Inspired by the original 1993 'STC' comics, there were a couple of attempts - by fans - to bring Streets of Rage back to life in comic format during the late 2000s. Unfortunately, both of these attempts ended with the respective projects being cancelled by their creators, but I am hopeful that one day another fan comic could come to fruition.

 1.1   Project Y

 1.2   Book of Dreams



'Project Y' was a planned 4-part comic book mini series written by Matthew Drury, with inks and color work from Damion Kendrick ("Chang Fury", "Shattered Realm"). The story was closely based upon the events of 'Project Y' - a novel seen in Matthew Drury's own Streets of Rage Saga series. A release date for the comic was originally intended in 2007, but work on the comic was constantly being suspended due to time constraints. It has since been cancelled.

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Streets of Rage: Book of Dreams was planned as a multi-issue comic-book series based on the SOR video games, written and produced entirely by Luke Arsene. The comic features some unique artwork, blending real-life photography with computer-generated and Photoshop-enhanced editing to create a realistic cell-shaded effect. With a completely original storyline featuring a mind control device called the Book of Dreams, the comic was planned to run for twelve issues, but unfortunately it was abandoned by its creator after just two. Here we present those first two issues in the series, exclusive to Streets of Rage Online.



DOWNLOAD - ISSUE #2   (21.6MB)




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