1994 Mimi Lesseos Movie

There was a 'Streets of Rage' movie released in 1994, however, this film had nothing to do with Sega's 'Streets of Rage' I.P.

Richard Elfman's action film 'Streets of Rage' stars Mimi Lesseos as Melody Sails, a retired special forces operative who now works as a newspaper employee that hopes to one day gain the title of reporter/columnist. Sales' boss instructs her to cover a story where a prostitute was found dead. Unfortunately, Sales' hunt for information leads her to the rough side of town. After making friends with a few of the local kids, she agrees to treat them to pizza in exchange for information regarding a mysterious drug lord behind the scenes who may have something to do with the killing. Things go well until one of Sales' new friends is in fact killed by the mastermind she's reporting on. A sense of uncontrollable rage engulfs Melody as she now goes from reporting on the story to hunting down those involved. She must now use her military background and fighting techniques to settle this... personally, in order to get revenge

on Lunar, the man in charge of the operation. 

If you're into "B" movies, give this a try. It's not rated but there are scenes of violence (the murder, fights), mild language, and nudity (rear view of Lesseos entering the shower).




Check out this YouTube clip from the movie, I think you'll agree it's pretty bad:



Fan Trailers

Though no official SOR movie exists, it remains a dream for many fans to see. Here's a couple of fan made movie trailers, thanks to johnnybrubacker for these!




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