Bare Knuckle Vacuum (also referred to as "Bare Knuckle V") is a SOR fangame built using the ever popular OpenBoR engine, by Chinese modder 'volcanic'. It features three playable characters from the offset (Axel, Blaze and Shiva), with a fourth secret character called 'Yuki' who can be unlocked as you progress through the game. Max Thunder also turns up at certain points in the game as an NPC assist character. The plot involves Axel and Blaze joining forces with Shiva to take down Mr. X, who has returned with a new cloning scheme.

This game showcases some interesting new moves for each character, in particular a 'R.E.D. system' similar to the magical attack seen in classic 'Golden Axe' titles. The ability to use guns (see screenshot) is also a novel addition to the classic and authentic SOR gameplay we now come to expect from a fangame nowadays.

Overall this is a nicely produced and entertaining SOR title, well recommended if you want to take Axel and Blaze back to the streets for another 9 stages of punk-smashing action!



Download Bare Knuckle Vacuum v3.01 (RAR archive 95MB)


R.E.D system

A2 (Attack 2) is R.E.D button. You can use R.E.D by pressing A2 when OK is flashing under the icon of your char. There are 2 kinds of R.E.Ds for Blaze and Axel.

A2 is Super Mode button for Shiva. Speed and power will boost under Super Mode and also some moves will change. Energy will stay at zero in Super Mode, so it's very dangerous being attacked in Super Mode. After getting hit Super Mode ends.

A2 is Guard button for Yuki.

Other Moves

Shiva and Yuki can't use weapons. They both have an air slam - You can use it in air when near a enemy by pressing down+Attack.

Blaze has a hidden slam attack. You can use it in grab by pressing down, up+attack. This costs some energy.
Yuki has a command slam (near enemy press down, up + attack), plus a run slam (running near an enemy press attack).

Press Jump+Attack to drop weapons.

Characters can use max-mode moves when hp is red. (Shiva excluded.)

Characters will take more damage under low energy when hit and "Danger" will be displayed in this case.

Characters will take half damage under full energy when hit and "FullPowerProtect" will be displayed in this case. Energy will reduce by hit and recovers slowly when not being attacked.
Different characters have different energy amounts.

When Characters receive non-knock-down attacks you can use counter by pressing the attack button at the same time you get hit (less than 0.1 seconds.) This can prevent enemies from further attacking. The potential of countering is therefore enormous. In addition, there's no LowPowerDamage and energy lost if you do the counter successfully.
A "Counter" will be displayed on the screen if you do it successfully.

Frequently using attack, stop, attack, stop, impossible in this game. Because this is very cheap trick.


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