There have been a number of fan novels based on SOR written over the years. These were all written by Matthew Drury, who went on to become a best-selling published author. He is also the webmaster here at SOR Online.

Here we present the stories for you to download and enjoy in a deluxe single volume, exclusive to SOR Online.



Exclusive to Streets of Rage Online, here is the 2014 Edition of Matthew Drury's Streets of Rage Saga.


This huge piece of fanfiction is almost 400,000 words in length, and took the author almost 20 years to fully realize in its current form. It comprises of nine separate tales (or 'Acts') making up one epic story based on the events of the SOR games, and beyond, creating an entire fictional universe. Pretty much every SOR character makes an appearance, many as you've never seen them before. The story begins with Axel and Adam's early days on the police force, their first meeting with Blaze, adapting the events of SOR1, 2 and 3. Then it goes on to adapt the events of SOR Remake and (now defunct fangame) Bare Knuckle IV, as well as other classics The Revenge of Shinobi, Shadow Dancer and Final Fight. The saga culminates in the deaths of several main characters with an ending that will leave you wanting more.


For this special 2014 Edition, released to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of SOR3, author Matthew Drury spent 6 weeks painstakingly revising and updating the stories, giving much of it a complete overhaul, rewriting entire sections and making changes designed to improve the overall reading experience considerably, in answer to earlier criticism of the work (changelog). If you needed an excuse to read the series again, or if you haven't read it before, then there hasn't been a better time to do so!


This edition includes all canonical stories in the series, now completely revised and updated:


- Cygnus Threshold

- Origins

- Project Y

- The New Syndicate

- The Rise of Dreadnought

- Shadow Dancer

- Shadow Hand

- Duality

- Behind the World




Download Matthew Drury's Streets of Rage: The Complete Saga (2014 EDITION) in PDF format (ZIP archive 5 MB)






Series Introduction


The fan-acclaimed “Streets of Rage Saga” novel series portrays author Matthew Drury’s dark vision of a neon-lit futuristic world between the years 2012 and 2030. While most of the character designs and basic settings were directly adapted from the original Sega “Streets of Rage” video games, the majority of the plot differs considerably from the games, going into vastly more detail. The novels were written in the style of a manga film series, with a gritty, unfolding narrative and larger-than-life characters that truly do justice to the original games. Notable motifs in the novels include love, justice, revenge, psychic awareness, evolution, social unrest, corruption, death, and future uncertainty weighed against the historical specter of nuclear destruction and the Syndicate’s relentless pursuit of power.

The series features a diverse cast of characters, many of whom shift in and out of focus as the story progresses. Some are never to be seen again following the conclusion of a story arc, while others make recurring appearances. The series takes place in a vastly larger timeframe than the games, involves a far wider array of subplots and a largely convoluted and non-linear narrative, making for a unique and complex universe totally convincing in its detail.

"An excellent writer with a great imagination and the guts to put it all out there for the world to see... Some very in-depth novels that created an entire universe and gave the characters deep personalities, showing the effects of the struggles they went through. The rawness and detail of Blaze’s struggle just to survive set up a great path to show her development throughout the series. An excellent job..."

 - Tom Roderick







Streets of Rage: The Complete Saga (2014 Edition) is now available to own in an exclusive deluxe printed edition, with bookstore-quality casewrap hardcover binding.


To obtain a copy of this not-for-profit book, you can make a donation of £30.00 GBP (to cover costs of printing, binding, shipping and handling).


Ships worldwide in 6-8 business days via Ground. You will receive a tracking number by email once the book has been dispatched.





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