Streets of Rage 4: Silent Storm is a High Definition, OpenBoR-based SOR fangame currently in development by mtrain. More than two years of work has already gone into this game, featuring an impressive array of custom character sprites rendered from 3D models created by the designer from scratch. With High Definition visuals throughout (all painstakingly made from the ground up), a great original soundtrack from Ellunare and a focus on classic gameplay mechanics,  Silent Storm is shaping up to be a very entertaining title and one of the best SOR fangames available. All the classic SOR characters will make an appearance in the final version (with 3 different selectable outfits/skins), two of which (Axel and Blaze) are playable in the latest demo version, available to download below! We will keep this page updated as the project develops.


The story takes place 3 years after SOR3 and the death of Mr. X. It turns out that Mr. X was only the puppet of a much more powerful crime lord, one who has emerged to cause more trouble for our heroes, avenging X's death in the process and completing his unfinished work. It falls on Axel, Blaze, Adam and the gang to defeat this new enemy and bring peace and justice back to the Streets of Rage!

Download Streets of Rage Silent Storm - DEMO 2 (September 2014) (ZIP archive 36MB)

Download Streets of Rage Silent Storm - DEMO 1 (March 2012) (ZIP archive 45MB)


Download 2012 DEMO Soundtrack

MP3 Format; ZIP Archive 52MB


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