IPS files (International Patching System) are used to patch a copy of the Streets of Rage ROM in order to create a custom ROM hack.

In order to create a ROM hack you will need:

Instructions on applying the patch with SegaTool are included in the zip file. With LunarIPS, simply click "Apply IPS Patch", select the patch file and the target ROM. The modified ROM will work with all emulators.


Everyone loves Blaze, but if you want to play with a friend, one of you will have to pick one of the boys, right?...

Well, this ROM patch, developed by gsaurus, changes that. Now you can both be Blaze!




Similar to the Blaze hack (above), this patch allows both 1P and 2P to select the same character, only this time Adam and Axel are included!

Credit to Ti.




Think the game is too easy? Try this 'Killer' difficulty hack from gsaurus!


- Machinegun enemy attack
- Two players can select same character
- Heroic mode: single player play with 2 players difficulty (except for bosses)
- Faster enemies activation
- Lives and round select on options without cheat. You can select up to 9 lives


Another difficulty boost from gsaurus, including faster enemies and clones! Thanks to gsaurus for the coding, and LorenzoTheComic for compiling the patch itself.

Please note: this patch contains bugs which means levels 2, 4, 5 and 6 cannot be finished.

Also note: the image to the right is a mockup and 'Maniac' is not actually selectable as a difficulty setting. It is hard coded into the hack.

  • Download IPS Patch (1 Kb)

    Thanks to gsaurus, experience the game in 'Turbo' mode.

  • Download IPS Patch (1 Kb)

    Now you can play the game in 'God' Mode and be totally invincible. Credit to gsaurus.

  • Download IPS Patch (1 Kb)

    In this patch from gsaurus, all of the game's music will play backwards - very interesting to listen to.

  • Download IPS Patch (352 bytes)

    This 'Pack' is a collection of IPS patches which will completely translate all games in the SOR series into Russian language - intro screens, menus, ingame displays etc.

    Includes IPS patches for SOR1, SOR2, SOR3, and BKIII.

    Thanks to gsaurus for this.

  • Download IPS Patch (2.07 MB)



    Streets of Rage 1 Sound Test - This handy MP3 file features the complete voice and sound effects from the game, ideal for fangame developers.


    Palettes of Rage (v1.3) - This hacking utility created by gsaurus lets you edit palettes directly on a Mega Drive/Genesis ROM. No hacking knowledge or hex editor is required, it modifies the ROM directly. More info can be found in this forum thread.





    MDV - Megadrive Voice Editor (v0.8) - This hacking utility, created by gsaurus, lets you play, manage and replace voices in Sega Megadrive/Genesis games. Ideal for adding your own voices and sound effects into your SOR ROM hacks. More info can be found in this forum thread.





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