Streets of Rage 4: UEI Edition is an unfinished SOR fangame made using a program called Gamemaker. The game itself is designed as a sequel to Streets of Rage 3, using ripped sprites and also some new custom ones, plus music remixes and a wide variety of voice samples. The backgrounds and some static objects are in 3D giving the game an entirely new feel and gameplay style. As you can see from the screenshots below, the game was made to be a side scrolling beat-'em-up with driving sequences between levels.







SOR4:UEI features an Online Mode, Co-Op Game, Dark Play and Punk Play. You can play with up to four people online.

Game Statistics:

Game Engine: Game Maker Engine Version 6.1
Interactive Planes: 2
Rendering Style: 3D and 2D
FPS: 60fps minimal 20fps
Direct X Support: Yes
Multi control: Yes
Custom Controls: Yes
Joystick Support: Yes
Window or Full screen: Both
Sound engine: Game Maker and another engine that utilizes WinAmp as a player.
Online Support: Planned
Game Size: From the most recent update it was ranging from 20 to 30mb per 3 levels with a total of 10 levels all together.


Production on this fangame began in early 2003 and significant progress was made with the development, but sadly in late 2006, it was officially cancelled by its creator, Xtreemmak.
Nothing much else was known about the project until late 2009, when Xtreemmak began releasing a series of Dev Videos on YouTube and the SOR Online forum, which gave an in-depth look at the game's development and showed video footage of it in action. These dev videos can be seen further below.

Finally, at Christmas 2009, as a special gift to SOR fans, Xtreemmak also decided to release a special distributable version of the game for GM developers - which basically contains the whole game with its engine, sprites, music, voices etc. for other SOR fans to pick up the project and see what they can do with it! The idea was that somebody else out there could finish what he had started. Using the Game Maker software, some parts of the SOR4:UEI Edition are now playable, but in no way is this a finished release!

To play SOR4:UEI Edition, you must first download and install GAME MAKER SOFTWARE (v7)

Then, download STREETS OF RAGE 4: UEI EDITION 2009 RELEASE (ZIP archive, 102MB)

Extract the RAR archive, then you can see the fighting engine by running SOR_ARK.EXE. The driving section can be seen by running SORL5.EXE

I have played this and it's great! It is very interesting to see the voice samples and musics as well. This would have made a fantastic SOR fangame if it was finished. Hopefully, somebody out there can pick up where Xtreemmak left off. If that person is you, let me know by emailing me at




























External Link: SORGM: Essence of SOR4:UEI

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