05/18/2016: Rolling with the Punches!

- We're back at it again with more news! SEGA recently released a SEGA Genesis Hub on Steam, if you're a resident of the US this hub will be an automatic update to your Genesis titles on steam, collecting all that you currently own in a nicely set up hub world resembling a bedroom that smells of the 90s! UK owners get the hub as a separate purchase. This Hub also allows for Hacked versions of the games labeling them "mods" and you know what that means, more love for the SoR Hacks! Gsaurus as well as other members in the steam community are working hard to ensure you get access to these mods asap. Check out our Steam Group and be part of the action!

- We're Expanding! We now have a new facebook group and new forums for you to join, help support us by signing up and sharing. You can now find us at the following links:

New Message Boards!





- If you missed the last podcast you can check it out here! Unfortunately we missed one last week due to a very hectic schedule but rest assured one is being put together and coming soon. Remember to #SoRPodcast and your questions @BareKnuckle on twitter to get some answers on the podcast alternatively you can visit the forums or facebook group and ask your questions there!

04/20/2016: You Became The Boss! You Are Great!

What's up folks, Mr.Din here. As you all might have noticed the Forum is currently down, that means the site transfer has come to completion and I have some work to do but in the meantime discussion can continue over at the Brawlers Avenue Community Or post on the current archived forums

Downloads are also being sorted out, download sections will likely be removed and put together in one section, making them easier to manage and access. More exciting news coming in the next update, hopefully much sooner than later. Stay tuned!

2016-03-02 - Site Downloads Limited

Those who follow our social media accounts will know that the site has been having some server traffic issues. Demand for our downloads is at an all-time high, and we are hosting a lot of content here. Monthly, this site puts out over 100TB of free content, and it's just too much for the hosting provider to contend with. So, there is now a mandatory download restriction in place:

1 download, per IP address, per 24 hours.

I know this won't really affect long time visitors to the site who already consumed most of the content anyway. It's designed to prevent newcomers and bots from spamming every file on the site and causing these problems.

As soon as another solution presents itself, I will let you know.

Don't forget our Facebook and Twitter feeds are where site news is posted first. You can find the links on the menu to the left.

2015-11-24 - Community Rumblings

Some of you may have noticed over the past few months that the site's forum registration was broken - a problem with the CAPCHA image being displayed was preventing any new people joining up. Well, I have good news for you today - this obstacle has been removed and the site's forum is now back in business! If you're a fan of SOR and want to join other fans in discussing the series, or need to find help for fangames, ROM hacks, somewhere to post fanart - or anything else, sign up! It's been a small but dedicated and friendly community as old as the site itself.

I no longer maintain a presence on the forums personally due to various reasons, but I would like to take this opportunity to introduce your new community administrators who will be running the forums from here on out. Both are veterans of the SOR Online community who have been around since the early ezboard days, and have helped shape how things are today one way or another.

Mr.Din (mrdin@soronline.net)

Mr.Din is a game designer, hard at work on the next big SOR fangame, and chief admin over at Brawlers Avenue. Be sure to check out his forum and sign up there if you're a fan of the wider brawler genre in general besides the Streets of Rage series. He will be representing both sites at the next Sega Fan Jam in 2016, Georgia, where he also plans to show off a demo of his work-in-progress game.

Mister X Neo (laucorn@soronline.net)

Mister X Neo has been a pillar of the community for 10 years, and was a contributor on Bombergames' Streets of Rage Remake. Over at the SORR Community Forums he is known as Laucorn (which he is also credited as in the game itself). He has produced various SORMaker Mods for the community over the years, and was a big help to me back when I wrote the SOR Saga novels.

SO there you have it. As a fan of Streets of Rage you have no shortage of places to meet other fans and get involved in this community.

Don't forget our Facebook and Twitter feeds also. You can find the links on the menu to the left.

2015-07-26 - WORLD EXCLUSIVE! The Making of Bare Knuckle II...

The wait is over! Our Making Of Bare Knuckle II article is now live, featuring a COMPLETE ENGLISH TRANSLATION of the original Design Documents that were recently released (in Japanese) by Ancient. Thanks to the hard work of Andrej Preredovic who toiled for weeks to bring this to you, exclusive to SOR Online! I hope you enjoy reading the article and its contents as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you.

Also this update, I have 2 new fangames for you to play! Introducing Streets of Rage Z 2 and Streets of Rage: Silent Hill. Both are definitely worth checking out for a fresh blast of SOR action!

I have more stuff to bring you, but I've been so crazy busy recently, that's all I'm putting up for now. More soon!

2015-05-18 - It's an exciting time...

...to be a Streets of Rage fan! If you haven't heard by now (if by some crazy reason you aren't following us on Twitter), Axel Stone is getting his first official video game appearance since 1994 in the form of Nintendo 3DS tactical RPG 'Project X Zone 2', coming later this year. Axel (as well as Robot X) stars alongside various other Sega characters in a crossover-style action game that, while not quite what SOR fans have been waiting for, at least signals that Sega has not completely forgotten and abandoned these characters like so many of us, frustratingly, often believe. You can check out Axel's official new 2015 look here and get more details on the game from this Gematsu article.


