IPS Patches

IPS files (International Patching System) are used to patch a copy of the Streets of Rage 2 ROM in order to create a custom ROM hack.

In order to create a ROM hack you will need:

Instructions on applying the patch with SegaTool are included in the zip file. With LunarIPS, simply click "Apply IPS Patch", select the patch file and the target ROM. The modified ROM will work with all emulators.


Note: More IPS Patches can be found on Page [ 2 ]



This patch allows you to view character sprites in a new 'Kind Viewer' mode on the Options menu, in a similar fashion to the BK II Beta. Credit to Lost.





This patch, created by gsaurus,  creates a new "extreme" challenge for the seasoned SOR2 player. Features include:

- Heroes are faster and stronger, well balanced and with unique improved moves, including a different infinite combo for each character.
- Weapons are now more useful.
- Faster enemies and different enemy distribution through the levels. Less opportunities to cheat with enemy activations. There are a couple of interesting modifications such as a "bonus jet" on level 5.
- Shorter delay on hits
- No delay after punching, so the gameplay is more fluid (SOR3-like)
- Improved Skate running (pressing forward twice is more responsive, improved ability to restart running when turning around)
- Display number of K.O.s during gameplay
- New colours for enemies, players and some backgrounds
- BGM 1 and 9 are now used





Bored of playing SOR2 on Mania? Fancy a new challenge? Try this patch with the impossibly hard 'Killer' difficulty.





Forget the 'topless' Blaze Easter Egg from SORR... this SOR2 Patch lets you play as Blaze completely naked (and uncensored)! Thanks to Herick Fernandes for creating this patch.









This patch replaces Skate with the blue blur himself - Sonic the Hedgehog. It's pretty glitchy, but the gameplay is different: Sonic moves faster, has less range in his attacks, and his special attacks are more powerful (spin dash). The character selection screen appears corrupted, since there was no redesign of those graphics, and there are some incomplete sprites because of limitations in certain tiles. Text of opening and closing credits are also edited. Thanks again to Herick Fernandes for this.





This patch, created by Ivex, serves as a trainer for beginners:


1. All characters can now 'run'

2. 1P+2P can select the same player without cheating.
3. All characters (Players) have Infinite energy (God Mode)
4. Change your character during gameplay: press start & A simultaneously




This patch is a modification of the "Extreme Edition" patch, with Frank "The Punisher" Castle now as a playable character! It was produced to showcase the abilities of the SOR Pancake hacking tool (further below).

Credit to gsaurus.




Another modification of the "Extreme Edition" patch. The playable bosses from Bare Knuckle III join the team to take down Mr. X. Abadede was looking for excitement and decided to join as well.

Playable boss characters: Abadede (SOR2), Ash, Roo, Shiva (BKIII).

Credit to gsaurus.




This patch, created by Zinom, places the famous DC Comics heroes Batman and Superman into the game. Now you can take on Mr. X and his Syndicate with the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel!





This patch will replace Max with the ED-209 robot from the movie Robocop. Four... three... two... one... I am now authorized to use physical force!


Thanks to Felipe for creating this hack.




Thanks again to Felipe, this hack replaces Blaze with the ninja assassin Rudra from SORR v5! They said it couldn't be done, but here it is - exclusive to Streets of Rage Online!


Rudra's ninja moves:

- She becomes invisible while walking. Initially you see her, then you see a signature, then she totally disappears. (Like the samurai Yamato in SOR3)
- In the 3rd punch she becomes invisible, then reappears from the opposite side attacking the opponent with a jump attack
- In the combo end she becomes invisible, then automatically hits most of the opponents in the screen before reappearing
- A button throws 3 shurikens (special)
- B+C throws 1 shuriken (back attack)
- She stands up fast and is faster than Blaze



What would happen if you locked on Streets of Rage 2 with the Sonic & Knuckles cart? Surely not this! Thanks to JoyJoyfulRabbit, this hack replaces Skate with everyone's favourite red echidna. No Way? No Way!





This hack replaces Blaze with a liquid-metal T-X killing machine, aka Terminatrix, inspired by that seen in Terminator 3!


Includes betas, bikini and nude versions!


Credit to klares.



This patch will replace Blaze with the redesigned SOR1-style Blaze from Bare Knuckle Mobile. Thanks to JoyJoyfulRabbit.




Thanks to gsaurus, this patch will replace Axel, Blaze and Skate with their BKIII versions!




Before her adventure in Final Fantasy XIII, Lightning was a fighter under the tutelage of Axel Stone! Thanks to him, she learned to merge her powers of lightning with martial arts. Thanks to klares for this hack.

Contains 3 versions:

* Normal
* Powerful
* SOR style



This patch will replace Max with Joe Musashi from Sega's classic "Shinobi" gaming series. Thanks to klares.



This comical patch will change Max Thunder's head with that of a Donovan punk. Credit goes to gsaurus.



Cody Travers from Final Fight decides to take down the Syndicate in this hack from klares.

Includes 2 versions: SNES Cody and CPS (Arcade) Cody


SNK fans will like this one, as Kurenai from the classic Neo Geo title 'Sengoku 3' makes an appearance in SOR2.

Includes 3 versions: Kurenai, Orochi Kurenai, and SOR-style Kurenai.

Credit to klares.


This bizarre patch from gsaurus will cause all sorts of glitches to occur throughout the game, making it seem like the game is "on drugs".


Come quietly or there will be trouble! In this patch exclusive to SOR Online, Robocop joins forces with the ED209 robot to bring down Mr. X and his Syndicate. Dead or alive, you're coming with me! Complete with the relevant sound effects!

