Streets of Rage XXX (pronounced 'Triplex') is a complete SOR fangame originally created by Allan.Cylakes and Alpha152 (now with additional editing by relicxd), as the "ultimate SOR multiplayer experience". It has been designed specifically for simultaneous 4-player action, perfect for Xbox parties... and is compatible with most standard USB PC game controllers. The game can be played with just 1 player, but be warned that this may be a very tough challenge without your buddies to help you out!

Mr. X and the Syndicate have returned (again!), and its up to our heroes to put a stop to their latest scheme. Streets of Rage XXX introduces TWO brand new characters to the SOR universe, 'Allen', an ex-convict with a score to settle with the Syndicate, and 'Deejay', a professional musician training for the upcoming World Warrior Tournament (as seen in Capcom's 'Super Street Fighter II').
With 10 stages, 10 playable characters with alternate costumes, and five different story modes, Streets of Rage XXX will give you and your friends a fighting experience you'll want to come back to again and again!
Streets of Rage XXX has been created with the OpenBoR engine, with the full complement of special moves you would expect from any true SOR game. Controversially, the game uses some elements ripped from the original works of Bombergames' Streets of Rage Remake as well as various other commercial fighting games. Nonetheless, Streets of Rage XXX is an attempt to really push the boundaries of what is  possible with the OpenBOR engine, with numerous exciting features to discover along the way!

Download Streets of Rage XXX (Official 2010 Release, ZIP archive 310MB) Thanks to relicxd.











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