Streets of Rage: Silent Hill is a 2015 OpenBoR-based fangame that reimagines the universe of Konami's infamous horror franchise Silent Hill in a Streets of Rage style, with interesting and compelling results. As a fan of the Silent Hill games since the first appeared on PlayStation, I found this to be a very entertaining fangame from the very beginning, despite some of the assets being lazily ripped from other fangames. That said, a LOT of original work has gone into this. The spritework is excellent.

There are (almost) all monsters from the Silent Hill saga including the Pyramid Heads. We have many playable characters: Axel as James, Lisa (aka Yasha) as Maria, Blaze as Angela, Adam as Travis, Bongo as Eddie (who is also the boss of the 4th stage), Lucia (from Final Fight 3) as Heather, Pyramid Head and Scarlet (who is a boss of the 6th stage). This OpenBoR game is gory due to the death animations of the enemies and their appearance. This is Silent Hill, after all!

Did I mention a playable Pyramid Head!?!

Definitely worth checking out if you're a fan of both game franchises.

Download Streets of Rage: Silent Hill (ZIP archive, 34MB)



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