Start your search where knife-wielding punks rule the streets. Trail them into a seedy downtown dive, and clean house! In a back alley, you'll meet Barbon, a bartender who lifts barbells more than bottles - and who isn't happy about your trashing his clientele!

A nice introduction to the game that showcases a lot of the new features. You move from the street, into Barbon's bar, then out into a back alley (with stunning rain effects) to face Barbon himself. Good music too.

Boss: Barbon

There's a toll on this bridge, and the bomb-tossing bikers plan to take it out of your hide! In the back of a moving supply truck, you'll challenge one of their best warriors. At the far end of the bridge, an airborne attacker threatens to ruin your day!

Superb level. You make your way across the bridge dodging incoming bikers with some thumping music in the background. Lots of little graphical touches to notice amid all the hectic action; check out the little lanterns that swing from side to side when someone is thrown to the floor. The boss Jet, is equipped with a jet-pack and has a few nasty moves up his sleeve and is quite inventive as far as Final Fight style games go.

Boss: Jet

Let the local slime know that the party's over as you stroll through the park grounds. Score a few hits in the local arcade, and enter the "Pirates" attraction where blade-wielding ninja types make for a rough ride! Try out the Alien House, where the props explode, and real danger lurks in the fake fog, You might even have to take on the attraction itself...

Interesting level this one. Nice graphics throughout, with some good scrolling effects in the outside areas. The Alien House is pretty original too - I wish that mist effects could have been used elsewhere in the game.

Boss: Zamza

On the diamond you'll beat Big Ben, a baseball fan who looks like he's had far too many chilli dogs. Clean his clock, and watch that fiery breath! A secret elevator takes you to an underground arena where winner takes all!

A fairly average level; you make your way into the stadium, where you find a secret elevator hidden on the baseball pitch which then takes you to an underground fighting ring. Here you face the boss, a relative of the wrestlers from the original who can be quite difficult to defeat.

Boss: Abedede

Check out the cargo holds for valuables and gangsters, and take on Raven, a vicious kickboxer! Swab the upper decks with a couple of undesirables,but be on the lookout for some really bad news...

Mr X. seems to have got himself a private island this time, so you have to take a ship out to it. You fight your way through some bland looking cargo decks before emerging on deck. Here you to contend with bikers lobbing grenades into the fray, before you go meet the boss.

Boss: R. Bear

There's no time to stop and admire the scenery - you'll be too busy with Raven's kick-boxing buddies! Knock through sandbags and grab Items while you can. You'll need all the stamina you can get for the battle ahead!

You've landed on Mr. X's island, so you now have to make your way across a beach and through a jungle. The scenery makes a break from the usual street scenes, but I always feel that this level is too short with only 2 scenes.

Boss: Souther

Take on waves of attackers on moving conveyor belts. Then grab a cargo elevator up to the roof, where you'll take on two very solid foes!

A classic level. You make your way across the factory floor, contending with conveyor belts and some hard enemies. You then arrive at an elevator, where you make your way up to the roof with a great techno tune in the background. The "solid foes" in the description are some of Mr. X's robots, who are annoying in the extreme.

My only problems with this level are that it is missing the cool features from the factory in Streets of Rage 1 ie. industrial presses and an elevator you can throw people off of. Oh well - at least they made it in Streets of Rage 3.

Boss: Particle & Molecule

You're on your own here. Just be aware that Mr. X has been expecting you, and he has some surprises in store...

As in Streets of Rage 1 you face all the bosses in the game here. You begin downstairs, then grab an elevator up to Mr. X. You then meet one of the coolest baddies in videogame history, Mr. X's bodyguard Shiva. After disposing of him you can take on the man himself.

Overall this stage is pretty average - it isn't anywhere near as hard as Round 8 in Streets of Rage 1 as the only really difficult part is defeating Shiva. Mr X. is also much easier to defeat in this game. Good bits are the use of the Streets of Rage theme for background music and Shiva, who is a boss that is actually hard to defeat for once.

Boss: Mr. X


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