Shiva & Lisa is a 2-player SOR fangame produced using the OpenBOR engine. It is the first SOR game to focus entirely on characters from the evil Syndicate, namely the titular characters who originally appeared as bosses in SOR2 and SOR3 respectively. The story involves Lisa seeking revenge after Mona (her sister) is killed by Mr. X, with Shiva agreeing to help take down his former master. With an aggressive soundtrack and fast action with the ability to pull off some monster combos using the new "Juggle" gameplay technique, Shiva & Lisa is an interesting and entertaining addition to the growing plethora of fan-produced SOR titles available.

Don't forget to check out this game's sequels, Shiva & Lisa 2 and Shiva & Lisa 3.










Download Shiva & Lisa (PC Version) (ZIP Archive, requires WinRAR to extract)


Download PSP version


Download Original Soundtrack




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