FlashGal was an arcade coin-op released by SEGA in 1985, long before the original Bare Knuckle title. Interestingly, it has many iconic features and set pieces that ended up in the SOR trilogy, which has raised questions over whether Flashgal provided SEGA with some of their inspiration for the Streets of Rage games. Some fans have even suggested that Flashgal is a prequel to the SOR trilogy, though there is no proof to support this claim (it's not very likely either).


Take a stand against crime! As the hyperactive female crime fighter (she just can't stand still!) known as the Flashgal, you'll face many dangers such as helicopters, dogs, thugs & ninjas in order to protect peace, lots of different game styles (beat-em up, shooting, hack & slash, etc.) give this fun game lots of variety!












Notice that:

  • The main character looks a lot like Blaze Fielding.

  • There's a scene in front of a structure that looks like the White House, just like in Bare Knuckle III (Streets of Rage 3's City Hall).

  • There's a bike sequence that mirrors the one that was taken out of Streets of Rage 3.

  • The final boss battle looks a lot like the final boss level in SOR1.

  • There's flying enemies with jetpacks just like in the SOR games.




(Left) Was this well-dressed, spectacled villain a precursor to SOR's "Mr. X"?


FlashGal Sprites


   the Boss Thug Jetpack Thug




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