2014-09-26 - The Approaching Storm        

Check out the newest demo version of the long-awaited fangame Streets of Rage Silent Storm. It's been over two years since the first demo and you can really see where all the hard work has gone. Everything is looking fantastic (especially if you link up the computer/laptop to your 1080p TV screen) and the game promises to be one of the best SOR fangames available once completed.


More updates soon.

2014-09-24 - Unused attack for Skate found and... restored!        

It's all about the hacking nowadays! Delving into the SOR game ROMs can provide some fascinating results, and even after 20 years this community continues to find new stuff. This week, I've added some previously unseen sprites that were buried in the ROMs of the second and third games and went unused by Sega. Check out SOR2 Trivia and SOR3 Trivia to see them. ROM hacking genius Gsaurus even took things up a notch, and used the sprites to implement a new move for Skate in his SOR3 Project ROM hack. Awesome stuff!


I also have some new ROM hacks for SOR2 today: a Final Fight hack (with 4 characters), and a compilation of 4 Street Fighter 2 hacks, offering 16 characters from Capcom's popular fighting game. Thanks to kratus for bringing us these.


While you're here, check out a couple new magazine scans I've added for SOR1 and SOR2.


I'm hoping to have another exciting update for you soon, so check back regularly or follow on our social feeds :)

2014-07-30 - It's good to talk...

I've implemented a site-wide commenting system powered by Disqus. We were previously using a Facebook-based comments system which was limited to this front page, and it wasn't very good to say the least. Now discussions can be had on most of the site's content pages (Don't worry, we're not getting rid of the forum.)


Disqus has a heavy feature-set, and it allows you to log-in with various social media accounts. It supports media embedding (both image and video), up- and down-voting, reply notifications, in-line editing and more.


Comment threads are located at the bottom of each page. You can skip to the comments here by clicking the lovely Blaze image below.


We hope you take to the new system. If you have any questions at all, ask us below.

2014-07-26 - Heroes in a Half-Shell

First off, I want to congratulate @_DeltaFlyer for winning our most recent Twitter giveaway - a copy of Sonic Generations on Xbox360! Be sure to follow us @Streets_of_Rage for more giveaways in future :)


So, onto the update. As usual, I have a slew of new ROM hacks for you:


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (SOR2), Mega Sonic Rage (SOR2-SWFFA), Ryu (SOR2), Tia Langray (SOR2+3), Blaze Beta (SOR3), Sigma (SOR3), Russian Pack (SOR1+2+3)


I also fixed some bugs in the website code that were preventing some of the downloads from displaying properly on Page 1 of our SOR2 Download section.




Have a great summer and don't forget to catch the new Ninja Turtles movie in cinemas!

2014-04-15 - Congratulations to our prize winners!

Big congratulations to our giveaway winners @Tech_Jay, @E_Mendez81 and @midnight15storm, who walk away with free steam codes for ROME II: TOTAL WAR, CIVILIZATION V and GriD 2. Check your Twitter Direct Messages guys and thanks for taking part!


How about some new magazine scans for the rest of you?

See you soon for another great update :)

2014-04-07 - Our BIGGEST EVER Update!

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Streets of Rage 3,  here is one monster site update... PLUS your chance to WIN in our PC games giveaway!


So what's new...?

More to come!


So now's your chance to WIN in our PC games giveaway extravaganza! We are giving away steam codes for "TOTAL WAR: ROME II", "CIVILIZATION V", and "GRiD 2". All you have to do is Follow us on Twitter @Streets_of_Rage and Tweet the following message:


        "Follow @Streets_of_Rage for all the latest and best SOR news, exclusives and downloads! #SEGA #retrogaming"


That's right, it's a shameless plug for our site! Three winners will be picked at random from those who tweet the message and will receive their steam codes in a Twitter DM (Direct Message). Good luck!


20 years may have passed since Streets of Rage 3 was released, but the fan community is still alive and kicking! See you next time for more SOR goodness.

2014-02-23 - Subscribe to our new YouTube channel!

Greetings, fellow Ragers! Just a quick word to let you know that a massive site update will be coming soon, with exciting new content. In the meantime, why not subscribe to our new Official YouTube channel?


See you soon :)

2013-12-29 - Check out this must-read new novel...