Credit to felipe.



This patch from klares replaces Blaze with an android/Terminatrix version of the Lightning character from FFXIII, with new attacks. Also has a death counter.



Rock and Roll from the classic Megaman franchise decide to tackle Mr. X's Syndicate in this great ROM hack from AugmentedAntics. Sprites from Marvel vs. Capcom (characters replace Axel and Blaze).



This ROM hack from gsaurus replaces Blaze with Sketch Turner from the classic game Comix Zone. The hack comes with same character cheat for those who want to play with two Sketches co-operatively.



The final ROM hack from klares is a compilation of his previous works:

- Play as Cody, Shinobi, Kurenai or Android-Lightning.
- With new colour palettes, which makes it different and more dynamic on stage (also for some types of enemies).
- Cheat Mode unlocked, so you can choose stage and Mania difficulty.
- Infinite Continues.
- It also has improved the speed of the scroll, type SOR3 combos, and a death count in the pause menu.



This handy IPS patch from gsaurus can be used to enhance your own ROM hacks. It enables same char cheat, advanced options cheat, displays K.O.s count during gameplay and display enemy lifebars with numbers, allowing up to 9 lifebars.


Another random hack from gsaurus. On this one all enemies spawn many times, but they have low energy. Compatible with other hacks.


Exclusive to Streets of Rage Online, this groundbreaking hack from Daors allows you to play Streets of Rage 2 for the first time as ADAM HUNTER! Complete with sound effects, portraits, and all the correct titles, this is a very impressive hack that will be a dream come true for many SOR fans! The only question is, Who exactly are they rescuing now from the clutches of Mr. X? Max?!

Please note that this is a Beta and not a final release.


Another Streets of Rage Online exclusive, this hack by Matthew Drury replaces all characters in SOR2 with a selection from the classic Capcom beat 'em up Street Fighter II.

Characters included here are: Zangief, Balrog, M.Bison, Cammy.


This hack by Ivex alters the mechanics of the game, allowing you to walk faster, hit enemies during knock down and some other cool things.

NEW: An update of this hack by gsaurus is now available.

  • Download IPS Patch (2.96 KB) (Original)
  • Download gsaurus update (257 bytes)


    Another Streets of Rage Online Exclusive!

    Syndicate Wars, or SW for short, is a groundbreaking hack developed by Red Crimson with help from gsaurus and Daors. It allows you to play with any character of the game, including bosses and thugs, PLUS Adam Hunter (Original Sprites by Daors). That's 23 playable characters! No enemy characters are modified, they play as they are in the original. All characters are selectable on the select screen.

    Syndicate Wars is designed to be fully moddable with the Pancake2 Editor (v1.6 and above, see further below).

    This is the second BETA release, v0.9.

  • Download IPS Patch (1.29 MB)


    This great hack, created by Adrimus, replaces Skate with an edited version of the ninjas from SOR2 with all-new moves (featuring new custom sprites) and voices.

  • Download IPS Patch (194 Kb) (BETA 1)


    Thanks again to Adrimus, here we have a playable Shiva (replaces Max), with new moves and new custom sprites.

  • Download IPS Patch (145 Kb)


    The first IPS Patch designed specifically with Syndicate Wars in mind, this file will need to be patched over a copy of the SOR2 SW ROM.

    All playable enemies here are modified in order to make it more balanced. As an unavoidable drawback, the CPU version of enemies get harder as well. So this is a free for all, giving you more chance to survive. The options cheats and same character cheat are activated, plus infinite continues, so you can start with one life and switch character every now and then.

    Survival mode doesn't seem to work well with this mod, but here is a code that might help: FFEF96:000X, use X = 1, 2 or 3.

    Credit to gsaurus. Now updated for Syndicate Wars v0.9.

  • Download IPS Patch (2.18 Kb)
  • More IPS Patches can be found on Page [ 2 ]



    Streets of Rage 2 Sound Test - This handy MP3 file features the complete voice and sound effects from the game, ideal for fangame developers.



    Palettes of Rage (v1.3) - This hacking utility created by gsaurus lets you edit palettes directly on a Mega Drive/Genesis ROM. No hacking knowledge or hex editor is required, it modifies the ROM directly. More info can be found in this forum thread.




    MDV - Megadrive Voice Editor (v0.8) - This hacking utility, created by gsaurus, lets you play, manage and replace voices in Sega Megadrive/Genesis games. Ideal for adding your own voices and sound effects into your SOR ROM hacks. More info can be found in this forum thread.




    This fantastic ROM hacking utility, created by gsaurus, is effectively a SOR2 character editor. Adding your own custom characters into SOR2 is now a piece of (pan)cake! The possibilities for new ROM hacks are unlimited! (Requires Java).

    NEW to version 1.6: Now you can port your characters between SOR2, BKII, Syndicate Wars (SW) and other compatible hacks. This will be particularly useful when new SW versions come out, allowing you to port your custom characters from older versions to the newest one.

    Exclusive SW hacking features include editing all players, enemies and bosses, and no limit restriction on the number of frames per character; you can resize animations to add all the extra frames you need. Of course, beware of the 4MB ROM size limit.

    To edit SOR2 SW do file -> open with specific guide, choose SW guide, then open SW rom.

    Download Pancake 2 v1.6b


    More info and help with Pancake 2 can be found in this official forum thread. Also thanks to gsaurus here is the complete spritesets for SOR2 and SOR3, for your convenience.




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