2012-04-27 - Downloads are back!

All the download links should be working now, but most of them are password protected in order to keep them secure from spammers. In order to get the password to download stuff here, you will need to register on the forums.


2012-04-25 - Please bear with us while we undergo essential maintenance.

Sorry about all the downtime recently. We've been having a LOT of trouble with hackers, DDos attacks, disgruntled former staff members, and an epic struggle for the very survival of the site! Now though, I believe we have reached a sustainable solution with the hosting provider which will mean the site will stay online for good. However, this means for the moment, ALL downloads (zip, mp3, exe) will not be working while they are moved to a different part of the domain. When they come back online, the downloads will be password protected to keep them secure from spammers. In order to get the password to download stuff here, you will need to register on the forums.


Sorry about this whole thing, but it is necessary to secure the future of Streets of Rage Online. You have no idea how close we came to losing the site completely. Downloads should start working again within a few days.


2012-04-19 - Another HUGE Update!

What's this? SOR Remake has its own drop-down menu? You'd better believe it! We've been working really hard over the past week or so to bring you this... introducing our new Streets of Rage Remake Menu! The contents of the site have been shuffled about for the first time in years; now all things SORR-related will be much more easily accessible, given pride of place alongside the original Sega trilogy. I'm sure you'll agree Bombergames' awesome remake deserves such treatment. Comics and Novels have been grouped into the same menu. Take a look around and enjoy the new layout! At the same time you'll notice we've started to feature the best SORMaker Mods in the same way we feature fangames. We've started with H.U.N.T.E.R., SOR3: Adam's Story and A Syndicate Story. More mods will be featured in future.


Also this update, we have 2 new SOR2 ROM hacks for you: Knuckles in Streets of Rage 2, and Streets of Rage 2 Blaze TX Edition. And finally, perhaps a taste of what is still to come, we have the Beta version of Pancake 3.


Oh, don't forget to check out the Bare Knuckle III BETA page. There's a special surprise for you at the very bottom ;)



2012-04-14 - I can't believe it! No-one told me a thing!

I have to apologise for the site being down over the past few days without warning. On Friday 13th, we experienced a denial-of-service attack (DoS attack) from an IP address in Iran, which got us shut down by our hosting provider. We've had to move to a new hosting provider, and taken steps to ensure this won't happen again. We should be back on our feet in no time, and we have a huge new update planned for you, so stay tuned!


2012-04-11 - I made a promise to always protect you. We only have each other now.

Exclusive to Streets of Rage Online, I am proud to present you with this new IPS patch - Streets of Rage 2 Rudra, which allows you to play as Rudra from SORRv5 in the original SOR2! If you're somebody who always dreamed of being able to do this, like me, then you're going to be very happy. Enjoy!


2012-04-07 - Please put down your weapon. You have 20 seconds to comply.

I have another new IPS patch for you this update - Streets of Rage 2 ED-209, which lets you play as the ED-209 robot from Robocop. Now all we need is for someone to rip the Robocop sprites from Robocop vs Terminator and we'll have a proper Robocop edition of the game! Great fun, and I'm already aware of several other hacks on the horizon. I will of course add them to the site as they get released.


2012-03-22 - The Dark Knight Rises

Check out this new IPS patch - Streets of Rage 2 Hero Edition, which lets you play as Batman and Superman. It's great to see the SOR hacking scene really coming alive now. Keep those hacks coming!

2012-03-17 - A Storm is coming...

New this update, we have a playable demo and soundtrack download of the upcoming fangame Streets of Rage Silent Storm. It's shaping up to be a very entertaining game, I'm sure you'll agree. Also, check out this fantastic new SOR2 IPS Patch from gsaurus, the "Extreme Alliance" hack, featuring 4 playable boss characters - Abadede, Roo, Shiva, and Ash. Lots of fun to be had here.

2012-03-13 - An early Easter gift for you...

A brand new Streets of Rage novel! Bare Knuckle: Ghost Precinct is finished, and now available to download in both PDF and EPUB (for Apple iPad®) formats, exclusive to SOR Online! I hope you enjoy this new story, it was a lot of hard work. Also, due to popular demand from all you iPad owners out there, I've added a new download of my older Streets of Rage Saga series in EPUB format, so you can enjoy the stories on your tablet device, on-the-go.

Various other things this time:

* New trivia and magazine scans added in SOR2 Info

* Magazine scans added in SOR3 Info

* "Extreme Punishment" IPS Patch added in SOR2 Downloads along with a new version of SOR Pancake (1.2c)

* Voices/Sounds MP3 added in SOR1 Downloads

* "Windows Classics" PAL Manual added in SOR1 Manuals

* New findings added in SOR3 Beta


2012-03-02 - Pancake Day?!

I told you the updates would be coming thick and fast from now on! This time I've added SoR Pancake, a new ROM hacking utility from gsaurus, which is basically a character editor for SOR2. It lets you edit character sprites and place them directly into the ROM, allowing for unlimited possibilities for new ROM hacks. This utility could revolutionise the SOR hacking scene, and I'm very, very excited about it.

In other news, I added some pictures of Oskunk's Custom SOR Mega Drive into the Misc Fanworks page. Pretty impressive, I think you'll agree.

2012-02-23 - More cancelled SOR4 images surface...

Just a quick update this time around, letting you know about the leaked SOR4 images that have rocked the community over the past couple of days. Such a pity that this project was cancelled, but it gives new hope that one day we will finally get a new sequel in our beloved series. Head on over to our Streets of Rage 4 section to get the info and see the pictures for yourself!

