Apple: Pretty common item, restores about 1/3 of your energy bar.
Restores a little bit of energy to your Fighter's Life Gauge.
Roast Chicken: Not so common, although you get one for each boss. Restores your energy bar completely. Replaces the beef of the original game.
Completely fills your warrior's Life Gauge!
1UP: More common they were in the original game, extra lives are found all over the place, usually hidden.
Gives you an extra Fighter!
Cash Bag: The usual points bonus item.
Adds 1000 points to your score.
Gold Bar: Found fairly often, these are helpful in getting extra lives through high scoring.
Gives you a 5000 point bonus!

Knife: Much easier to use this time round. Blaze is particularly skilled in using knives and does a double slash at close range.
It slices, dices and ventilates thugs at close range, and it's a handy long-range weapon as well
Lead Pipe: Good range and power from this weapon. Max uses the pipe the best out of the characters, as he hits people immediately behind him as he swings it.
One strike will drop them in their tracks!
Katana: There's nothing quite like a Japanese samurai sword for slicing people up! Great fun, with superior reach and power to the lead pipe. Best wielded by Axel.
Really improves your reach!
Kunai: These knives are usually wielded by Mr X's ninjas. However, in you hands they behave just like a normal knife.
A Ninja weapon that works well as a knife!
Bomb: These grenades are tossed by bikers and explode after a short time. It is possible to pick these up and throw them but I wouldn't recommend it!
Usually thrown at you by your enemies. You can pick up the bomb before it explodes and throw it back at your enemies, but if you aren't quick it will go off in your hand!


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