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IPS files (International Patching System) are used to patch a copy of the Streets of Rage 2 ROM in order to create a custom ROM hack.

In order to create a ROM hack you will need:

Instructions on applying the patch with SegaTool are included in the zip file. With LunarIPS, simply click "Apply IPS Patch", select the patch file and the target ROM. The modified ROM will work with all emulators.


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This hack from Adrimus replaces Axel with a playable Barbon, complete with all-new moves and sprites.

  • Download IPS Patch (121 Kb) (BETA 2)
  • Another patch from Adrimus, this time replacing Max with everyone's favourite 'Ultimate Warrior' lookalike Abadede. Once again, Adrimus has done a stellar job creating new moves and sprites for the character.

  • Download IPS Patch (246 Kb)

    In perhaps the most bizarre ROM hack we've seen so far, internet meme Dolan Duck is playable, replacing Axel. In case you didn't know, Dolan is an MS Paint web comic series featuring a variety of poorly drawn Disney cartoon characters. The main character Dolan, based on Donald Duck, is often portrayed as a psychotic killer and sex addict.

  • Download IPS Patch (107 Kb)

    This hack from klares replaces Blaze with a 'remastered' version more akin to her BKIII BETA self, with more animations, some new attacks and a higher frame rate.

  • Download IPS Patch (156 Kb)

    A "normal" version of gsaurus' Punisher hack, adapted from the "extreme punishment" one.

  • Download IPS Patch (92 Kb)

    Guy from Final Fight (CPS1) decides to take down the Syndicate in this hack from klares.

  • Download IPS Patch (175 Kb)

    Hannah Dundee from the classic arcade game Cadillacs & Dinosaurs is playable in this next hack from klares.

  • Download IPS Patch (209 Kb)

    Another hack from klares, this time introducing everyone's favorite Yautja hunter, Predator (from 1994's Aliens vs Predator game)! Guess he wants a few more skulls for his trophy collection... "You're one ugly mother..."

  • Download IPS Patch (216 Kb)

    Lieutenant Linn Kurosawa is a human cyborg who led a platoon of the 13th Colonial Marine Corps against an Alien infestation in 1994's Aliens vs Predator video game. Now she cleans up the streets from Mr. X's Syndicate, SOR style!

    Thanks again to klares.

  • Download IPS Patch (198 Kb)

    Klares once again brings us his 'remastered' version of Blaze... only this time she's naked (with boots on). Watch out, Galsia... just one of her breasts is bigger than your head!

  • Download IPS Patch (304 Kb)

    This hack from Klares (with help from eggbandicoot6) makes SOR3 boss characters Mona and Lisa playable, complete with custom sprites.

    ZIP file also includes a version for Bare Knuckle III.

  • Download IPS Patch (556 Kb)

    Max is replaced by Bison in Street Fighter II, while the other three playable characters are Shiva3, Blaze3 and Skate. Credit to BISON, with thanks to kyro5.

    ZIP file includes original, Championship Edition, and SSF2 Bison hacks.

  • Download IPS Patch (925 Kb)

    This hack from Zyx replaces all four playable characters with Abadede, Shiva2, Blunet (from Shadow Force Arcade), Victy.

    Contains sprites ripped from SORRv5.

  • Download IPS Patch (639 Kb)

    In yet another hack from klares, Blaze is replaced by Electra (SOR3 version), aka 'Elle'.

    Contains all-original new sprites: walking, running, special def, grabs, strokes aerial, among others.

    Also has improved color palette for Electra.

  • Download IPS Patch (229 Kb)

    Thanks to Nothofagus, this hack replaces all playable characters with Vagnad, Gaoluon, Reayon and Buho from little-known 1992 Mega Drive/Genesis beat 'em-up "Deadly Moves" (known as 'Power Athlete' in Japan and 'Power Moves' on SNES). The game was a Street Fighter II cash-in and mostly ignored by gamers, but these characters now get the chance to take on Mr. X's Syndicate complete with custom sprites and sounds.


  • Download IPS Patch (387 Kb)

    T.U.R.T.L.E. POWER! In this great hack from klares, you can play as the Heroes-in-a-Half-Shell themselves -Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo. Each ninja turtle comes with different skills and voices as they take down the evil Syndicate!


  • Download IPS Patch (339 Kb)

    In this hack (requiring the Syndicate Wars Free-for-all hack), Megaman and Sonic the Hedgehog are both made playable along with BKIII Blaze. Credit to bavaugha1.

    Note: this file will need to be patched over a copy of the SOR2 SW-FFA ROM.


  • Download IPS Patch (1.55 MB)

    This hack from BISON adds Ryu from Street Fighter II, plus another character called 'Scorp'.


  • Download IPS Patch (114 Kb)

    This hack from klares adds Tia Langray from 90s Coin-op/Neo-Geo fighter "Breakers" and its sequel "Breakers Revenge".

    ZIP file includes: SoR 2 Tia, SoR3 Tia, SoR3 Tia Hardcore

    SoR 3 Tia Hardcore is a version with harder enemies with more life and color palette changes.

  • Download IPS Patch (1.02 MB)

    This hack from kratus replaces all 4 characters with some from 'Final Fight': series mainstays Haggar, Cody, and Guy, plus Bratke. Includes sound effects and gameplay modifications.

  • Download IPS Patch (581 Kb)

    Tiger Uppercut!

    In this exhaustive compilation of no less than 4 individual ROM hacks, each of the 4 characters in the game have been replaced with some from 'Street Fighter II', totaling 16 new characters altogether:

    1: Dhalsim, Ryu, Guile, Ken
    2: Cammy, Deejay, Chun Li, Fei Long
    3: Blanka, E.Honda, Zangief, T.Hawk
    4: Balrog, M.Bison, Sagat, Vega

    Other features include:

    - cheats enabled

    - balanced damage and speed

    - Street Fighter 4 and ultimate marvel voices, BKIII and Street Fighter Alpha sound effects


    Credit goes to kratus for this one.

  • Download IPS Patch (2.21 MB)


    This ambitious hack replaces many of the game's enemies with characters from Street Fighter 2. The playable SOR characters remain the same, so you get the chance to beat down hordes of rival Capcom characters with our Sega heroes.

    Modified characters include: Galsia (Ken), Donovan (Guile), Signal (Cammy), Jack (Deejay), Bongo (Honda), Hakuyo (Fei Long), Raven (Chun Li), Abadede (Zangief).

    - Some sounds changed to better fit the characters.
    - Small improved attributes for Blaze.

  • Download IPS Patch (1.60 MB) (Credit to klares)

    In yet another hack from klares, Blaze has been customized and enhanced in order to create an "ultimate" version of her. She now wears lipstick, boots, bra and her breasts have been made bigger and heaving. Extra animation has been added to augment movements (particularly of her breasts). Score one for gender representation in video games! [/sarcasm]

    Physics-wise, some collision boxes have been slightly changed, and Blaze has improved strength and speed, making her a strong character like Axel.

  • Download IPS Patch (83 Kb)

    This hack from El Gambito replaces Blaze with Psylocke from X-Men.

  • Download IPS Patch (387 Kb)

    Thanks to Lorenzo the Comic for this hack, which replaces the 4 main characters with Donkey Kong, Boomer (Vendetta / Crime Fighters 2), Roll (Mega Man), and Blupi (Toto a la Campagne). They face off against villains Nasty Blupi (Blupimania), Bowser, and Bass (Mega Man 7), who replace certain bosses in the game.


  • Download IPS Patch (401 Kb)

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