2012-02-20 - Turning over a new leaf.

I have a variety of new delights for you this update. First and foremost, the official announcement of Bare Knuckle: Ghost Precinct, a new SOR novel I'm currently writing. It'll be released later this year sometime, exclusive to Streets of Rage Online, but for now you can check out the awesome cover art, a commission by talented artist Ryan Valle. It's a homage to the original Bare Knuckle cover art and I think you'll agree it's pretty fantastic. Also, I've revamped the discussion forum to match the style of the site this month and the two are joined together now, so check it out and join us if you haven't already. We're a fairly small community but very dedicated and site news always appears there first! Plus:

* Streets of Rage (Game Gear, PAL) Instruction Manual SCANS added in SOR1 Manuals

* Bare Knuckle (Game Gear, JP) Instruction Manual SCANS added in SOR1 Manuals

* Retro Gamer Magazine "CLASSIC GAME: STREETS OF RAGE 2" article SCANS added in SOR2 Info

* Font sprites added in SOR2 Sprites and Misc. Fanworks

* 'Palettes of Rage' hacking utility added in SOR2 Downloads

* Yuzo Koshiro DJ Set in MP3 format added in SOR2 Soundtrack

* Podcast 8 is now online (download link on the left)


Oh, and don't forget to take part in the Streets of Rage Ultimate World Tournament. The competition is open through to December. See you soon!


2012-01-31 - Legal and Proud!

We've taken a major step in the right direction with this update: We are no longer a ROM site. That's right, all ROMs (modified or otherwise) that were previously hosted on this site have been replaced with corresponding (and legal) IPS Patches. I always felt uncomfortable with hosting illegal ROMs, and now we can be proud of the fact we have none here and as a result are completely legal! Massive new changes in SOR1 Downloads, SOR2 Downloads, and SOR3 Downloads.

I've added no less than 4 new sections this update: a detailed look at most of the Bugs & Glitches in SOR1, SOR2, SOR3, as well as SORRv5. Thanks to gsaurus for his extensive work cataloguing these glitches. Also, this update marks the beginning of the Streets of Rage Ultimate World Tournament 2012! The search is on to find the world's greatest SOR player in this bi-annual YouTube event, to see if anyone can snatch the title from 2010's World Champion, the legendary gsaurus! Get involved, it starts now!

More stuff:

* Updates to SOR2 PAR/GG Codes and SOR3 PAR/GG Codes

* Retro Gamer Magazine article "TAKING BACK THE STREETS: The History of Streets of Rage", March 2011 SCANS added in SOR3 Info

* Trivia on the Limited Edition SOR 'Blaze' Mega Drive handheld added in SOR1 Info

* Level screenshots updated in Streets of Rage Remake v5

* Details of the fourth ending seen only in US/PAL releases of SOR3 on Easy difficulty added in SOR3 Endings.

* 'Lunar IPS', a Windows-based ROM patching utility, added in Essential Files.


There are other little tidbits changed and added throughout the site, but that's the bulk of it, I think. What an exhausting update!

Until next time,


2012-01-19 - New Year, New Update!

2012 already?! It's been a long time since I last updated the site, but finally we're back! Happy New Year to all you SOR fans out there, and thanks for your patience over the past few months. As you may know, I've been very busy getting a novel published and preparing to emigrate to another country, hence the lack of any real updates recently. But the good news is, we're back again with a vengeance - I'm hoping to start updating the site on a more regular basis now, as I'm hoping to have more time for it. So keep checking back at the site because the updates should start coming more often from now on!

Big news this month: SOR Online now has it's own official YouTube channel! If you're a YT user, why not subscribe to us right away? You can find the link on the home menu to the left. Thanks to our admin Streets Man for setting this up. Here the site will be posting its podcasts, among other site-related videos over the months to come. I anticipate more of a feedback system for the podcasts here which should help Streets Man to develop content for it.

Speaking of podcasts, episode 7 is now online so don't forget to check it out! Also this update, I've been through every single page of the site, fixing broken links, and making a few changes to the layout which hopefully will mean it displays properly on laptop computers... I know some of you were having problems with the widescreen format we were using previously. Plus, among other things:

* New fangame section added: Streets of Rage Silent Storm

* Various ROM hacks and patches added in SOR1 Downloads, SOR2 Downloads, and SOR3 Downloads

* Trivia on Tiger Electronics' SOR LCD handheld game added in SOR1 Info

* A new flash video added in Misc. Fanworks

* Minor updates in Streets of Rage Remake v5


Take a look around the site and enjoy the update. Oh, and keep those contributions coming ;)


2011-10-24 - From the creator of Streets of Rage Saga...

Remember the 'Streets of Rage Saga' novels by Matthew Drury? Love them or hate them, these novels created a rich and diverse fictional universe for our beloved SOR characters and cemented Matt, one of our very own webmasters, in the echelons of SOR fandom legend. Well, now the author Matthew J. Drury has officially published his first original title, called 'EDEN²'!

EDEN² is an epic science-fiction novel set almost five hundred years in the future. I've read it, and its awesome! Highly recommended if you loved the SOR Saga. The book is currently available in paperback and ebook formats (for Kindle, iPhone, iPad, etc) with a hardback release planned soon.

More information on the book and where to buy it can be found on the Official EDEN² Website, or you can purchase the book here directly from iTunes!

2011-08-23 - Happy Birthday, Streets of Rage Online!  

Ten years ago today, on August 23rd, 2001, Streets of Rage Online was first launched at classicgaming.com, and the era of the world's #1 SOR website began!