...from our very own webmaster! Drifting, a collaboration from Matthew Drury (the author of 'Streets of Rage Saga' and webmaster here at SOR Online) and Dave Cook (Deputy Editor over at VG247). If you're a fan of video games and science fiction, you're sure to love it!


Now available on Amazon Kindle with other outlets coming soon.


Kindle edition: Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.es, Amazon.it, Amazon.co.jp, Amazon.ca, Amazon.com.br

2013-12-04 - This fight will be your last!

I have a fantastic new ROM hack for you today, which allows you to play as classic Mortal Kombat villain Sub Zero in Bare Knuckle III! Head over to the SOR3 Downloads area to check it out.


I've also updated the SOR1 Trivia section, and the Next Gen History page with the recently revealed info on Ruffian Games' prototype video.


See you soon!

2013-12-01 - SOR4 Nuggets....

Thanks to Sean Noonan, who worked on Ruffian Games' SOR4 pitch to Sega (a video of which was leaked last year) we now understand a few new things about the ill-fated project:


I'm particularly proud of that last point :) See the full conversation on Twitter here.

2013-11-27 - Dragon-SWAT

BREAKING NEWS: Thanks to the team behind the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works on Kickstarter, who have the original 'Bare Knuckle' design document, we now know that the working title for the game was 'Dragon-SWAT' or 'D-SWAT'. A cross between Double Dragon and E-SWAT? It certainly makes sense why they reused the police car sprite from E-SWAT in the game.


More news as it happens!

2013-11-22 - Happy Thanksgiving!

Time for another site update, once again filled with a variety of SOR goodies for you. There's quite a bit so I'll just list the stuff here:

I'm a backer of the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works on Kickstarter, which promises a load of juicy info on the original Bare Knuckle game's design, so I'll naturally be adding that info to the site when I get my hands on it :)


See you next time.

2013-10-06 - Must listen. Great danger. Press conference. City Hall. Speech.

It's been a long time coming, but finally we're back with another vast site update. First off, I've made a few changes to the menu system above. The contents of the rather redundant 'Novels/Comics' section have been moved into the more fitting Miscellaneous section, and we now have a dedicated Next Gen section which, though small at present, will be expanded and added to over the coming months with info and speculation on next-gen SOR titles from Sega.


Today's new ROM hacks include:

     (with updates for Ivex, Syndicate Wars, and Syndicate Wars: Free-for-All)

     (with updates for Corkscrew Kick and SOR3 Project)


New Featured SORMaker Mods:

But wait! There's more!

2013-06-15 - ROM hacks and more

Today I have several new things for you. First, a series of new ROM hacks: SOR2 Punisher, SOR3 Eggbandicoot6 Hack, BKIII Corkscrew Kick - which finally replaces Skate's awful rolling punches with his forward special from SOR2, and an updated version of SOR3 Project (which also now includes a Corkscrew Kick version of BKIII Project). Phew! Lots to keep you busy. Also...


- 11 new images added to our Fanart Gallery. Please note that some of these are probably NSFW (Not Safe For Work), so be aware of who is looking over your shoulder.

- 'De-Pixelated: Streets of Rage' Fanfilm added in our Videos section. One man sets out to clean these filthy crime ridden streets in this live action single shot street brawl based on the classic game. Worth a look, I'd say.


I should have something very, very special for you next update, so stay tuned.

2013-06-12 - German magazine scans

I have some new magazine scans for each of the 3 games in SOR series today, thanks to Aoshi102 for sending them in. There are 3 scans for SOR1, 5 scans for SOR2 and 4 scans for SOR3. Fans of the Beta versions of the games will be interested in the 8-bit SOR1 scans which appear to show early versions of the character select screen from both Master System and Game Gear versions - the latter of which has slightly different character portraits. Always nice to see this kind of thing.

2013-05-31 - More SOR Gaming Goodies for you!

First up, check out our SORMaker Mod Megapack 1, a collection of no less than 15 SORMaker Mods for your consumption. Then why not try out our latest ROM hack, 'Blaze Remastered', available for both SOR2 and SOR3.


Enjoy, and see you soon.

2013-05-21 - A Spellbinding Masterpiece...

... from the author of 'Streets of Rage Saga' and 'Bare Knuckle: Ghost Precinct'!


Check out the complete New Dominion Trilogy, an omnibus edition of Matthew J Drury's epic original science-fiction novels, now available on Amazon Kindle and paperback.


