Stone Dojo T-Shirt


Introduced in mid 2012, this stylish tee from Insert Coin Clothing came in 'Syndicate Black' and was originally priced at £25, available in sizes S through XXXL.


'Dropdead' Tank Top


This tank top from Dropdead clothing was introduced in December 2013 as part of a 'Sega Mega Drive Classics Collection', and featured the boxart from the Western version of SOR1 on the front, with the SOR logo on the back.









"Bad City Fighters" Graphic Novel

"Bad City Fighters" is a 1994 compilation graphic novel by Ravette Books that contains all six parts of the first Streets of Rage comic strip originally printed in the UK's "Sonic the Comic" in 1993. Since the original print run didn't have a specific title (instead just named after the series), "Bad City Fighters" is a (slightly awkward) description of Axel Stone, Max Hatchett and Blaze Fielding, vigilantes fighting against a city gone bad.

Originally priced £2.99 and now extremely scarce, this discontinued publication can fetch up to $1000 on places like eBay and Amazon, depending on condition.

Bare Knuckle 4-DISC Anniversary Soundtrack

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the release of "Bare Knuckle" in Japan, Sega commissioned this 4-disc special release of the original soundtracks for all the games, packaged together for the very first time. Only released in Asia, this deluxe collector's set includes:

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DOWNLOAD (MP3 Format, Zip Archive 454MB)


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