I'd been planning and researching the site for a good couple of years by that point. Its origins lay in a Usenet group, alt.sega.genesis, where Sega fans would chat about their favourite games and sell rare cartridges to each other. I myself managed to get ahold of the elusive Sonic CD for Mega CD there. One thing that concerned me, however, was the lack of SOR sites around on the net. There were already dozens of Sonic fansites, but absolutely nothing in the way of info or even a mention of the world's greatest beat-'em-up series. Being somewhat of an avid web designer myself, having already designed a fantasy role playing book site, I decided to have a crack at making a SOR site, using the Usenet group as a source for asking people for contributions, ideas, etc. This was back in 1999.

Thanks to Usenet I was put into contact with many of the site's early major contributors, not least of which was Matthew Drury (with his original SOR novel) and Anton Berglin (legendary FAQ author). I spent more than a year piecing everything together ready for the site's launch at classicgaming.com. I always imagined the site would be pretty low key: there were no ambitions that it would become the huge, #1 SOR source it is today, though that was always the dream. Soon after launch, the terrorist attack happened on 9/11, and the world became a very different place.

Streets of Rage Online went from strength to strength, though after a few years of running it I was unfortunately forced to abandon the site. Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal. I am forever indebted to the likes of Shyning and Matt Drury for keeping the spirit of the community alive during that time and eventually getting things going on a new site, which after a few more years evolved into the 'new' Streets of Rage Online.

Now, after 10 years, the site is the best it's ever been, and I am astonished that its' popularity has lasted this long. That's just a testament to the lasting appeal of these classic games. I would like to personally thank everyone who has been involved in the site over the past decade, in this long and sometimes perilous journey. We couldn't have made it here without you.

Thanks everyone, and here's to the next 10 years.

2011-08-05 - Relax. He is in a safe place awaiting your rescue attempt. Why don't you come and join me?  

Happy 20th Anniversary to Streets of Rage! On August 2nd, 1991, the original SOR title was released and the gaming world was changed forever! :P

Wow, two decades, now that makes me feel old! I want to apologise for my absence from the community as of late, I have been extremely busy with other things which have kept me away, not least of which is my latest novel which I am getting published in the near future. You can find more info and keep up-to-date with my new novel at the official EDEN² website.

I've had to remove some of the SORMaker mods we've been hosting since the last site update due to the wishes of the original authors, so to avoid any time wasting in future I have decided that this site will no longer accept new submissions, or host any new versions of SORMaker Mods - you'll have to get them from the various community forums (which are always more up-to-the-minute anyway). Sorry! I just don't have the time to stay abreast of all the latest developments in that area anyway.

I've added the new official "Ultimate Soundtrack" on the Streets of Rage Remake v5 page, recently released (finally!) by Bombergames. The filesize is 1GB, which makes it the largest file we have on the site! I recommend a fast broadband connection for the download, or alternatively use a download resuming tool like GetRight.

Also this update, I've added an excellent new SOR fanfilm in 2 parts, entitled "Streets of Rage Movie" to our Videos section. Check it out! Thanks to Dogger Spoon.

Last, but certainly not least, our fifth Podcast is now online. Download from the sidebar to the left. You'll also see I've listed Bombergames' SORR as an affiliate site. Maybe now all old rivalries can be laid to rest. I want to see the community working together a lot more in future.

2011-06-06 - Hey, does it look like we have time to rest? Those bastards are coming this way.  

I've added some new SORMaker Mods to our database on the Streets of Rage Remake v5 page. Right now I'm confident that this list is up-to-date, so if you know of any other mods I've missed then please let me know.

I'm aware that there is a mounting pile of smaller bits and pieces people have sent me waiting to be added to the site. However, I'm very busy at the moment and those parts of the site are low priority right now. I will update those parts when I have the time and enthusiasm for it.

2011-05-23 - Axel. Take a look at the enclosed newspaper cut-outs and photos.  

Blaze Fielding fans rejoice! I have a brand new ROM hack for you today, something many fans have been waiting for over a decade to see. This 'Naked Blaze' hack for SOR2 does exactly what you'd expect - it allows you to play a completely naked Blaze in Streets of Rage 2. Download the ROM hack in our SOR2 Downloads section - but please, try to control yourself.

2011-05-18 - Big explosion of the devil-atom Laxine!  

Happy 20th Anniversary to Streets of Rage! My, my, how time flies.

What an update we have for you! The entire website has been re-coded to make it compatible with popular web browsers (Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.), and we've finally removed those horrible frames, allowing for a more seamless and tidy browsing experience. Everything on the site has been either vastly improved or cleaned up, and also been given a visual facelift with updated graphics, etc. Ironically, a few things won't display correctly in Internet Explorer at the moment - though I am looking into ways of correcting this! At the same time there are various content additions and changes throughout the site, too many to mention, so I'll let you explore and find those for yourself. I hope you enjoy the long hours of hard work that Matt and I put into this update.

Also this update: we'd like to introduce our up-and-coming affiliate site, Brawlers Avenue. While still under construction at the moment it has been set up by staff members from Streets of Rage Online and is planned to incorporate info on all beat 'em ups, ranging from 2D/isometric sidescrollers, 2-4 player brawlers, hack and slash (such as Golden Axe) and more. You can find a link in our home menu to the left.

Enjoy the update.

07/05/11 - Well, well, well. If it isn't the old gang in trouble again. 