Kindle edition: Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.es, Amazon.it, Amazon.co.jp, Amazon.ca, Amazon.com.br






If you're a fan of sci-fi, you won't be disappointed! Oh, and one last thing... if you're a Linux user, here's a Port of Streets of Rage Remake for you ;)

2013-05-18 - Sanja Matsuri Festival Time!

To celebrate, I have some new stuff for you today. First up for all you SOR remixers and VGM composers is our exclusive Samples Pack containing drum samples from all three games and more (including everyone's favourite 'Uh!' sound). Head on over to the Misc Fanworks page to grab it. Don't forget to send us your creations or share them in our forum.


Also this update, I've added 20 new images to our Fanart Gallery and 18 to the Cosplay Gallery. Of course, if you're a follower of our Facebook page (if not, why not?) you'll already have seen the new images over the past few weeks.


Thanks a lot to those of you who donate to the site via Paypal. It is greatly appreciated. Donations go toward the site's upkeep, maintenance, costs etc. If you'd like to donate, the paypal address is donate@soronline.net


See you next time.

2013-05-12 - Do you want high-quality SOR Action Figures?

Who doesn't, right? Then head over to First4Figures and cast your vote for Streets of Rage now! If everybody who visits this site went and voted today, we would bump SOR into first place by thousands of votes. We can make it happen people, so it's up to you. Vote, vote, vote!

2013-05-09 - Back with a big update!

Here's a nice big update for you, SOR fans.

Back again soon :)

2013-04-05 - Calles de Rabia Saga!

Sorry it's been so long since the last update. I've been very busy in real life with various things, things which unfortunately have to take precedence over running a video games fansite. But such is life, and I'm here today with another of our exclusive updates to tide you over 'til the next one.


Calles de Rabia Saga is a complete Spanish translation of the Streets of Rage Saga novels by Matthew Drury, painstakingly translated over the past few years by Luis Arguello, who has done an astounding job I'm sure you'll agree. This really is a testament to how popular and impactful these novels have been on the SOR community, inspiring fans to translate into other languages for their own enjoyment! Los aficionados españoles se regocijan! Love them or hate them, you cannot escape their legacy!


That's all for now, but I promise to be back soon with more ROM hacks, codes, and all the other stuff I've been promising these past few weeks in the next update. It won't be so long next time - oh, and rumours of the site shutting down are nonsense of course :)

2013-03-04 - Cane and Rinse SOR Podcast.

Check out this latest podcast from video game commentators Cane and Rise - 2 and a half hours of Streets of Rage discussion! Leon, Darren Forman, Karl and Dan Clark of The AI Bots podcast talk at some length about the Bare Knuckle trilogy, its predecessors and successors, including the sequels that never were. Also featuring a truckload of forum feedback and Three Word Reviews.

2013-03-02 - Bare Knuckle Mobile... and More!

Due to popular demand, I've added downloads of all 4 versions of the 2008 Japan-only Mobile Phone game Bare Knuckle Mobile to our dedicated page, as well as a rough English translation hack. If you haven't had a chance to play the official SOR1 remake before, which was never released outside of Japan's i-Mode subscription service, then check it out. With the advent of smartphones and Android-based gaming platforms, it is unlikely this game will ever see a Western release, which is a shame.


Also this update: I've added the notorious Dolan ROM hack to our SOR2 Downloads page, we have 6 new Dubstep remixes in our Music Remixes section, and new French magazine scans have been added to SOR1, SOR2, and SOR3 Info pages.


Last but certainly not least, a new section has been added: Kalleira Netplay. This page details how to play emulated Streets of Rage games online against your buddies across the world, with tutorials on how to set up Kalleira servers and play via P2P.

2013-02-22 - It's ROM Hacks Time.

I have several new ROM hacks for you today. Bear in mind that most of these are still in Beta form, or demos, with final versions still in the works by their respective creators. Please give your thoughts and feedback on these on our hacking forum.


Anyway, onto the hacks! For Streets of Rage 2, a couple of playable bosses, complete with all-new moves and sprites: Barbon and Abadede.


And for Streets of Rage 3 / Bare Knuckle III, we have a series of Street Fighter hacks:


- Akuma

- Evil Ryu and Ken

- E.Honda and Zangief

- Chun Li

- Ryu


See you soon!

