcast owners will know that a poor conversion of Streets of Rage 2 is available as part of the Sega Smash pack.





Sega of Japan released Bare Knuckle II on PC CD-ROM for Windows in 2004, as part of their 'GAMEHOMPO' series. It was essentially an officially licensed version of the Gens emulator with the Bare Knuckle II ROM. This version is still interesting, however, notable for its custom front-end launcher and its very own instruction manual/packaging.



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