Some of you may remember when I made my last update here back in 2005 (!), I promised that I was going to change some things to make the site work better with browsers like Firefox. Well, I can't ignore the popularity of these alternative browsers, in fact most visitors to this site are using them now, and it frustrates me that the code we're using here is so archaic. I wrote this code 10 years ago. I don't intend to break that promise I made in '05, so I am working closely with Matt now to completely rewrite the website code of this existing framework, and clean everything up considerably. This may take a few weeks, but you can expect a huge update coming next.

03/05/11 - Laxine will explode. Urgent that you come.  

More Streets of Rage Remake v5 goodness; this time we have a 16-bit replacement soundtrack for use ingame, as well as several new SORMaker mods for you to play. Keep sending your mods in to submissions@streetsofrage.net to get yours added to the site.

Enjoy the update.

29/04/11 - Yes, traitor. Let me show you how.  

Our second Podcast is now online! Just click the 'Podcast' link (on the home menu to the left) to download it. If you missed our first podcast, you can still grab it from our Podcast Archive page.

NEW: You can now subscribe to the Streets of Rage Online Newsletter! This regular mailing list will keep you up-to-date with the latest news and exclusives from the site, direct to your inbox!  To subscribe to the newsletter, click here

NEW: We have launched the official Streets of Rage Online Wiki, a community knowledgebase that anyone can edit. Check it out here.

Also this update: Streets of Rage Remake v5 section updated. I've now detailed all 8 endings, and we have a complete OST download for you.

Enjoy, and see you next time!

24/04/11 - Dr. Zan knows this model was an early prototype.  

Happy Easter!

You may have noticed we now have a podcast on the site (see home menu on the left). Download our very first episode and see what you think! We're planning this to be a regular feature on the site, hosted by Streets Man and Red Rum, who will talk about all the latest news and goings-on in the Streets of Rage community. We want it to be as interesting and entertaining as possible, so let us know your thoughts and opinions, and any questions you have for the next instalment by emailing Streets Man at voltaic@live.com. As time goes on, older podcasts will be archived on our Podcast Archive page.

Also this update:

See you next time!

17/04/11 - I will not allow your sick and evil mind to rule the city. I will find you and I will destroy you.  

I have lots of new stuff for you this update. Much of it is just random small stuff, but there are a couple of major new things. Here's a list:

10/04/11 - The Syndicate is back with a clever new plan to take control of the city...  

Welcome back to the official Streets of Rage Online! It has been a long and arduous road, but finally the site is back, and we now have the approval and support of Jonny Hughson (the site's original founder and webmaster) as we take the site in a new direction.

First off, I feel I need to apologise for the site and forums being down for so long (over 6 months). It was taken offline originally due to circumstances beyond my control involving the former host, and coupled with some personal problems I was having, it forced me to make the unfortunate decision to step down as webmaster for the site. Since then, our sister site, Brawlers Avenue, has sprung up and a new webmaster has stepped forward for the relaunch of this site for the year 2011 and beyond.

So, we are currently in a period of transition. "Streets of Rage Online" is back, but it is now being heavily redesigned, as we speak, from the ground up by Red Rum, a talented SOR remix artist and project leader for the popular "Bare Knuckle IV" fangame. He is getting the full support of myself and Jonny as our new webmaster, and we are overseeing everything closely for the transition of site ownership from myself to him. He is a close friend of mine and I have complete confidence in his ability to take over and lead SOR Online in its exciting new direction.

The site will be relaunched soon with a new look. You can take a sneak peek at the redesign here. In the meantime you can browse the site here as normal, but please be aware that many of the download links will not be working right now, some things like fangames and OSTs etc, as we are sorting out some of the finer legal issues which will allow us to operate unhinged for the foreseeable future. These links should be restored or fixed as time goes on.

Thanks for your patience with all this. The site will soon be operating again on all pistons, and better than ever before.

By the way, in other news, Streets of Rage Remake v5 has finally been completed, and it's awesome! Unfortunately, Sega has forced Bombergames to remove the download link for now. More legal wrangling, which will hopefully be resolved soon.


25/07/10 - That robot nearly killed us. How do we know this isn't a trap?

I have several new things for you this update:

 *  New fangame added: Hulk vs Streets of Rage
 *  Playable demo added for Streets of Rage 4 HD
 *  New version of Bare Knuckle Vacuum added (v1.5)
 *  New version of Bare Knuckle MUGEN added (v1.5)
 *  Streets of Rage Remake v4 Custom Mods page updated and improved
 *  New entries on the Compet-N Records Database

See you next time!


03/07/10 - I fear that the Syndicate's evil plan is already underway.


Another update so soon? You'd better believe it! I have some great new stuff to share with you, so it couldn't wait! First up, there's the release of the brand-new SOR fangame, Bare Knuckle Vacuum. Weird title, huh? It's good fun to play though, so check it out. Also this update, I finally have scans of both the Bare Knuckle instruction manual and the Bare Knuckle II PC version manual. Don't say I never treat you ;) And thanks to halosnake, I've been able to update the SOR1, SOR2, and SOR3 sprites pages with some more rips.

On a different note, the SOR Compet-N World Championships are still ongoing, so enter if you haven't already! I've updated the Records Database with the newest entries. There are some really impressive playthroughs coming from forum regular gsaurus; he could be on the way to becoming our first world champion!

Until next time, hope you're having a great summer ;)


20/06/10 - You've been defeated, you worm. Now tell us where to find the real Mr. X.


The first SOR World Championship entries are in! Check them out at the Records Database. Also, the competition rules have been slightly modified; I'm now allowing the use of Gens+ emulator, since some people seem to prefer that. Keep your entries coming.

