Streets of Rage Z 2 is the 2015 sequel to the popular Chinese SOR fangame, Streets of Rage Z: Return of the Hero. This well designed and challenging sequel has two or three routes to explore in a similar style to SOR Remake, there are the path choices and it has some ripped SoRR soundtrack (including the SoRRv5 ones). The playable characters have more special attacks and Shiva is able to use the weapons now. The roster has changed, now instead of Adam Hunter and Kurokishi we got two characters from King of Fighters: Ralf Jones and Yuri Sakazaki.

Besides the SoR villains we have characters from other games to fight here. For example Blanka from Street Fighter and Slice from Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. In the final battle of the first route Mr. X turns into Blanka (wtf?), but in the second one he turns into Robot X.

Overall a very imaginative sequel that lives up to the greatness of the first title and still feels fun to play. Recommended.

Download Streets of Rage Z 2 (ZIP archive, 213MB)





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