Streets of Rage Z: Return of the Hero is an impressive 4-player Chinese SOR fangame designed by ChiNa with the OpenBoR engine. A very promising and challenging title, this fangame features the usual roster of playable characters (Axel, Blaze, Adam ripped from SORRv4, Max, Shiva) alongside new fighter 'DKnight' who has teamed up with the gang to take down a newly resurrected Zombie/Demon version of everyone's favourite immortal antagonist, Mr. X.

The game takes some bold strides away from the classic SOR moveset by introducing a number of new moves and super moves, which actually work in the game's favour as they introduce a new interesting element into what might otherwise have been a fairly generic game. Some of the super special moves are truly fierce, achieved through use of the game's novel level-up system. The levels are original too, which is always nice, and feature environmental effects such as rain and fire.

Overall a great fangame to add to any SOR fan's collection.

Download Streets of Rage Z: Return of the Hero (ZIP archive, 178MB)





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