Here's your comprehensive list of all the enemies in Streets of Rage 2. Worth noting is that some enemies names contain mistakes, probably made during translation between Katakana to English:

- Galuda (supposed to be Garuda, a mystic bird, in japanese "r" and "l" are the same),
- Galsia (supposed to be Garcia, the creators corrected it in SOR3),
- Mosquite (supposed to be Mosquito, the name of a combat aircraft, as all the other Jet clones).

Also strange is that the third Barbon was named Vulture, because bird names are supposed to be attributed to Muay Thai fighters like Raven.

When it comes to the Signal Gang, the letters before "Signal" refer to the color of the guys : Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Pink and Dark.

[Thanks to Vincent Gu├ęgan for these factoids.] Onto the list:


Galsia is the standard street punk with very little life and no special attacks. The knife-wielding version of this guy can be quite annoying.

Names: Galsia, Brash, Joseph, B.T, Jonathan, Garam, Surger, Talk


 Donovan is the other standard street punk. These guys have a nasty uppercut that they use occasionally and can wield pipes.

Names: Donovan, Martin, Gonzalez, Z, Brown, Gudden, Reid, Mc-K, Altet, U-3

Signal Gang

 The Signal gang (the most common is Y. Signal) are another fairly common punk. They are not too hard to defeat as they are quite slow to move in and attack. However, they can do a sliding attack and are able to throw you (remember: no damage if you hold Up+Jump as you land). They also have a punch attack which knocks you down. Only dangerous in groups or when accompanied by other enemies.

Names: Y.Signal, R.Signal, B.Signal, G.Signal, P.Signal, D.Signal, Axi, Mavin


 Jack is a knife-wielding psycho. Watch out for a close range slashing attack and a knife throw at long range. This guy has an infinite supply of knives too, so don't try and wait for him to run out.

Names: Jack, Beano, Soya


 Electra, armed with a electric whip, is first found singing in Barbon's bar and pops up regularly. Watch out for a long range electric whip attack or a short range non-electric whipping which can kncok you out of the air!

Names: Electra, L.Lisa, Nora, Sug.Q, Caska, Reine, Enola, Dallala, Eldy, Zora, Bloody, Metal.M


 Barbon is the Round 1 Boss. Harder versions of him, such as Wayne in Round 5 appear a few times. Beware his punches and kicks and remember that he is able to block.

Names: Barbon, Wayne, Vulture

Biker Gang

 The Bikers are all named (with the exception of the bonus versions) after weather conditions eg. Storm, Tornado. These guys are all over Round 2 and make an appearance in almost every stage afterwards. They have a powerful punch attack which knocks you down and can grab you from behind. Try and kill them on their bikes as they have less energy.

Names: Fog, Hail, Frost, Mist, Dew, Gale, Tempest, Storm, Calm, Gust, Typhoon, Tornado, Blade, Wanter


These karate ninja types usually have unpronouceable names. They have an upward kick that knocks you of the air, a short range Streetfighter style fireball and a flying kick. If you hear a "Cha!!" shout when enemies are dropping in to the level, one of these guys is gonna knock you down as he arrives...

Names: Hakuyo, Suzaku, Ryokurou, Hakuro, Seiryu, Byatcko, Ko-Shu, Suicho, Ho-Oh, Ko-Kaku, Rakan, Kongoh, Ashurah


Jet (and others such as Mach) fly around on jetpacks. Jet is the Round 2 boss and versions of him appear in Rounds 5, 6, and 7. Very hard to hit as they move around, the best time to get them is just after they've knocked you down, as they stay still for a moment afterwards. Special attacks include a horizontal charge across the floor, a downwards charge (you see him fly upwards before this one) and an "abduction" move, where they pick you up and slam you into the floor.

Names: Jet, Mach, Stealth, Griphis, Bomber, Kite, Comet, Spitfire, Mosquite, Blitz, Tomcat


Often armed with a katana or ninja knife, these guys are hard to get rid of. They all have throwing stars, which they often use in the air, and have a weird sidestep move where they avoid your attacks.

Names: Kusanagi, Hanzou, Ryuohin, Ranzou, Yagasira, Setsura, Izayoi, Unsai, Tenzen, Genyosai, Kanzou, Jay, Buoh, Huwa, Mutsu


Vehelits is a one-off boss, made up of part of the Alien House. He moves his head from side to side, and if he touches expect a powerful knock-down you . Not much of a challenge unless you are swamped by lesser enemies.


Zamza, everyone's favourite Blanka clone. He is first met as the boss of Round 3, but crops quite a few times during the game - including in Round 6 as another appearance as a Boss. Don't try and use normal attacks, as he will often break free and slash you. Keep your distance and use your special attacks (Axel's Grand Upper works very well) when he approaches with his spin or slide attack.

Names: Zamza, Souther, Nail

Big Ben

Big Ben and his fellow fat bastards are met in and after Round 4. They are very much toned down compared to their Streets of Rage 1 appearance, as you are now able to throw them without damage. Watch out for a slap attack, a jumping attack, and also firebreath.

Names: Big-Ben, Big-Go, Heart, Balloon, Bongo, Gourmand, Golba, Buffet, Dante, Titan, Anry


Abadede, the Round 4 boss, is a pro-wrestler and is probably the most dangerous enemy in the game due to his strength. He can break out of your holds & attacks and is immensely powerful. He also has a charging punch which is hard to avoid and does lots of damage. Stick to your special attacks when fighting this guy. Thankfully he only appears once more in Round 8.

Names: Abadede, Z.Kusano.


The kickboxers appear in Round 5, 6, 7, and 8. They are all named after birds, so they are called things like Raven and Sparrow. There is actually a secret version of this guy called Raptor (meaning bird of prey - thanks to Andy Costello & Nathan Lee for pointing this out) that only appears on Round 7 on Mania difficulty. Watch out for all kinds of annoying attacks that can knock you down.

Names: Eagle, Raven, Condor, Falcon, Bantam, Pheasant, Sparrow, Thrush, Ibis, Raptor, Phoenix, Galuda, Peacock, Owl, Shrike

R. Bear

R. Bear (possibly short for 'Rocky Bear') is the Round 5 boss. A boxer, he has lots of punching attacks, as well as a jumping attack. Stick to special attacks here. His son(?) Bear. Jnr appears in Round 8.

Names: R.Bear, Bear Jr.

Sentry Robots

These robots are given scientific names, like Oxygen, Particle, Molecule etc. They have a long range laser attack and annoying spiked hands which they knock you down with. Not much of a challenge but because they jump around constantly hitting them can be a problem. Watch out for the explosion when they die.

Names: Particle, Molecule, Isotope, Uranium, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Mercury, Nitrogen, Chlorine, Fluorine


Shiva is Mr X.'s bodyguard and you have to defeat him before you get a chance at the Syndicate leader. A very cool enemy, he has lots of powerful attacks and can break through most of yours. Beware his "Final Crash" move...

Mr. X

The big boss himself. Mr X, as normal, is armed with a machine gun and will merrily mow down his own men as well as you. He also uses the gun to smack you with at close range. Not too hard to defeat - just get close to him when he is firing.


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