2013-02-18 - This is one H-U-G-E Update! Exclusive Ports! Mods! Hacks! Yes!

Two updates in a SINGLE day!? You'd better believe it! I have a massive update for you now, hot on the heels of this morning's exclusive Xbox Port for SoRRv5.0a. Thanks to Eidolon, we now also have similar ports for the GP2X Caanoo handheld and Apple Mac OS X! Go to our SORR Downloads page to grab these exclusive ports!


Also this update:


Streets of Rage Remake Moves List Updated; now with sprites (still incomplete)

New SORMaker Featured Mod: Rushing Beat Remake

New SOR2 ROM hacks: Flame Ninja, Shiva, and Syndicate Wars Free-For-All

New SOR3 ROM hack: The Streets of Rage 3 Project

Updated Pancake 2 v1.6b

An exclusive Spanish translation of Poster Mag story "The Facts of Life" added in STC Comics.


See you soon!

2013-02-18 - An Xbox port for Streets of Rage Remake v5.0a ...

Yes, you read that right! Another Streets of Rage Online Exclusive, this time brought to you by Eidolon, here is the world's very first port for an Xbox version of SorRv5.0a. Download, extract, and FTP over to your Xbox... then let the awesomeness commence! See this forum thread for installation help.


More updates coming soon. I know you'll be back ;)

2013-02-15 - A big update is coming, but while you wait...

Sorry for the lack of regular updates recently, but I am crazy busy at the moment. A big site update is in the works, but in the meantime, how about some Streets of Rage TrueType fonts which can used in all your Windows programs...? This is something I know many of you have been asking for, and now your dreams can finally become reality.


Download our SOR Fonts Pack, which contains 3 fonts:

To install, extract the zip file, right-click the .TTF files and choose 'Install' from the menu. Or you could copy them to your C:\WINDOWS\FONTS directory. Enjoy, and see you back here soon for the next update.

2013-01-29 - Begun, the Syndicate War has.

Time for another revolutionary ROM hack, exclusive to Streets of Rage Online!


Syndicate Wars for SOR2 allows you to play with any character of the game, including bosses and thugs, PLUS Adam Hunter. That's 23 playable characters in total! No enemy characters are modified, they play as they are in the original. This has to be seen to be believed. SW has been developed in conjunction with the latest version of Pancake2, which now allows you to port your characters between SOR2, BKII, Syndicate Wars and other compatible hacks.


Have fun!

2013-01-23 - An exhaustive Moves List...

... is now here for Streets of Rage Remake! For the first time anywhere, a complete database of all moves for the 18 playable characters plus accurate damage data is brought together into one handy reference, exclusive to Streets of Rage Online. Check it out, and I'd appreciate your feedback. Unfortunately I don't have the sprites to illustrate the Moves List (as seen in the moves lists for SOR1, 2, and 3), so if anyone could help me out with that to make it even more complete, please drop me a line. I'll see you next time for more SOR awesomeness.

2013-01-21 - The painful legacy of Streets of Rage 4

Talk of the mythical sequel continues! Check out this VG247 article in which Dave Cook discusses the legacy of the game and the arguments for and against it. There's a nice shout-out to SOR Online and our activities on there!


Meanwhile, the campaign for SOR4 continues. I am continuing to harass them on Twitter, trying to draw as much attention to this as possible. In the meantime, if you want to see the game, PLEASE keep sending emails to their PR manager thu.nguyen@sega.com asking for Streets of Rage 4. Let your voice be heard!


The site will be updated again soon. I am working on a juicy moves list for Streets of Rage Remake. Check back soon ;)

2013-01-17 - A treasure trove of SORMaker Mods.

Hot on the heels of our last massive update, we're back again with another slew of featured mods:

I've also updated the original H.U.N.T.E.R mod with the latest version which contains the DLC episode, "Subway Mayhem". Plenty of gaming to keep you occupied until the next update, right?


In the meantime, if you're a SORR modder, submit your work on our discussion forum!


Oh, and keep sending those emails to thu.nguyen@sega.com asking for Streets of Rage 4. Don't stop!

2013-01-15 - Massive Updates "R" Us

It's another H-U-G-E update! I've completely revamped our SORMaker Mods section, adding an Index Page of the mods we host which will make navigation a lot easier as this section gets expanded over the coming weeks. I've also gone ahead and added no less than 7 new featured mods:

More mods will be added over time! Don't forget to share your own mods on our discussion forum! I've also added an Alternative Remix Soundtrack in OGG format to our SORR Soundtrack section.


