Ever wanted to play the classic Streets of Rage trilogy against your buddies online? Well, the good news is that it's possible, using Gens emulator and Kalleira Netplay. With Kaillera you can enjoy playing with others from all over the world. It basically consists of a clients and a server. The client is embedded into the emulator itself and the server is a stand-alone application that needs to be run on a machine directly wired to the Internet. Alternatively, games can be played directly via P2P (Peer-to-Peer) which reduces ping/lag times. In this section I will explain how to get things going in a beginner's guide.

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 1.1   The Basics

 1.2   How to set up a Kalleira Server

 1.3   How to connect to a Server

 1.4   How to play via P2P 




Before proceeding check that both players have the following:

- The same version of Gens and Kaillera. For server/client mode I would recommend using Gens 2.14, for P2P mode I recommend Gens+

- The exact same versions of whichever game you want to play. For example, if one player is using a ROM called "Streets of Rage 2 (REV 01) () [!].smd" and the other is using
"SOR2.smd" it WILL NOT work, even if the ROMs are otherwise identical! Don't forget though: WE ARE NOT A ROM SITE. Distribution of illegal ROMs (Unmodified or otherwise) is against the law. Please do not ask for game ROMs as we cannot provide them. If you want to find ROMs there are plenty of ROM sites out there which can easily be found with Google. You will have to find them yourself.

Now on to the real meat of this operation!


To set up a Kalleira server, first you need to open your ports.

Go to Start, Run, type in CMD then press enter (In Windows 7 and above, just click the Start button and type CMD in the search bar). Now type "Ipconfig" then press enter. You'll see a wall of text like this one, but I've highlighted the part you're going to need in red.

Make a note of both your 'IPv4 Address' and your 'Default Gateway'. Now open your favourite web browser and enter your 'Default Gateway' as a web address. Mine is Yours will be something similar. Anyway, this will take you to the login screen for your router/modem. Something like this:

By default it should be ADMIN for username and ADMIN for password. If not then check your router's instruction manual. Now once you've logged in you'll have access to various settings. Each router/modem will be different in the way the menus are set out but the same basic settings will be accessible here. For the next step you're going to just have to look around and find what I'm talking about as no doubt your router will be different than mine.

You're looking for Port Forwarding.


Enter your Starting Port as "27888" and your Ending Port as "27999".

Protocol should be "UDP".

LAN IP Address should be your 'IPv4 Address' (one of the two numbers you saw in CMD - NOT your Default Gateway, the other one, mine was Note that this is not your IP address that websites and other places like that see, it's a local address.

Click Apply to save the changes. Your router will probably restart afterward to make sure the new settings are activated.

OK, now your ports are forwarded it's time to set up your Kalleira server. You need to download the Kalleira Server Application.

Once you've got it, unzip somewhere and you'll see three files, kaillerasrv.conf, kaillerasrv.exe and kaillerasrv.txt. First, you want to open kaillerasrv.conf in Notepad (or a similar basic text editor), and here you can alter the settings for your server.

ServerName, Location, and URL will be the basic settings to change, most of the other settings can be left as-is, unless you're an advanced user.

Now run kaillerasrv.exe.

You're hosting a server! Congratulations! Your server will go down if your internet goes down, or you turn off/restart your computer.

Lastly, make sure you know your public IP address (get it from whatismyip.com)... your friends will need it to connect. Note that you will be unable to play the game using the server. You will need to use another computer.


Make sure the server is running. Note that you won't be able to play on the computer which is running the server - it is a dedicated machine. Everybody needs to make a note of the server's public IP address.

Now, on each computer on which someone will be playing, Open Gens, and select 'Netplay' from the 'File' Menu.

When the Kaillera client opens, have everyone put a Nickname into the box in the lower left, and set the connection type in the lower-right to LAN (it'll help the connection).

Click the 'Enter IP' button at the bottom, type in the IP address of the computer that's running the server, and click Connect. Once everyone's on the server, have one of them do 'Create New Game' in the Kaillera window, have everyone else join that game, and then have the first player click Start game, and everyone's game will begin.

Note that the game is never started until everyone connects to Kaillera, one person creates the game on the Kaillera server, and everyone joins.


For the uninitiated, P2P allows you to bypass Kaillera servers and host your own games directly. This works very well in the countless games I've had. There's almost none of the unpredictable lag, desyncs, and timeouts normally associated with server play. When setup and used correctly, Kaillera P2P is so stable it's the next best thing to being in the same room together.

To host a game in Kaillera P2P you need port 27886 forwarded under UDP protocol in your router's settings. You can do this by following the steps above on How to set up a Kalleira Server, using 27886 as both your 'Starting Port' and 'Ending Port' values. Anyway, once you've got port 27886 forwarded successfully and, if necessary, enabled in your PC's anti-virus/firewall, it's quite a simple matter to host games with Kaillera P2P and Gens+.


Open Gens+, then select 'Netplay' from the 'File' Menu. After starting Kaillera Netplay make sure the 'Change Mode' window is set to '1. P2P'. The 'Use Port' window must read 27886 (it's 27886 by default). 'Nick' is obviously for your nickname. Under the 'Host' tab the host chooses a game from the list then presses the 'Host' button at the bottom.

Now you're in the Connection Window. Either press the 'whatismyip' button to call up your IP number, or if the button doesn't work get it from whatismyip.com. Tell your friend your full IP via your preferred chat/VoIP method.


Under their 'Connect' tab your friend presses the 'Add' button and enters your IP and Name (a Name is preferable but not essential).

The entry then appears in their 'Stored' window, they click it and it shows up in their 'Peer IP' window and they press the 'Connect' button. Port 27886 is default so Kaillera P2P will automatically add :27886 at the end of the host's IP for connection. Once your friend has connected to you both players tick the 'click here when ready' checkbox and the game will launch.

If any errors occur after this point both of you should completely exit out of Kaillera and Gens+, then try again.


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