Meanwhile, I've updated the site's jukebox with 7 new tracks, bringing the total to 81. There's some real gems in there now. I've made various bug fixes throughout the site, so now there shouldn't be any broken links (do let me know if you find any more). I also updated the SOR4 News & Rumours page with some fresh info, and an interesting podcast download. On the fangames front, I have the latest version of Bare Knuckle MUGEN for download, now featuring Roo as a playable character.

Have a great summer!


25/05/10 - Well, well, well. If it isn't the old gang in trouble again.


It's update time again, and today sees the launch of the Streets of Rage Compet-N World Championships, a new ongoing tournament which will determine who is the world's greatest SOR player! Check it out, and if you think you're good at playing the SOR games, then prove it by getting involved and entering the championship! Who will be crowned the Streets of Rage World Champion 2010?

I also updated the Bare Knuckle III BETA page again with some new tidbits. Thanks to the sterling efforts of our hacking team who have contributed so much to this community recently. You know who you are.

Until next time :)


30/04/10 - Dr. Dahm is no longer with you. Do you expect to run the city from a glass phial?

What an update! First off, I've redesigned the site a little to make better use of space. I also redesigned the jukebox to look better, and it's been upgraded to 74 tracks.

Now, for the first time in over 5 years we finally have an updated SOR3 Movelist. Jonny Hughson started this page in 2005 and I've finished what he started. It just requires a few extra touches to be perfect - but all the info is there. Check it out!

Also, I finally updated the Bare Knuckle III DX section with info and a download for the latest version of the ROM hack (v1.3). We also have more pics added in the Fanart and Cosplay galleries, some extra SOR2 and SOR3 Sprites, plus an update to the Streets of Rage 4 News & Rumours page with fresh info.

Oh yeah, and don't forget to check out the final release of Streets of Rage Saga if you haven't already ;)

25/04/10 - Okay. So you've exposed me. Now prepare for law enforcement, Syndicate-style!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, but I've been really busy - my baby boy was born on April 7th! Now, I thought I'd bring you a special treat. The long-awaited final version of the Streets of Rage Saga is now available for download! This 900+ page series of novels has been in the works since 1995, written by yours truly, and now features a never-before-seen prequel story, 'Cygnus Threshold'. This has been my pet project for 15 years and I feel totally exhausted now it's complete. That's it for my SOR novels now, there won't be any more. I'm retiring from writing them so I can concentrate on raising my 2 kids and developing this web site. More site updates will follow soon...

28/03/10 - I am replacing the current city administration with some more dependable subjects...

I have something special for you with this update - downloads of all 3 original SOR soundtracks in awesome 24-bit 44.1kHz lossless FLAC audio format! These "ultimate" versions of the OSTs are far and away the most crystal clear and superior you will ever find, and this shows in the file sizes, which are around 500-700MB each. I highly recommend a high-speed internet connection to download these, but it's worth it. They really do put all previous versions of the OSTs to shame. You can find the download links in the 'Soundtracks' page for each of the three official SOR games in the navigation menu.

Also this update, in Essential Files you'll find a handy codec for playing back these FLAC files in Windows Media Player (I certainly needed this for Windows 7). Also, I updated the SOR3 Beta page with some of the latest findings from the community.

24/03/10 - Minor Update

Bare Knuckle MUGEN v1.1 released - now includes 5 extra stages.

New artwork added in Fanart Gallery.

18/03/10 - Streets of Rage Online is back!

Streets of Rage Online has been re-launched for the new decade, now incorporating everything from the old SOR.NET site. A few pages are still under construction, but these will be updated over time.

Everything is new, I hope you enjoy the redesign. Let me know your thoughts in email or visit our forum.

31/10/09 - Site archived at STREETSOFRAGE.NET!

Streets of Rage Online was discontinued by its creator, Jonny Hughson, in 2005. Sadly, in October 2009, it was removed by its former hosts at Gamespy/IGN after a ten-year run. Now, in the spirit of preserving this museum piece of SOR history, the site is being hosted by its spiritual successor, STREETSOFRAGE.NET.

Thanks to Yuzoboy for saving the original site before IGN removed it.

03/05/05 - Another Streets of Rage 3 section added!
Two new sections in two updates!? Prepare to be amazed; thanks to Anton Berglin (who has contributed so much to this site over the years) we now have a complete translation of Bare Knuckle 3 and with it a proper look at the Japanese storyline. I found it very interesting and I hope you do too - enjoy!

Other bits and pieces around the site have also been tidied up and some cases removed. I'm also aware that a growing number of people are using Firefox, which doesn't work brilliantly with my code - I'm going to see if I can change a few things to get it to work better.




22/1/03 - Streets of Rage 4 Dreamcast Demo Videos


Tokyopia.com have videos of the cancelled DC SOR4 project... I will add more info on this soon.

17/12/02 - Small update

I've made a small patch for SOR3 that hacks the character select screen and replaces Roo with Ash - download it from the Downloads section. Also, I've updated the SOR4 page to reflect the recent announcement of a PS2 remake.

I'm still working on the new improved SOR3 Moves List, so that and a few other things will have to wait for the next update. Also coming soon is the next version of my SOR3 Special Edition patch, as I can now edit the compressed art within the ROM (thanks to Nemesis). The only problem slowing me down is that Sega of America changed certain things in the conversion process that I'll have to work around.

Finally, I'd just like to say that this is not a ROM site, and I am not a ROM distribution service. If you want ROMs, do not ask me to send you them; please find them yourself.

