Axel Stone appears in Flashgal in this authentic-looking mockup by JoyJoyfulRabbit.

So... does that make him FlashGuy??!

A 4P Brawl in SOR3, featuring Adam (in a custom grab sprite) and various punks from BK Mobile. Thanks to Badjab326.
After Sega butchered the original Japanese version, here's the REAL title screen for SOR3, complete with '4Kids' copyright notice. Credit to CosmoBuggi for this one.

SOR3 XL Edition from 1995? Thanks to Evil Jerk for this impressive edit.
This is a BKIII character select screen featuring... Max and Adam?! The Adam sprite is an enlarged version of his Streets of Rage 1 sprite that was edited a bit to make it more detailed. The Max picture was taken from the ending of Streets of Rage 2 and then slightly edited to make it fit in. Credit to Jonny Hughson.
Another BKIII character select screen featuring Max and Adam... this time with custom designed sprites for both characters. Max is wearing his 'Thunder' jacket from the ending sequence. Thanks to SiddtheKidd.
A 4-Player BKIII Character Select screen from badjab326. The Adam sprite has been modified from BK Mobile.
Axel's Nightmare! He is tied up and gagged... while Blaze and Adam are killed! Thanks to Mister X Neo.
Axel and a custom SOR1 Blaze walk through the streets of Chinatown during a rainstorm.
The battle through rain-soaked Chinatown heats up!
Axel and Blaze take to the road on motorcycles.
Shiva and Skate take on Abadede and his kickboxing goons.
SOR Remake boss fight... Axel and Adam take on Rudra.
Another screen of the Rudra confrontation.
Axel faces the evil Dr. Ivo Robotnik! Where's Sonic when you need him? Credit to Xillatem.
Sega's very own Joe Musashi - better known as Shinobi - drops in to appear on this character select. The Shinobi sprite was taken from Shinobi 3 and then enlarged. The Shinobi character picture is an edited section from the Shinobi 3 title screen.
Axel fights a Signal punk on Stage 3 of Capcom's The Punisher.
Blaze walks into a stage from Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon.
Axel and Blaze find themselves in an all-new beach stage, made up from the beach stage of SOR2's Round 6 and the sunset from SOR3's Round 1 Scene 3.
The Zero Wing joke is back as Mr X picks up on the "All your base" phenomenon.
Thanks go to Timo Takalo for this great character select shot featuring Mr X and Shiva.

Want to know how it was made? Here's Timo's description: I made the Mr. X sprite by using parts of the Robot X in Rage 3 and the man himself from Rage 2 (except for the fists, which are from the pitfighter boss in Rage 2) and modified the result slightly. Doesn't looking at that picture just make you wanna grab the guy and go bang some heads with him?

SiddtheKidd created this screen from SOR3 featuring a re-imagined SOR1 Axel.
Thanks again go out to Timo Takalo for this amusing little shot of a somewhat alternative confrontation with Shiva at the end of Round 7 (B).
Axel appears in King of Fighters 2001 courtesy of Hyeperion.
Blaze takes on Cody in Street Fighter Alpha in this shot from Hyeperion.
The Tick makes an appearance on this character select, courtesy of TurboKiller.
Bored of fighting street thugs over in Metro City, Cody from Final Fight turns up to help the SOR team. Thanks to The Lost Dude for this.
Ryu from Street Fighter II is selectable on this second shot from The Lost Dude.
In this shot from The Lost Dude, a certain Italian plumber makes an appearance...
Axel and Sonic team up to take on their robotic enemies (Break & Metal Sonic) in this cool shot from Josh Pallett.
Axel does some colouring-in while Shiva battles Robot Y in this shot from CosmoBuggi.
The Lost Dude is back with a Guile character select screen.
Tyris from Golden Axe appears in this character select from Phredreeke.
Kirby pops up in this shot from The Lost Dude.
Gordon from Sega's Alien Storm appears in this DuelMode shot from Phredreeke.
Ever wondered what 4 Player SOR3 would be like? Thanks to Phredreeke for this one.
Phredreeke's shot of Max in SOR1.
CosmoBuggi's shot of Skate in SOR1.
Cyclops appears in SOR3, thanks to The Lost Dude.
Gambit appears in SOR3, thanks to The Lost Dude.
Spiderman appears in SOR3, thanks to The Lost Dude.
Wolverine appears in SOR3, thanks to The Lost Dude.
Melody Sails from the Streets of Rage movie joins Blaze Fielding in taking down some Syndicate goons.

Thanks to JoyJoyfulRabbit.
The real ending of SOR3? Thanks to Anthony Macedinio.
Mr.X went on a vacation and hired a replacement before he left. Thanks to James Among.
JoyJoyfulRabbit created this mock-up of the Bare Knuckle BETA version.
The trash cat from SOR3 Round 1 becomes a playable character thanks to JoyJoyfulRabbit.
Trash cat in action... [JoyJoyfulRabbit]
Trash cat reaches round 6... [JoyJoyfulRabbit]
Trash cat reaches a hidden subway level...? [JoyJoyfulRabbit]
Trash cat calls for police backup! [JoyJoyfulRabbit]
Trash cat loses a duel against Victy... [JoyJoyfulRabbit]
And the last in our 'Trash Cat' series... Trash cat takes over the Syndicate! [JoyJoyfulRabbit]
Deezee Kujaku from the 'Streets of Rage Saga' Novel series makes an appearance in SOR3. Thanks to SiddtheKidd.
"The Ultimate Showdown"... Hmmm, that's one DOOMed Space Marine! Thanks to James Among.
Blaze appears in NBA Hangtime, courtesy of Sarah Dawn.
What would happen if Streets of Rage clashed with Final Fight and TMNT? Thanks to Sonic x 20 for these.





A 2D fighter extravaganza! SOR vs. Marvel vs. Capcom?! Courtesy of Ewgenij.







And finally... Max Thunder vs Abadede in a more appropriate location! Thanks to James Among.




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