The only way to find out what horrors await you here is to run the gauntlet of enemies and step inside!

The hardest level, in the game by far. Round 8 pits you against every single boss you've met before you meet Mr X, with some tough enemies in-between. You also have no special attacks, so if your tactics at killing a boss are simply use special attacks until they die then you are in trouble! Round 8 also disables the two player start feature, so you can't bring in extra help in the form of another player (and also stops you continuing as Player 2 when you run out of continues!). Cool features include the sun gradually rising in the windows in the background and the moving food trolleys!

When you finally confront Mr X he offers you a position as his right-hand man. Accept in one-player and he dumps you through the floor into Round 6! In two player different answers from both players can lead to the Bad Ending!

Boss: Mr X.


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