31/10/02 - Has it really been that long since the last update?

Sorry about the long wait; I've been busy plus every time I try to update people send me really interesting things to add which puts back the update even further. Anyway, to make up for the wait I've added some good stuff to the site. Thanks to Nestor J. Galeano, SOR Online now has some very nice scans from the Bare Knuckle gameboxes and manuals. They've been put on the following pages: These really show how much better the Japanese artwork and manuals are compared to the Western ones.

Check out some magazine scans of an even earlier Bare Knuckle 2 Beta than the one available online.

I've also touched up a few things around the site. Apologies to anyone who has sent me stuff that I haven't added; it's mainly due to lack of time and problems deciding how to add certain things.

I'm currently working on replacing the crappy old SOR3 Moves List with Anton Berglin's (aka Truncated) excellent new one (see GameFAQ's SOR3 section). It wil hopefully have pictures of all the moves in the style of the SOR2 one.

Also, I've decided that it isn't worth replacing the guestbook; I know the site is good and I don't need to be told that by everyone who signs :-) Also, people were always asking questions in it that were more suited to the message board.

Speaking of the message board, anyone who's visited lately will have noticed that it's utterly dead. I'm going to try to improve the situation soon by changing a few things; generally it will mean the merging of several boards and the renaming of others.

You might remember I said I was working on a new site to host here at ClassicGaming. Well, the site is finished, but isn't going to be hosted here. It's a tribute site for under-rated Genesis/Megadrive fantasy shoot 'em up Alisia Dragoon. Also, go visit Turbokiller's cool new Mercs site Wolves of the Battlefield.


13/09/02 - Update time
I've added some new info on the SOR3 Hidden Levels, a new piece of Artwork and a few other little things.

I'm aware that there is a mounting pile of hoax screenshots people have sent me waiting to to be added to the site. However, I'm very busy at the moment and that part of the site is low priority. I will update that part when I have the time and enthusiasm for it. The same goes for getting a new guestbook; as much as I hate having broken links on the site I really haven't got the time.

21/08/02 - Guestbook Downtime
I've just received an email from Beseen.com (who run my guestbook) to tell me that their free services are ending in the next few days. This means that there will be no guestbook until I find a new free guestbook provider; everyone who wants to sign will either have to wait, post their comments on the message board or email me. I've saved the current guestbook, and I'll put the entries on the site somewhere soon so they aren't lost.

Also, I'm working on a new site that I want to get hosted here at ClassicGaming. More info soon...

09/08/02 - New hacking info, SOR3 Font Tables updated
There's lots of new hacking info in both the SOR2 Hacking & SOR3 Hacking pages, and I've also updated the SOR3 Font Tables.

05/08/02 - Another SOR3 Patch Edition
Oops... Looks like there was a small bug in that previous version, as I didn't change the sprites on the 2 player character select screen. I've now fixed that and also added the BK3 palettes for Duel Mode, which sorts out the problem of the characters looking too similar - check out SOR3 Special Edition Patch v3.13.

05/08/02 - New SOR3 Patch Edition & Hacking Info
Firstly, version 3.10 of my SOR3 Special Edition Patch is out - it changes some of the graphics on the character select back to how they are in BK3. It doesn't sound much I know, but it was a quite complex bit of hacking, at least for me.

Secondly, I've added a mass of new info to the SOR2 Hacking & SOR3 Hacking pages. Check them out if you're interested.

I also have a mounting pile of fake screenshots and other stuff that people have sent me for the site; I will make an effort to add these soon.

29/07/02 - New Hidden Levels & Hacking Info
Some new things I've noticed about about the SOR3 Hidden Levels, plus some new info in SOR2 Hacking & SOR3 Hacking (including the screen select value that allows you to view the endings & access the secret level select).

20/07/02 - Artwork redesigned & New Hidden Levels Info
The Artwork page has been overhauled; I think it works a lot better than the old one. I've also found some new bits of info on the SOR3 Hidden Levels, mainly that there are unused graphics loaded during the levels and that there are some small differences between the BK3 and SOR3 versions.

15/07/02 - More hacking info
I've found the ROM addresses used for SOR3's music, so you can now change the music on any level in the game. This info can be easily used to create PAR/GG codes as well. Check out SOR3 Hacking if you're interested.

13/07/02 - New hacking info
I've added a small guide for converting between savestate addresses and PAR codes, which means that everyone who uses PAR codes to cheat can now use my hacking info. I've also added some new hacking info for SOR3, including how to enable the Super characters, and a new Fake Screenshot.

In other news, Gens 2.00 is out, and now emulates 32X games as well!

07/07/02 - New SOR3 patch version
Another small update:

03/07/02 - Small Update
This is only a small update, so I'll leave the details of the last big one up.

Oh yeah, I guess my prediction for the World Cup Final was a bit out... Germany weren't too bad though.

29/06/02 - The Mother of All Updates
After well over a month, SOR Online is back with a slightly different design - it's not the total overhaul I was planning, but it's still quite nice. Check out the drop-down menus! (IE only - sorry Netscape users)

But this update isn't all style; there's a lot of substance too. Every page has been updated or changed some way. Some info & sections have been moved around again, but this should make things easier to find.

Of all the changes, here are the biggest updates:

Please have a look around the site again though, as there have been changes all over the place. I even managed to change all the references to SOR3's Round 7 (A) & (B) to match how they are in the actual game, which wasn't easy.

