Apple: Pretty common item, restores about 1/4 of your energy bar.
Gives your fighter a little burst of energy.
Beef: Not so common, although you get one for each boss. Restores your energy bar completely.
Completely fills your warrior's Life Gauge!
1UP: Extra lives are rare - they are found only a few times in the entire game.
Gives you an extra player to continue the fight against evil!
Special: Even rarer - appears only twice.
Provides you with one more Special Attack!
Cash Bag: Found just about everywhere.
Adds 1000 points to your score
Gold Bar: Not found very often.
Gives you a 5000 points bonus!


Bottle: One of the coolest weapons in the game. Smash it over a punk's head, then stab him with the broken end!
Stun enemies with a quick blow to the head!
Knife: Always fun to use. Stab punks at close range or take them out from a distance by throwing it!
Thrown or thrusted, a great tool for ventilating thugs!
Lead Pipe: Good power and range, but the slow swing means that enemies can sometimes hit you.
Take out a group of enemy hoods in one fell swoop!
Baseball Bat: Just like the lead pipe.
Become the new home run king!
Pepper Shaker: The infamous pepper shaker is one the most bizarre weapons in the series and also one of the funniest to use. Hit a punk with it and they will go into a sneezing fit, leaving you to beat them up at your leisure!
Leaves enemies sneezing. Attack while they're incapicitated!


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