Keep sending emails to thu.nguyen@sega.com asking for SOR4! We must keep up the pressure! Check back for more news soon!

2013-01-13 - Another big update for you.

There's plenty of Streets of Rage Remake goodies for you this update. First up, we have no less than 3 new featured SORMaker Mods:

There's also some Bonus and Extended Tracks in our SORR Soundtrack section, a Savegame Editor in SORR Cheats, and a swathe of new tutorials (including a video tutorial) in the SORMaker section for all you budding modders!


Not only that, but there's some alternative SOR2/3 boxart added to the Fanworks page.


Keep sending emails to thu.nguyen@sega.com asking for SOR4! We must keep up the pressure! Check back for more news soon!

2013-01-09 - The Time is Now!

To send your emails to Sega's PR department and ask/demand/beg that they produce Streets of Rage 4 once and for all! If enough people express their interest in seeing the game, maybe they will actually listen and respond to us! Get involved in our campaign and send your (polite) emails to thu.nguyen@sega.com today!


On a related note, I've updated the SOR4 News & Rumours Page with the latest developments. There's an audio clip from the recent MAGfest where our very own forum member VenusHeadTrap questions Yuzo Koshiro himself on the mythical sequel. Check it out!


Also this update, the Cosplay Gallery has had a few new images added, and we have an updated Utilities Pack for Streets of Rage Remake v5 in our SORMaker section.


In other news: The discussion forum at Bombergames.net is closing down soon. Don't forget you're always welcome to join our forum. We are the #1 SOR Resource Site and Fan Community and have been since 2001 ;)


See you next time.

2013-01-06 - A Patch for Streets of Rage Remake v5...?

That's right folks, believe it or not... I have an update patch for SoRRv5 for you, which fixes various bugs, and fine-tunes some gameplay elements to improve the overall experience of the game! How many differences can you spot? Go to our SORR Downloads page to grab the v5.0a Update Fix!


Also this update, courtesy of Yuzoboy, I've added scans of the Bare Knuckle III OST cover/insert/disc to the SOR3 Art & Scans section.


Don't forget to check out Episode 11 of our podcast series from Streets Man. It covers the recent goings-on in the community. The SOR4 Petition has now been officially closed and delivered to Sega of America's Public Relations Manager, and we are awaiting their response! I will post news relating to the petition here as soon as I get it.


More exciting updates coming to Streets of Rage Online soon!

2013-01-04 - Happy New Year!

I'm going to start 2013 with the announcement that the SOR4 Petition has now officially been closed after 7 years and will be delivered to Sega America this month! Today at MAGfest, Yuzo Koshiro himself has also urged fans across the world to write and email Sega asking them to make the long-awaited sequel once and for all. Who's with me? Let's all make a big push and make this happen! Please get involved and send a (nicely worded) letter to:


SEGA of America, Inc.
350 Rhode Island Street
Suite 400
San Francisco, CA 94103


Meanwhile, I have a couple of things for you this update:

More exciting updates coming soon!

2012-12-27 - A few extra things to round off the year.

We've had a great 2012 here at Streets of Rage Online, and for this last update of the year I thought I'd give you a few extra things to tide you over before 2013:


* 11 new images added to Fanart Gallery

* 5 new images added to Cosplay Gallery

* Video Footage of the Streets of Rage LCD Handheld added to SOR1 Trivia

* A new magazine scan added to SOR2 Art and Scans

* A new SOR2 Ending Remix by EDKR added to our MP3 Remixes Database

* A new IPS Patch for Streets of Rage 3 added, Pokemon Edition by LorenzoTheComic

* SOR Online Desktop Wallpapers, 1466x900, 1280x1024, 1024x768, 800x600

2012-12-26 - We have moved servers...

While you were busy opening your Christmas presents, Streets of Rage Online moved to a dedicated server, and now all our technical problems have been solved. The downloads are all working 100%, and all pages and images will load perfectly first time. That annoying error will also stop coming up on the forum. Yes, we are back on all thrusters now and ready to rocket into 2013!

2012-12-23 - It's Christmas Time!

