Shiva & Lisa 2 is a SOR fangame that continues the epic story of betrayal and corruption in the evil Syndicate that began in the original Shiva & Lisa. The titular characters are back, and more destructive than ever! This sequel has once again been produced using the popular OpenBOR engine, and there has been a vast number of improvements since the first title. There are now 11 Special Attacks for each character, and an amazing combo system with infinite possibilities to create your own combos! New ground-to-air combos to destroy enemies in the air, and many enemies on screen provides some crazy SOR action! With new stages, new bosses and enemies, more challenging and balanced gameplay, Shiva & Lisa 2 is everything fans of the original hoped it would be, and more!

Don't forget to check out this game's sequel, Shiva & Lisa 3.





Download Shiva & Lisa 2 (PC Version) (ZIP Archive, requires WinRAR to extract)


Download PSP version


Download Original Soundtrack




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