02/24/2017: Please excuse me for my appearance.

- Our servers are finally back up, however the site is still in progress, slowly but surely we're making a comeback, hope you like the new format so far! Seems fitting for SoR's 25th anniversary as well as SoRonline's 15th anniversary I would think.

- Refined sections are being worked on. The Original trilogy sections are being reworked for a better layout and more accurate information.

- Bare Knuckle Mobile now has it's own section which will have more info, the download for the game, soundtrack and graphics as well as a solid moves section.

- Remake and SoRMaker now have their own respective sections, Remake will feature downloadable main game hacks and mods as well as a look at it's history. SoRMaker will

have the standard featured maker mods section, tutorials on how the engine works as well as other things pertaining to the tool

- We also now have separate sections for other fan games and OBoR mods, the beats of rage mods are ever growing and will be updated accordingly.

- Next Gen section has been updated to feature spiritual successors like "The Takeover", "Plan Brawl", "Project Neo" and more!

- The wilderness years has been moved to a new section called "History of Rage" a retrospective with yours truly about the rise, fall and resurgence of our beloved franchise.

- The Misc section has also been updated, info on the mediocre and unrelated film, tv ad and other related videos, fake screens and a section dedicated to relative brawlers!

- Last but not least, we have our new community section which will feature contributions from the community such as, fan art, music remixes, cosplay and more! there will also be a section for Online play information and where to find us online!

- So far only SoR1 is up but hopefully with in the next few weeks we'll have the other sections up! Stay tuned as we continue to push forward!

- We're Expanding! We now have a new facebook group and new forums for you to join, help support us by signing up and sharing. You can now find us at the following links:

New Message Boards!






- No new podcast just yet, however you can check out the RadioSEGA interview with yours truly to get an idea of what's been going on. Hopefully if time allows we can get the

podcasts swinging again!

- Mr.Din (mrdin@soronline.net)



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