So as a special gift I've updated and improved on a few things. First up, I've overhauled the SOR2 Sprites and SOR3 Sprites sections; we now have the complete spritesheets for all characters, and the interface has been made simpler, tidier and more accessible. Second, I've gone back to the drawing board and completely recoded both the Fanart Gallery and Cosplay Gallery to the best of my ability. I don't often pay much attention to those areas but check them out now, I think you'll agree they are much better, and as an added bonus I put around thirty or forty of the latest images in them.


Have a great festive season and I'll see you back here soon.

2012-12-21 - The world didn't end...

So let's celebrate with a new site update! I've been very busy and added a whole new section, Music Remixes. Here you'll find a database archive of all known MP3 Remixes of the SOR series, with download links for every single one of them. If you know of any tunes that are missing, or you're a remixer yourself with new tracks to share, then why not drop me a line and I can update it! Alternatively, get involved on our discussion forum.


Also this update, I've added some new trivia to the SOR3 Info page. See you again soon!

2012-12-18 - Ever wanted to rule the city from a glass phial?

Let me show you how, with this Neo X / Robot Y IPS Patch for Bare Knuckle III. Then why not take a clever imposter to the streets with this Robot X Patch? Please note that both these patches are still in an Alpha state and not final versions, so expect improvements still to come.


I'd like to take this opportunity to thank those who have donated money to the site through PayPal over the last few months - it is appreciated! As you know Streets of Rage Online is an ad-free site operated by a group of passionate SOR fans in our spare time. As a consequence of keeping things running as best we can, we have to spend our own money on server upkeep, domain name etc. We ask that if you do find the site useful, please consider donating what you think you can via PayPal, using the form below. Thankyou so much!


See you soon with more SOR goodness!

2012-12-10 - We are now hosting all our downloads.

That's right, we are no longer relying on 4shared for our downloads. We are back to 100% site-hosted content! All the links have been updated throughout the site. On the subject of downloads, I am aware that some people are having trouble downloading stuff from this site, with downloads failing or corrupted. This seems to be a problem with server packet data. If this is affecting you, the solution is to simply download and install a program called Internet Download Manager. Once you have this installed, you shouldn't have any trouble downloading our site content. Enjoy the downloads!


I've added the recent Streets of Rage 4 remake leaked footage to our SOR4 News & Rumours section, and various other things have been cleaned up and corrected throughout the site.


Another update is coming soon, so check back often!

2012-12-04 - Shelved SOR remake footage leaks online

Another BIG 'Streets of Rage 4' development:


Streets of Rage was recently undergoing the 3D re-make treatment at Scottish developer Ruffian Games. Leaked footage of the game, which has unfortunately been cancelled (again!) has been confirmed as real by a member of the Crackdown 2 team, and you can watch it in full below. What do you think? Click the link to see for yourself. I will be uploading this to YouTube and updating the site's SOR4 page soon, along with more exciting update stuff ;)


Leaked SOR remake footage


2012-11-27 - Ever wanted to play as Adam Hunter in SOR2...?

Well, now you can! Exclusive to Streets of Rage Online, I proudly present you with the Adam Hunter in SOR2 IPS patch, courtesy of Daors (one of the prolific spriters who worked on Bombergames' Streets of Rage Remake). This hack uses completely original sprites and is presented with sound effects and titles, making for one of the best and most exciting ROM hacks I've seen to date! Now, 20 years after the release of SOR2, you can finally take Adam to those streets!


More ROM hacks this update:


- Street Fighter 2 of Rage

- Bare Knuckle II Ivex Hack

- Bare Knuckle III Ivex Hack

- Bare Knuckle III Elle Hack


Note: I've decided that from now on, the site will no longer accept submissions of new IPS patches for SOR2 and SOR3; this is because our archive of patches for both games is already pretty extensive and if it increases much more it will impact on site performance. I will only consider hosting new patches if they are particularly significant, such as the upcoming 'Syndicate Wars' patch from Red Crimson and gsaurus. Otherwise, for more 'normal' patches, you can share them on our forum in future. I'd like to start encouraging the hacking community to work on more stuff for SOR1.


Last but not least: I added some new Trivia Info for Streets of Rage 1.

2012-11-19 - Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding need your votes!

