This time it's personal

One year had passed since ex-police officers Adam Hunter, Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding had broken the Syndicate's hold and destroyed it's leader, the mysterious "Mr X". Peace had returned to the streets, people were moving back to into the once vacant city neighbourhoods, and the city had returned to prosperity.

On the anniversary of the Syndicate's destruction, Adam, Axel and Blaze met at their favourite nightspot to commemorate the occasion and catch up on the latest news. Both Axel and Blaze had moved out of the city; Axel working as a bodyguard, and Blaze teaching dance.

Adam had rejoined the police force, and moved to a small house on the edge of the city with his kid brother. The three celebrated until late in the night, and made plans to meet at the same place next year.

As he was planning to check out of his hotel the next day, Axel received a frantic phone call from Eddie "Skate" Hunter. He had arrived home from school to find the place a total ruin. He'd called the police department, but nobody there had seen or heard from his brother since early that morning.

Both Axel and Blaze rushed to Adam's house. Windows had been shattered, furniture smashed. Stuck on the remains of the splinted front door was a photo: Adam in chains lying at the feet of a man they knew only too well.

Adam's disappearance marked the beginning of the nightmare. Criminal elements swarmed out to reclaim the streets. Gangs roamed the parks, and bomb-wielding bikers made the roads deadly to travel at night. Beatings and lootings took place regularly and in broad daylight. Chaos reigned in the city, far worse than before.

Axel and Blaze tried to contact their old friends at the force, the ones who'd provided backup with heavy artillery. But everyone they knew had either been fired or transferred elsewhere. This time the Syndicate was in complete control and the two ex-cops were on their own.

Assisted by Adam's brother Skate and Axel's friend Max, Axel and Blaze set out to rescue their friend and destroy Mr X once and for all. Standing in their way is the nastiest collection of punk and brawlers ever assembled. Add to that a force of professional fighters specially groomed to take them out of the picture!

As one of the 4 young vigilantes - or together with a friend - you'll battle with your fists and feet, and attack with whatever weapon you come across, as once more you walk the Streets of Rage!

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However, evil has once again cast it's shadow over the city.

Mr. X, the Syndicate crime boss believed destroyed by the three young vigilantes, has come back to life stronger than ever.

Thirsty for revenge, he kidnaps Adam in an attempt to lure Axel and Blaze into a trap!

Axel and Blaze set out to help their faithful companion, joined by Axel's friend Max, a wrestler, and Adam's kid brother Skate. They're determined to save Adam and put Mr. X out of action.

Four young friends, rage burning inside them, make a stand for friendship and peace...


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