In other news, Blackeye Software have finally released their epic Eternal Daughter. I haven't been able to download it yet (damn modem) but its apparently excellent. If so, I might just forgive them for cancelling Trigger Happy 2 :-)

It's also been an exciting World Cup this year. England had a damn good chance of winning, but lost to Brazil (I was in an exam of all places so I was one of the few people in the country who didn't watch it). Well done to Senegal for beating the holders France and making it to the quarter-finals. Also, a special well done to the USA, who managed to make it to the quarter-finals for the first time in 70 years despite having absolutely no support at home - how many of my American visitors actually knew their team were even in the tournament? Finally, I predict Germany to win tomorrow's final. 2-1 I think.

It's update time again... This time there are codes to enable the SOR3 "Super" characters, new SOR3/BK3 info, plus even more hoax screenshots in Misc.

A big site redesign will be happening sometime soon, probably for sometime in June due to exams. This one will involve rebuilding the site from scratch rather than editing the current design as before, so it will probably take a while (but will hopefully be much better). In particular I'm going to concentrate on reworking the layout, as the current one is making some pages & folders unmanageable. I also plan on redoing most of the screenshots, especially ones with shots of the punks. New things include SOR3 finally getting an Items page, a SOR2-style movelist and a hacking section. Also watch out for lots more screenshots to make the boring bits of the site a bit more interesting to look at. Also, I plan to get a new counter, preferably one that will let me use the SOR font for the digits (anyone suggest one?), as the present GameSpy one keeps going offline.

New this update is Streets of Ice Cream (a great Flash movie), some new fake screenshots and lots of other bits of info in SOR2 Info & SOR3 Versions.

There's some new artwork (including the second round of FZero's comic) & new fake screenshots.

I notice that the site passed 10,000 hits last week - I'd like to thank everyone who has visited since last August. It really does make running a site like this worthwhile when so many people visit.

With that little message over with, it's time to look at the new stuff this update. Not very much I admit; I did intend to do lots of work on the site over the last week but my time has been taken up with Metal Gear Solid 2 & GTA3 on my new PS2 (yes, I've sold out to Sony. But MGS2 is sooo good). Anyway, we've got some new artwork plus some weird similarities. I've also reorganised the Links page, so it's now easier to read and in alphabetical order to make sure recently added sites don't get buried at the bottom.

You may have read already about the next bit of news in Seneardon's post on the Ezboard - if you haven't heard Sega has recently made a deal to license its entire software library from the 8-bit era right through to the Saturn out to a small developer for Xbox exclusive updates. This would surely include SOR (as well as other classic Sega series such as Golden Axe & Shinobi). My opinion on this is that although it's great to see these games finally getting well deserved updates, I'm not too sure about having some third party company develop them. These games series are (well, used to be) Sega's crown jewels, the games that sold their systems. Surely they should develop them properly themselves? Also, hopefully Sega will see sense and release these games on all the new formats instead of just Xbox.

I've been thinking of another redesign for the site; the current design is okay but it could look better plus some sections are really overcrowded. More info when I come up with a new design that looks good and is easy to manage.

24/03/02 -- It is obvious you will not join the Syndicate
I've created an artwork section in Misc., and it includes some all new pics. Rob (from West Mansion & the OPCFG) has conducted an interview with Yuzo Koshiro - no real news on SOR4 but very interesting nonetheless.

Also, check out the new Accidental Video Game Porn Archive over at Blackeye Software - I submitted the Splatterhouse 2 pic :-)

17/03/02 -- One year after the battle...
Well, it hasn't quite been a year since I last updated the site, but it has been a pretty long time.

There's some news on the hacking/trainers front. Porfa is now dedicating his EmuHacking site entirely to SOR stuff, plus there's a new SOR2 trainer to download.

05/02/02 -- I see you continue to destroy what I create
It's been a while since I last updated the site, due mainly to exams. But they're all done now, so I've got lots of new stuff for you all:

Streets of Rage Online received an award from the OPFCG, which is pretty cool. Also, Rob from OPCFG (also of West Mansion) is going to be conducting an interview with Yuzo Koshiro and will ask some questions about SOR4... More info soon

I will be away from 8th-15th February so don't expect any replies to emails until I get back.

11/01/02 -- Stop! The speaker is not the Chief of Police.
New stuff this update is the first 10 pages of F-Zero's SOR4 graphic novel (made using sprites from the games) in Misc., the location of the final bonus punk in SOR2 Cheats, a look at the GG version of SOR2 and lots of other bits info around the site.

29/12/01 -- Come and inspect the building of our new mall.
This is a mini update; I've added more hacking info on SOR2, corrected the link to the SOR1 magazine advert and... finished the Ezboard!! You can find it on the menu to the left of this text. It's still in development, but I think it's okay to use. Contact me if you find any problems or have any suggestions.

28/12/01 -- Enough of your games! What's going on?
Here's what's new this time around:

I will get around to finishing that Ezboard soon...

15/12/01 -- I knew this place was linked with the Syndicate.
Big update this time around. There's a new complete move list with with screenshots for SOR2, lots of new info & trivia on SOR2 & 3, lots more info on BK3, a comic & new screenshot in Misc, info on all the bonus giving punks in SOR2 Cheats, and finally another magazine advert for SOR3.

I did say on the GameFaq's board that I would upload the 4 SOR3 font table files and post the weird text I found inside the ROM - that will unfortunately have to wait until the next update. As usual I'll promise to get the Ezboard up and running soon :-)

24/11/01 -- Four young friends, rage burning inside them, make a stand for friendship and peace... 
The only new stuff this update is the release of the latest version of my SOR3 graphics patch, which changes the colours of the characters, their icons and their character pics. The only thing missing now is the game art.