Streets of Rage characters Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding are in need of some serious votes to make it into a new video game! The just-released "Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed" is set to receive new characters as DLC, and if we can all agree on three characters by the 1st of December and prove there is sufficient interest of at least 1000 unique people *per* character, the results will be presented to SEGA for their consideration. The great news is that Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding are two of the candidates! The game's reviews so far are all good, so bringing the classic SOR characters in to an already popular game would be great for the series. It could also show SEGA that there is still a lot of interest in the franchise, and hasten the production of SOR4!


So go and vote now! Here are the two links for Blaze and Axel.


In the meantime, why not check out my published novels? So far I've got 2 science-fiction books out, EDEN² and its sequel Veil of the Empyreal Sun.


They are available on the iBookstore in digital ebook format, and from Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk in Kindle, paperback, and hardcover formats!


See you soon!

2012-08-23 - Eleven Years and Still Going Strong.

Streets of Rage Online was launched 11 years ago today! Happy birthday to us! What better way to celebrate than with a new update? First off, I have a new ROM hacking utility for you, which will allow you to edit voices and sound effects within a Sega Megadrive/Genesis ROM. Download MDV - Megadrive Voice Editor and try it yourself (it works with SOR1, 2 and 3). And now on to those inevitable new ROM hacks:


- Streets of Rage 2 Megaman Edition

- Streets of Rage 2 Sketch Turner

- Streets of Rage 2 Hypermix

- Streets of Rage 2 Handy Patch

- Streets of Rage 2 Multiple Enemies Patch

- Bare Knuckle III Spanish Translation


Here's to the next eleven years. Enjoy the update.

2012-07-21 - Part man. Part machine. All cop.

Ever wanted to play SOR2 as Robocop? Well, now you can, exclusive to Streets of Rage Online. Check out this SOR2 Robocop / ED209 ROM hack. We also have a new "Android Lightning" hack for both SOR2 and SOR3.


Finally, I've added some recently uncovered prototype footage to the Bare Knuckle II Beta page.

2012-07-18 - Drugs are bad, m'kay?

Hot on the heels of yesterday's update, I have another new ROM hack for you today: Streets of Rage 2 On Drugs, which causes all sorts of bizarre changes to the game. Also, I added even more Game Genie codes in SOR1 PAR/GG codes and SOR2 PAR/GG codes. There are lots more exciting ROM hacks in development, so keep checking back for updates.


2012-07-17 - Help us to entertain you

You may have noticed the downtime we suffered recently, caused by excessive strain on our servers. I apologise for that, but it's looking like we'll be needing an expensive server upgrade sometime soon in order to keep things running smoothly. Maintaining this ever-growing website is an increasingly costly business - which is why we've started an appeal for PayPal donations this month. If you want to donate to SOR Online, you can do so further below.


New ROM hacks this month:


* Streets of Rage 2 Kurenai

* Streets of Rage 3 Cheats

* Streets of Rage 3 Shiva/Ash

* Streets of Rage 3 Unused Audio


We have more new updates in SOR1, SOR2 and SOR3 Info, and a slew of new SOR1 PAR/GG codes. A few other pieces here and there.


See you next time.

2012-06-24 - It's a Streets of Rage Summer!

I've given the site a much-needed cleanup this update, moved a few things around, and finished off incomplete parts. Everything should be bang up to date now. So what's new? First off, a series of ROM hacks:


- SOR1 Clone Edition

- SOR1 Killer Difficulty

- SOR2 Shinobi Hack (Fixed checksum)

- SOR2 Donovax

- SOR2 Cody

- BKIII Boss Palette

- SOR3 Sonic Hack


We also have the latest version (1.3) of hacking utility Palettes of Rage, and some additions to the trivia and magazine scan sections of SOR1, 2, and 3. Also, I've finally(!) completed the SOR3 Movelist with all the appropriate sprites, and added new damage data to the SOR1 Movelist. There are various other updates here and there, but I'll just let you look around and find them yourself as mentioning them all here would take too long.


2012-06-12 - Return of the Ninja Master

It's ROM hack time! This Streets of Rage 2 Shinobi Hack will let you play as Joe Musashi from the classic Shinobi series!


I have a whole bunch of other random stuff to add to the site, but I'm very busy at the moment and don't really have time to do it. I'll get around to it at some point, though.


2012-06-02 - Celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee...