In other news, top artists from the video game/entertainment industry have been trying their hand at illustrating pictures inspired by Sega's classic franchises - including SOR! Check out this limited edition Streets of Rage print drawn by artist Julien Renoult (lead concept artist of Sunset Overdrive). You can even buy one for yourself, but hurry... these things are becoming scarcer by the day!


Finally, and perhaps the most exciting thing for SOR nerds such as myself, Ancient Games recently turned out their extensive vaults and released the original design documents for Bare Knuckle II! You can check out the original release post on Ancient's blog (though written in Japanese) here and download the original 100+ page document plus an exclusive set of txt files from Yuzo Koshiro's personal archives (sadly also in Japanese) right here. The good news is I've been in contact with a freelance translator who has agreed to start translating all this stuff into English for us. Check out our Twitter account regularly for updates when they happen. Once it's all done I'm planning to add a whole new dedicated section to the site, bigger than our recent 'Making Of' for SOR1.


I know it's been a few months since I last updated the site. Sorry about that, but I have been extremely busy with real life and probably will be for the foreseeable future. I will try to update the site whenever I can. That said, check out this brand new Streets of Rage Remake Enemies section I've put together with the kind help of Vincent Gu├ęgan. There will be more stuff to come.

2015-01-24 - Forum under new management

After some talking last night with other community members, it was decided that the site's phpbb3 discussion forum would be restored here - albeit with 'Mister X Neo' as the new head administrator. I will no longer be present on the forum myself, but it will still be here. So you can once again find the forum back where it should be. Thought I'd give you the heads up!

2015-01-23 - Don't panic!

It seems the last update caused some people to freak out. Don't panic! With the site's phpbb3 forum now gone, hacking fans can still follow community developments at this new external Hacking Forum created by Lorenzo the Comic. Also, the old Hacking Threads from the phpbb3 boards have been archived here for the benefit of the community, since I know some important data was on there that shouldn't be lost.


I feel I should clarify my position. The community has played an important role with this site and it certainly wouldn't exist in its current form without it. In no way was I severing links to the community completely. But I personally needed to take a step back from it, and closing the phpbb forum was ultimately the best way to do that. Besides, we still have our social media accounts etc.


Anyway, with that (hopefully) cleared up, check out this awesome new remix album, Synths of Rage, from 30th Floor Records.


See you next update!

2015-01-21 - Enough of your games! What's going on?

Sometimes, real life has to take precedence over the running of a video game fansite. Believe it or not, SOR Online has been the labor of love of just one man (me) for the better part of 10 years now, despite the portrayal as a 'team', and I have reached a point in my life, working 10 to 12 hour days then coming home to 2 young children, where I just don't have the time to update this thing like I used to. Don't worry, the site isn't going anywhere, but there are a few changes happening I would like to announce.


* New ROM hacks, SORMaker Mods, PAR/GG Codes and fanart will no longer be added to the site at this time. These things were the most time consuming for me to add, and though these are what breathe life into the franchise for the most part while no next-gen game exists, it has just become too much for me to stay on top of it all.


* The phpbb3 discussion forum has been removed. Despite the hacking community that had built up, it was always mired by bad drama which was dragging the reputation of the site down. Pat yourself on the back guys. I hope you're happy now.


Well, that's it for now. The site will be updated periodically when something worthwhile happens.

2014-12-01 - The Making Of Bare Knuckle

Today I have something special for you. Introducing a brand new section: The Making of Bare Knuckle. This article provides an in-depth look at the making of the original Streets of Rage game, from concept through design, and features some WORLD EXCLUSIVE, previously unseen material that was cut from Read Only Memory's famous 'Sega Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works' book. I hope you enjoy reading it, and the new light that it sheds on the game's development.


ROM hack fans get 2 new additions this update: SOR2 Psylocke and SOR2 Cosmic Mix. Various other bits and bobs have also been added and updated across the site.



2014-11-12 - SORR Update Patch 5.1

Streets of Rage Remake has been given another update patch this week, v5.1, which fixes a lot of bugs and further tweaks and improves the gameplay mechanics. Grab it from our SORR Downloads page and check it out if you haven't already. If anything, it's a nice excuse to start playing the game again.


While I'm here I've thrown 4 new magazine scans into this update as well. I have a bunch of new ROM hacks, fanart and various other bits and bobs still waiting to be added, but I haven't had much time recently so it'll have to wait until the next update.


Don't forget to order your copy of SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works over at readonlymemory.vg . It has a wealth of cool design documents from the original Streets of Rage game, along with concept art, interviews and more. Pending the all-clear from Sega we may be featuring some cool unseen content right here on SOR Online, so watch this space.


2014-10-08 - Now prepare for law enforcement, Syndicate-style!        

Back with another update, bringing you the latest findings/developments within the community.


Until next time!