Rage of the Streets (created by AxelBlazeAdam and Albatross) is an essential remake of Sega's Streets of Rage series using the OpenBoR engine (compatible with both PC and Sega Dreamcast primarily, with ports available for other systems), and the very first SOR fangame that was ever released! It features multiple playable characters, 28 enemies and music from all three original games, plus remixes, adding up to a great Streets of Rage experience! This great game is also moddable, allowing players to modify the game or even make their own versions. The method of modding is quite simple because it's basically about providing sprites, wavs, and animated gifs then converting them for use ingame then setting them with text files for making heroes, enemies, levels etc.

Rage of the Streets is the great-grandfather of all the SOR fangames that followed it!

The current official version of Rage of the Streets is v1.2. A new, improved v2.0 is supposedly in the works, with a major overhaul of the game's visuals and sound, 4-player support as well as rumble support and much, much more.

The version we present for download here is v1.2 based, with further editing by cabo-hicks to provide additional playable characters.

Download Rage of the Streets (Windows XP+)

Download Rage of the Streets (Jedicho v5 Edit)

Download Rage of the Streets (Jedicho MEGAPACK Edit)


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