... with some new SOR ROM hacks! Thanks to klares, we can now play as 'Lightning' from Final Fantasy XIII, in both Streets of Rage 2 and Streets of Rage 3. Also, check out this new Route Map for Streets of Rage Remake by Tarso. It's the most comprehensive one yet.


2012-05-27 - ROM hacks 'R' Us...

Did you think things were getting quiet on the ROM hacking front? Think again! I have 2 new ROM hacks for you today:


* Streets of Rage 2.5 - lets you play SOR2 with BKIII Axel, Blaze, and Skate;

* SOR3 Android Ruby - a SOR3 version of the T-X hack, complete with 3 new versions of the SOR2 edition.


Also, we now have the Alpha 3 release of SOR3 Punksure.


2012-05-26 - Update Time

First things first, our latest Podcast is now online! Check it out when you get a chance, this episode is all about the upcoming fangame, Streets of Rage Silent Storm. Also this update, I have a new SOR3 ROM patch for you, the Alpha 2 release of SOR3 Punksure, which lets you play as 3 of the game's punk characters.


Oh, and check out this amazing piece of fan art featuring every single character from the entire SOR series. I think you'll agree it's pretty awesome.


2012-05-25 - Check out my new website...

The Official Website for my EDEN² science-fiction novel series has been completely redesigned. It contains info on both my first published novel, 'EDEN²' and its upcoming sequel 'Veil of the Empyreal Sun', plus the soundtracks, artwork and an online store where everything can be ordered. If you loved my SOR novels then check it out :)


2012-05-19 - Podcast 9

The latest instalment in our Podcast series is now online, courtesy of your host Streets Man. In this episode, the main topic is of course the major shutdown which recently shocked the community. Download, listen, and enjoy... (you can find the link on the side menu to the left) and as usual don't forget to share your thoughts on our Facebook page or the official forum thread.


2012-05-18 - Continue? (Y/N) _ Y

The site is back (again) thanks largely to the efforts of our original Webmaster, Jonny Hughson. However, in order to keep running the site we will no longer be hosting files larger than 120MB - those have been moved to file sharing site 4shared, in order to reduce demand on the server and keep things running smoothly. I've updated all the links across the site for you. Also, we've had to remove the Jukebox for the same reasons. Streaming MP3 files does put strain on the server, so it had to go. Expect a new Podcast from Streets Man sometime soon which will discuss all these recent tumultuous events in more detail.


Anyway, now that everything's back to normal, how about an update? Version 1.1 of Pancake 3 is out, and there's also a new ROM hack from gsaurus, the SOR3 Turbo hack. Enjoy!


2012-05-08 - Two new Fangames...

I have two brand new SOR fangames for you today, both high quality OpenBoR based titles. These are actually pretty fun, so make sure you take time to check them out:


- Bare Knuckle VI

- Streets of Rage Z: Return of the Hero


Something to keep you occupied while we wait for the inevitable wave of SOR3 ROM hacks to arrive :)


2012-05-05 - Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a fresh Pancake!

Announcing the release of Pancake 3 - the brand new character editor from gsaurus which enables you to put your own custom characters into both SOR3 and BKIII. Just like Pancake 2 before it, this should open up the possibilities for unlimited new ROM hacks! No knowledge of coding required!


Send your SOR3/BKIII ROM hacks to submissions@soronline.net to get included on the site. You will be given full credit.


2012-05-04 - Updates and fixes.

I have a series of new versions for you this update. First off, we have the latest version (1.5) of SoR Pancake (now known as Pancake 2), which sports various new features. We also have v1.2 of the 'Palettes of Rage' utility, and an update (v0.1) for the BKM Blaze ROM patch, which fixes a sound bug in the original release. All of these can be found on the SOR2 Downloads page. But it wouldn't be a site update without something brand new, would it? Check out the Bare Knuckle III Fix Patch from gsaurus, a new BK3 ROM hack which seeks to correct various bugs and errors in the original version of the game.


Pretty soon we're going to see the release of Pancake 3, which is sure to open the floodgates for a whole new wave of SOR3/BK3 ROM hacks. Watch this space!


2012-04-28 - Another new ROM patch for you.

This is becoming something of a regular thing, isn't it? The hacking scene is alive with activity right now! Presenting the latest addition to our growing archive of SOR2 ROM hacks: BKM Blaze. Now you can play as the reworked version of Blaze from Bare Knuckle Mobile!