Oops... Looks like I left a few bugs in the patch. Apologies if you have already downloaded v3.00, as you will have to get 3.01 for the cut scene pics to work correctly.

16/11/01 -- Well, you found your way here. Would you consider becoming my right-hand man? 
This update I've got some new info on SOR4 and the latest version of my ongoing project to change the costumes in SOR3 back to their BK3 originals. You will need to download both this IPS patch and a copy of SegaTool to be able to use it. The ROM Hacking guide and Ezboard should be coming soon, but until then you'll just have to wait.

10/11/01 -- Okay. So you've exposed me. Now prepare for law enforcement, Syndicate-style! 
Some interesting news this update. I've been doing a lot of work on hacking the SOR3 ROM in an attempt to change the player costume colours back to their superior BK3 versions and I've had a lot of success. Download this file:SOR3h2x1.zip (1.66MB)

This work-in-progress hacked SOR3 ROM has BK3 costumes for Axel, Blaze and Skate. Also, the ROM's checksum hasn't been broken so it will work in any emulator, including Gens. However, the colours for certain things, such as the upgraded blitz attacks, the weapon moves, in-game art and status bar pics haven't been changed just yet.

This ROM will be part of a new ROM hacking section, featuring info on how to start editing both the ROM and emulator savestates. Hopefully, over time, this will eventually become a complete guide to how the ROM works, and people will be able to release their own modified versions (like the Sonic hacking community does with their games).

Also coming soon, by popular demand, is Streets of Rage Online's very own message board (and yes it's an Ezboard).

Finally, I've added a screenshot to show the the crossover between the police in E-SWAT and SOR1.

3/11/01 -- Welcome to my humble abode. I've been expecting you for some time.
Looks like that site redesign caused a few problems. Nothing to do with the site though; it's because people's browsers haven't got the latest version of the Index page so they keep trying to access the old News page. Sigh.

Anyway, new stuff this update is another shot from the motorbike levels, a scan of a preview screesnhot showing the levels fully working, an emulator-friendly Game Genie code for SOR3 to play Ash, a weird SOR3 GG code that messes up the Round 1 music and info on the SOR/E-SWAT connection.

27/10/01 -- You really want to die don't you... I'll be happy to oblige!
As you can see, the site has been redesigned; some of the old sections have gone and some new ones have appeared. The site should also be easier to navigate (and easier for me to update!). If things don't look right (like the background is missing or something) press Refresh to update your browsers version of the page.

New content this update includes intro screenshots for SOR2, a look at the confrontation with Mr X in SOR1, the Euro SOR2 box art, the Australian SOR2 box art, a track listing for the SOR2 & SOR3 sound test, shots from the SMS/GG version of SOR, new trivia and much much more.

I've also got a request for my UK readers. If you read Sega Power magazine you may remember a double mini-novel of Streets of Rage 2 and Street Fighter 2 that came free with it sometime in late 1993/early 1994. If anyone still has a copy and is willing to scan it please email me.

13/10/01 -- Hidden Levels!
Big news regarding the secret motorbike levels in Streets of Rage 3. I've got screenshots and descriptions of them, plus a trainer so you can play them yourself. I've also got info on Super/Robot Axel, SOR3's elusive cheat character - I've got some interesting stuff on that including a screenshot. Finally, I've also managed to do a little hacking of my own to uncover a never-before-seen level select that includes the beta levels!

Other new stuff this update includes Blaze's Bad Ending from Streets of Rage 1, an interesting thing about Skate in Misc., a slightly changed SOR1 Intro section, a SOR3 magazine advert and some info on the SOR covers.

A redesign is in the works. It's not a radical redesign, it's gonna be a fine tuning of this design. I'm really thinking of adding an archive of GYM files (which are playable in Winamp using a small plug-in), as well as a MIDI jukebox.

I'd like to offer my condolences to anyone affected by the recent terrorist attacks on America. I'm glad to see Britain giving it's full support to the US over this; I hope we can help you get the bastards who did it.

This update is a pretty big one; it's been delayed a few weeks and over that time more and more new stuff has been added. Here's all a list of all the new stuff:

I was amazed to see that Blackeye Software put a link to the site on their news page a while ago - I've always respected Blackeye's choice of links, so it was great to get a mention there. On the subject of BES, they've recently reopened the site with a cool new design. I've also noticed people on their message board discussing Quibbles 2 - the original was one of the finest games ever created so I can't wait for a sequel.

There is a site redesign in the works already - I want to make to the site easier to update and manage, as well look better. I'm considering adding a little pop-up MIDI jukebox with tunes from the games to listen to while you view the site. More info soon.

I've added two new fake screenshots (one of which is another mystery game background) to the Misc. section, info on the arcade versions of Streets of Rage, some new Links and a few other things around the site.

Wow, I'm really pleased that everyone likes the site. New features include a items & weapons section (SOR 1&2 only at the moment) since someone requested it, box art scans and names for the punks in Rage 1 amongst other things. I've added a link to a site which carries the Bare Knuckle 3 ROM since I've had a few requests for it already. I'm also working through the site trying to correct all the typos I made when writing it. The only bad news is that apparently the text on some of the pages can screw up with Netscape :-(

Also, does anyone out there have scans of the box art from Streets of Rage (US version) or Streets of Rage 3 (UK version)? I have scans of all the others except these.

Streets of Rage Online launches today on ClassicGaming.com. Please sign the Guestbook!