Streets of Rage 1, 2, 3 VGM Samples Pack


Another Streets of Rage Online exclusive, this samples pack is ideal for SOR remixers and composers looking to make their own original SOR-style music! Containing Drum Samples from all 3 games, OPMs for VOPM, and PSG and VOPM VST. Don't forget to share your compositions!


Download Samples Pack (ZIP archive, 2MB)



Streets of Rage 2 / Bare Knuckle III Alternate Boxarts


A series of high-quality alternate box/cartridge artworks for use with homebrew versions of the original games.

Includes 2 SOR2 Genesis designs, and a BKIII design for both US and PAL.



Streets of Rage TrueType Fonts


These TrueType fonts can used in all your Windows programs. Download our SOR Fonts Pack, which contains 3 fonts:

To install, extract the zip file, right-click the .TTF files and choose 'Install' from the menu. Or you could copy them to your C:\WINDOWS\FONTS directory.


Streets of Rage Trilogy Complete Palette Guide


Thanks to gsaurus, check out this handy reference guide to all the various colour palettes in each of the three classic SOR games.



Streets of Rage 4 Concept Fonts


This animated font, created by Red Rum, is a clever reworking of the SOR2 font, originally designed for use in the "Bare Knuckle IV" fangame:



Thanks to JoyJoyfulRabbit, this font is based on that seen in the Streets of Rage 3D Beta, before the game was scrapped and became Judgement Force back in the late 90s.







An impressive one-shot audio fanfiction featuring a full cast of characters!


Download (MP3 format, ZIP archive 4.5MB)




Axel Stone - NastyPl0t

Blaze Fielding - fairuzathelolita

Adam Hunter - ExiledStriker

Cop - psylentknight

Reporter/Street girl - Lillylivers


Music Remix by VictorCreed

Encoding by Eidolon


Written and Directed by psylentknight





A phenomenal electric-guitar recording by Andy Gillion, performing Yuzo Koshiro's tracks for SOR1 and SOR2 in a metal-style medley.



DOWNLOAD (MP3 format, ZIP archive 7.5MB)







'Megadriver' is a Brazilian heavy metal band devoted to videogame music, the self-professed creators of 'GAME METAL'.

Here we present a compilation of their various SOR tracks.



DOWNLOAD (MP3 format, ZIP archive 25MB)





An interesting piece of music combined with SOR sound effects!


Download (MP3 format)




Here we have Blaze Fielding herself (voiced by Danielle McRae) talking about her life battling the Syndicate. Based on the SOR Saga novels by Matthew Drury.


Download (MP3 format)



Streets of Rage: Sprite Comic


Credit to FZero



Download (ZIP format, 1.6MB)




Shyning's SOR Wallpapers


Check out this collection of SOR desktop wallpapers, designed by SOR Online moderator and SOR Remake contributor, Shyning.


Download (ZIP format)



Max Thunder - SOR2 Mania Speedrun


Check out this mania speedrun recorded by Gavin Ward, using Max in SOR2. This is tool-assisted - hey, nobody is that good. (Requires Gens).


DOWNLOAD (zip format)




Streets of Rage: Flash Movies + Vids



Streets of Ice Cream - Max and Skate decide to get some ice cream. Thanks go out to Steve Sheppard for this.

Streets of Rage - Viagra! - Stars Max, Blaze and some viagra tablets. Has to be seen to be believed...

Streets of Rage 3 Final Fight - A hand-drawn-style cutscene showing the last boss fight of SOR3 Round 7-B and the bad ending. Thanks to A.Miran.



Streets of Rage: Custom Mega Drives





Check out this custom SEGA Mega Drive with 'Streets of Rage' illustrated artwork, designed by Oskunk. Incredible work and very retro looking. Pure gaming goodness!







Or how about this one, also from Oskunk:





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